Quieting the mind

A quiet mind is a happy mind, peaceful, productive, creative. I don’t particulary endorse the many schools of thought who seem to want to “stop” the mind for getting in our way. The mind is a very loving and helpful part of us, if only we give clear directions! It’s like a little child jumping up and down and yelling: what can I do, what can I do? You see, minds like to solve problems. So, when we let them tackle unsolvable issues, unimportant problems or try to “turn them off”, we make our mind into our enemy (it becomes very loud and noisy then!)

Thinking Backwards versus Moving Forward

July 31, 2011

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Why THE News is Bad News for HSP’s

November 30, 2012

Too often, I get e-mails from HSPs who are overwhelmed with all the negative news out there. They feel powerless, afraid and unfortunately don’t seem to take the one simple home remedy that makes all the difference: if it upsets you, stop watching. Here’s the what and why.   Unfortunately, stress sells. For us HSPs […]

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Staying in the I of the Storm

August 2, 2011

When things get frantic, we often respond with more activity. Instead, try to stay in the eye of the storm. In the middle of any chaotic energy there is a place of stillness and peace. That place should be you. When we can tap into our ability to stay in the ‘I of the storm’ […]

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