You do have Limits…

You are sensitive, and you feel soooooo intimately connected to everything and everyone around you. You empathize, you understand, you sacrifice…and you end up become a doormat. Compassion comes naturally to you, yet, setting firm boundaries doesn’t. After all, often you may not even feel your boundaries…Yet, you need to set firm boundaries in order to survive, be respected, and live well. It is never too late to start setting healthy boundaries!

When Listening becomes Listless: Troubleshooting The Empathic Ear

August 8, 2011

As sensitives, we tend to be good listeners. We find it easy to tune in to others, notice subtle cues and give our undivided attention to what someone is saying. Thich Nath Hanh once said that if only more people would truly listen to others, there wouldn’t be such a great need for therapists. On […]

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How to be Helpful without Drowning in the HSP Helper’s Trap

January 22, 2013

Wanting to help others, seeking harmony, being committed to creating peace… these are prime driving forces for many HSPs. Yet, what is the best way to go about working with these driving forces? What specifically do you think of, when you think of helping others? Do you think of taking over and doing things for […]

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HSP & Helpful: 7 Ways Toxic People Convince You to do more for them than you really want to

September 12, 2013

  This post is all about buttons, hidden triggers. Toxic people especially are very good at finding those in others. They find them in order to use them, to manipulate you. Recognizing the buttons doesn’t stop the triggering from happening. Yet, it does help you pull out of a bad situation in time.     1. […]

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How Come You Are Giving Plenty But Receiving Little?

March 8, 2015

There is a spiritual adage that says: “give and you will receive”. It’s a popular principle, and often misconstrued. Don’t get me wrong, taking instant gratification out of the picture is a good thing. “Will” implies that good things are coming, it might just take a while. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, […]

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