Empathy vs Narcissism

Outwardly, there are some similarities between HSP-ness and narcissism. Internally, the difference is huge though.

While narcissists also appear “sensitive” they lack the needed introspection to see the need to change internally. So instead, they perceive all their own issues as a direct result from other people’s actions.

HSP’s on the other hand tend to blame themselves for a lot of things that are not their responsibility at all.

For HSP’s the combination of being self-blaming with hanging out with someone who is other-blaming (aka, narcissistic) often leads to a very negative downward spiral.

That’s why it’s super important for HSP’s to get knowledgeable about narcissism, how narcissists function, how to spot a narcissist and ultimately, how to heal ourself.

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The Missing Piece on Healing from Narcissists

June 28, 2018

There are a lot of helpful books and programmes out there on understanding narcissists. You can spend years in therapy talking about them and wondering why they did what they did and how they impacted you. But the missing piece is this: how does all this relate to you? At first, it’s helpful to focus […]

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Sensitivity Minus Empathy is Narcissism

May 27, 2018

I hear from a lot of HSPs who write in to ask if their sensitive parent / friend / partner who is clearly really sensitive but who gets offended easily, is not open to other people’s point of view and demonstrates little to no empathy, is just a Highly Sensitive Person but doesn’t know it? […]

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The Key-and-lock of HSP-co-dependency and Narcissism

May 15, 2013

It’s a theme. Caring, committed person taking care of grumpy cold partner. Perhaps people on the outside see it, perhaps they don’t. At the point of heartbreak, relationship break-up and a gleam of returning sanity, the scenario often plays out something like this: Co-dependent HSP: my partner is really a good person at heart. Things […]

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3 Common Approaches to Dealing with Narcissists – that keep you stuck

April 9, 2018

Dealing with narcissistic people is tough! Yet, without the right core strategy, it’s even tougher. So much so, that many people end up feeling like there’s no effective way to deal with narcissists and be rid of them at all. Here are 3 common approaches that are easy to get stuck in:     1. […]

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