Narcissistic Love versus Unconditional Love

August 10, 2012

Anyone with a giving persona, and a desire to help others, attracts narcissists. You give, they take. It’s a match made in heavenĀ  hell. It’s an utterly confusing dynamic, not least because it’s so surreal. One of the keys to sanity is understanding that, when it comes to love, narcissists come from a completely different […]

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The Trouble with Instant Connections

March 21, 2019

Instant connections can feel like the most magical thing in the world, right? You meet someone and something just clicks. You don’t even know what it is exactly. I mean, you barely know this person! But you just feel connected somehow. If only all of life could be so easy! When we feel an instant […]

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Are You the Sensitive Friend or the Sensitive Therapist? 8 Tips for Clarity on HSP Relationships

April 23, 2012

As sensitive people, we tend to be pretty good at intuiting what others need and what is bothering them. This makes us the ideal person to turn to when things are tough and/or confusing. Since we often enjoy having deep conversations (and might even be relieved that we don’t have to wade through an onslaught […]

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Reader Question: Am I the Crazy One?

June 20, 2018

A reader wrote in with the following question: Am I the crazy one? I have been in a relationship with someone that may be a narcissist but I am confused. I was always someone that went out of my way to help people. I wanted it to be my mission and have made it so […]

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