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Hmmm. Tell me more first…

It can be hard to find someone who really gets HSP things. It can also be hard to figure out whether you feel supported by and safe talking to someone, without actually talking to that person first!

A Clarity Call is a way for you to both test the waters in that way and it is a service in and of itself: intended to get you answers and a way to move forward with whatever you are dealing with right now.


Thank you so much for today! It was lovely to meet and speak with you. I can tend to schmooze, so I appreciated your diving right in and focusing on my issue (I often don’t have good boundaries to do that). And thank you for thinking well about my needs. I’m looking forward to exploring my happiness options and more of your work. And I wanted to say, I’m glad you made the option of using your wakeup call (as you described your career turning point) to empower your sensitive self and that we HSP’s get to benefit from that.Corinne S., U.S.A.
Our conversation was very powerful for me. I have heard others say similar things to me but I felt a real shift hearing your reactions and opinions. Your words (perhaps energy?) just pierced through the fog like a bright light. Like you are starting to unlock something (hard to describe). Your words have stuck with me since we spoke and shifted my perspective. I don’t fully understand why yet. I feel grateful and hopeful.Jane, New York State

How it works:

Our call is 30 minutes. We meet over Skype or landine or my conference line (join online or via phone dial-in)

If you want to send me your thoughts and questions in advance, I’d be happy to read them before our call, so that I’m up to date on what you want to discuss (optional, not required). This is a good idea if you know it may be hard for you to say what you want to say in the moment, or if you’d like me to have some background info in advance.

I know 30 minutes may not seem like a long time. I do have longer calls as part of my coaching programmes. A Clarity Call, however, is intended to give you a quick-start: a deeper understanding of why things are the way they are, and what you can do about it.

Hi Caroline!  Thank you for our session today.  I’ve sought help before from various people, such as an HSP therapist, other coaches and therapists, but this was the first time I thought someone really “got it” in terms of seeing how my reactions and challenges fell into a pattern.Andrew, Maine USA


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The results you’ll get:

I’ll help you uncover the happy sensitive logic beneath the surface of your situation. Logic means clarity. Clarity means solutions. I’ve talked to a lot of HSPs. There’s a lot that I’ve heard before and am not surprised by. (If I got a houseplant for every time someone needlessly worried that they were vague, rambling or a little crazy, then I’d be living in a homely jungle by now!)

As an HSP, it’s easy to get stuck in details, especially when it’s your own personal, emotional situation. I help you zoom out and map out the bigger picture, so you can see where you’re going, where you want to go, and how to get there. Your call comes with clarity and practical tips you can put to use right away.

If you also want to discuss coaching or training possibilities, then I’ll happily add complimentary time at the end of our call to do just that. However, that’s an optional extra, and not the goal of the call. Our call itself will be spent on getting you insights and results that you can apply right away. I’m a deep listener and talking to you live puts my intuition into the highest gear. I think you’ll get a lot out of our conversation.

Thank you so much for the phone chat. Lots of positive things, thank you. Just the fact you were listening to me was wonderful, and hearing myself talk about it (v vague and rambling at times!) and the ideas, suggestions, thoughts are really helpfulclient from the U.K.


I want to book my call!

by paying you agree to my terms and conditions


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Please note: As of 2015 these calls are limited to one per person per 6 months.

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