Don’t let “Perfect” Stop You!

As a Highly Sensitive Person you take in more about the world. More sights, more sounds, more scents, more detail… Because we take so much IN, it’s vital that we also create and express and move things OUT. However, being naturally attuned to detail also makes it more likely that you’ll get stuck in perfectionism. That means holding everything in and not getting started (waiting for the perfect moment…) or never finishing something (it’s not good enough yet).

Born to be Sensitive: Understanding Perfectionism and Fulfilling your Purpose

September 25, 2012

      One connection between High Sensitivity and perfectionism is no doubt the sensitivity to subtle details. When things are “good enough” for non-HSPs they may well be “ridiculously inadequate” from a HSP perspective. A good analogy here might be ordinary folk versus music technicians. Music technicians have ears that are trained to pick […]

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Do You Overemphasize Your Imperfections?

January 16, 2017

Are there relatively small things that you do or say or have, that make you super insecure once you start focusing on them? Friends tell you they have no idea what you’re going on about. You’re fine! You don’t do X. You don’t have a monstrous face. Etc. You know they’re right, rationally speaking but […]

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