Creativity and Stress Management Go Hand in Hand

May 27, 2018

When do you do your best work? Is it when you’re worn down and exhausted? Is it when you’re in fight or flight? Is it when you’re on an adrenaline high? Is it when you’re juggling so many different tasks and projects and responsibilities that you don’t know what is up anymore? Is it when […]

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You Don’t Have to Jump Off Cliffs or Build Your Wings on the Way Down

April 16, 2018

In the popular metaphor, nobody -ever- talks about what happens if you jump off a cliff, break your back get absolutely terrified of jumping and never ever do it again. In the spirit of making progress on truly life changing topics, how is getting injured and massively discouraged ever a good thing? So I believe […]

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Sensitivity is Not a Sign that You’re Wrong

April 10, 2018

Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is quite the specialised topic. It’s a rather new concept and in many countries, it’s not really taken seriously, unfortunately. What this means is that there are HSPs worried about having phobias or anxiety disorders, when in actuality, they are overstimulated. They don’t realise there is something that they […]

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3 Common Approaches to Dealing with Narcissists – that keep you stuck

April 9, 2018

Dealing with narcissistic people is tough! Yet, without the right core strategy, it’s even tougher. So much so, that many people end up feeling like there’s no effective way to deal with narcissists and be rid of them at all. Here are 3 common approaches that are easy to get stuck in:   1. The […]

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What does Being Empathic Really Mean?

February 22, 2018

Google says it’s: showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another. “an attentive, empathic listener” Makes sense, right? Yet, the processes that underpin empathic listening can be very diverse.   HSP Empathy   First, there is HSP-empathy. This is essentially sensory attunement: you pay attention to the other person with your eyes and […]

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What if you’re in Love with an Empath?

February 19, 2018

On a recent Clarity Call, this question came up. Thinking about it after the call, I realised I have a lot more to say on this, so here goes. Situational sketch: you’re in love with an empath, but nothing is actually happening. You’ve known this man (or woman) for months now, you see each other […]

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6 Reasons You Lose Yourself in Relationships

February 19, 2018

Losing yourself in relationships is no fun. It can start out as a fantastic whirlwind of mutual connection, but over time it turns into sacrificing yourself for the “good” of the relationship. In short, you can’t have a functional, healthy lasting relationship unless you are able to maintain a strong sense of inner independence. If […]

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Where are all the Programmes for Empaths?

November 23, 2017

Empaths who visit my site sometimes wonder: “Wait, where are all the programmes for empaths? Why is there only 1 programme for empaths specifically? Surely, there must be a whole host of specialised services for empaths, right? If it’s not built for empaths, then what use would it be for me?” This points to a […]

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Energy Sensitivity is not the Same as Empathy

November 22, 2017

Curious fact, you’d think that if someone is very sensitive to the energy of others that they are also very empathic and good at putting themselves into someone else’s shoes. Yet, some people are very sensitive to energy but at the same time quite clueless about their impact on others, or the needs of others. […]

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Sensipreneur Interview [no. 6]: Career Transition and Creativity for HSP Lawyers

September 28, 2017

In the Sensipreneur Series I interview HSPs who have made sensitivity a big part of their own business.   This Sensipreneur interview is with Jennifer Alvey, a professional coach focusing on career transition, work/life balance and writing coaching for lawyers.  You can find her at 1. How and when did you first realize you are […]

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How Overstimulation burns out HSP Adventurers

September 4, 2017

Overstimulation is a problem for all HSPs. However, it’s particularly tricky for Highly Sensitive Sensation Seekers. Why? Because when you’re overstimulated, you feel bad. Sitting with your feelings of panic, depression, frustration, grief or anything else will probably be the last thing you want to do. What better to take your mind off things than […]

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The Stress Risk for A-type HSPs

July 15, 2017

When you’re Highly Sensitive you’re more observant. This makes you more perceptive to your environment and what is needed. This can make you more responsible, more creative and give you a strong drive to do good. When you’re an A-type personality, an achiever, chances are that you’re not just Highly Sensitive, you’re also a Sensation […]

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