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There is a lot to benefit from. How do we make the most of healing support that is out there? What are the tools that work well for sensitives? How does being sensitive impact our health?

Why Healing Yourself Takes Time

April 16, 2013

Healing yourself is a layered undertaking. I’ve had clients ask me: why can’t we just identify the root issue (and have the whole thing over with) ? It seems like a logical request. If you know that underneath all the rubble, there is just one (or perhaps a few) core issues that are generating all […]

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Why Too Much Healing Overwhelms Your Highly Sensitive Nervous System

January 31, 2017

This is what people don’t tell you about healing: it’s stressful. If it’s not, no good change is happening. Why? Because change itself is stressful.   In our mind, we like to think that surely, good change is all good, right? It doesn’t hurt does it? It just makes things better, right? Yet, good change […]

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How Not Feeling Good Enough Depletes Your Adrenals

January 8, 2014

There’s enough evidence that what we think affects both how we feel and also what we choose to do. Yet, underneath what we know we think, there’s a whole underwater iceberg of things that we are also thinking. And not just thinking, emotions are equally important. While you may feel you have a pretty healthy […]

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Self-Esteem is a Strategy, Not a Thing

May 27, 2018

Self-esteem gets thrown around a lot as if it’s an elusive “thing” that you either do or do not have much of. “Oh, you have low self-esteem” is used a lot as an explanation. When you have low-self esteem you put up with all kinds of abuse, right? But what exactly is self-esteem and why […]

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