OMG! Overwhelm!

Does everything just seem too much? So much so that you can not even verbalize WHAT is going on anymore? There is help! Articles that provide perspective and practical tips.

Sensitive people are more susceptible to stress. We are more subtly attuned to the world around us. We pick up more signals, including more signals that something is or may be amiss. We spot issues before non-HSP’s do, we are more sensitive to pain, we need more time to process things. And, we are living in a fast-paced, information dense society. It doesn’t seem ideal. Yet, there are many ways to tweak our life and filter out harsh elements that are upsetting to our sensitive nervous system.

To do that though, we first need to recognize a stress attack when it hits us. For, haven’t we all been conditioned to feel stress as something “normal”?

Constant HSP Overwhelm? 7 Questions to Ask to Get Clarity

March 8, 2015

Overwhelm is pretty much THE most common HSP complaint, and it’s also the fuzziest one. Below are 7 questions to help you pinpoint what is going on, so that getting help or simply addressing the overwhelm on your own is easier.   Question 1: What does overwhelm mean? Does it mean that you cry every […]

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Staying in the I of the Storm

August 2, 2011

When things get frantic, we often respond with more activity. Instead, try to stay in the eye of the storm. In the middle of any chaotic energy there is a place of stillness and peace. That place should be you. When we can tap into our ability to stay in the ‘I of the storm’ […]

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Stressaholics Anonymous

July 31, 2011

I used to think I had no addictions. I didn’t drink, I didn’t smoke, didn’t do drugs, didn’t crave “a career”, didn’t do gameing…It all seemed pretty healthy, but alas, I suffered from one of the fiercest and most taboo addictions there are: Stress. Stress was the exhilarating fuel that pumped through my body 24/7. […]

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What’s the Problem? From Global Politics to Local Self-Care

August 28, 2011

It is very easy to get caught up in things that seem to be the source of our problems but aren’t really. You know how, when we feel upset, we suddenly notice all kinds of things around us that “suit” that upset perfectly? That is, we’ll suddenly see how much there is to get worked […]

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Safe Space for Sensitives: the prerequisite for change

March 25, 2012

As a sensitive person, it probably takes you longer to get used to new things. There’s just so many subtleties to process! So when you are faced with a lot of newness, having the old and familiar handy can be a life saver. The ugly sweater you never really liked can become a treasure, just […]

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Getting to the Bottom of Endless Struggle, Sensitivity and Low Self-Esteem

January 11, 2013

We are different, often misunderstood and as long we haven’t learned how to truly care for ourselves, we often experience life as getting in our way somehow, no matter how hard we try. As a result, we may be dealing with several kinds of “endless struggles”. Things we’ve tried to conquer for years and somehow […]

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Why THE News is Bad News for HSP’s

November 30, 2012

Too often, I get e-mails from HSPs who are overwhelmed with all the negative news out there. They feel powerless, afraid and unfortunately don’t seem to take the one simple home remedy that makes all the difference: if it upsets you, stop watching. Here’s the what and why.   Unfortunately, stress sells. For us HSPs […]

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11 Reasons why procrastination may not be the HSP problem you think it is

February 5, 2014

In our market-economy, time is money and getting more things done is often considered of the utmost importance. In this context, procrastination tends to be treated as the evil enemy, how do we beat it? Yet, what if procrastination is not necessarily the problem we assume it is? Let me divert a little to explain […]

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HSP Tip for Calming a Freaked-out Body

May 29, 2014

Having a sensitive nervous system has its perks, and its troubles! Especially when your body animal learned once upon a time to be extra vigilant. Check out the video for a way to calm your senses when your body is going into fight-or-flight mode unnecessarily (and you feel a little crazy for freaking out like […]

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