HSP Tip for Calming a Freaked-out Body

by Caroline van Kimmenade

Having a sensitive nervous system has its perks, and its troubles! Especially when your body animal learned once upon a time to be extra vigilant.

Check out the video for a way to calm your senses when your body is going into fight-or-flight mode unnecessarily (and you feel a little crazy for freaking out like that, because you know better).

Please note – this video is from 2014 – a long time ago quality wise!

Also, the ABC Guide is now inside the Happy Sensitive Library along with many many other materials and courses to go from Highly Sensitive to Happy Sensitive.

(At the time of updating this, my current Freebie is the Language of Sensitivity book + email series )

If you are freaking out about something, and it’s not a tiny thing that this technique can help with, set up a Clarity Call with me so we can investigate what it’s about and what will help.




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1 Paula June 1, 2014

I run a support group where validation is key to helping others. Most of us are also highly sensitive. I’m a bit surprised that I didn’t think of this before! It is such a simple and truly useful solution. That’s what I like about your blog … smart, simple.

2 amanda June 1, 2014

Great post,.perfectly timed for me to view. Will check in again

3 Rose June 4, 2014

Hey, Caroline. Great video; I, too, love that you communicate wisdom so simply, so accessibly. As I listened, I thought about a situation today when I was triggered by a particular individual. I was able to see that this person fits a pattern. I experience a certain energy around particular individuals that sends my body in a panic and leaves me feeling helpless, blind-sided, and on full-alert. Applying your suggestions even now, on reflection and after the fact, helped me see today’s encounter differently. It helped me realize how helpless I felt with this automatic responding; I didn’t know what to do with that energy in my body. But you mentioned compassion. Thank you. Having it for my poor, hypersensitive body helps me have compassion for the individual whose energy was familiar and scary (though that person was unaware of their energy). Compassion for all concerned helps keep me present in the moment–and helps me recover kindness. Thank you.

4 Sue June 28, 2014

Hi Caroline, I’ve studied NLP and done The Lightning Process, as has my daughter for M.E. It’s designed to switch off fight flight and then get what you really want instead ie health, energy, calm etc. Your vids sound like a very easy to understand, user friendly version, I love this site! I’m an HSP and do find some practitioners ‘style and approach’ sets it off even more! Not yours tho, much more in tune and on a similar wave length. Thank you! Sue x

5 Caroline van Kimmenade June 29, 2014

Thanks Sue!

6 Shals July 6, 2014

Thank you for this. My body has been giving me messages like this for nearly four years now (while driving in particular), I’m working my way through it – it doesn’t seem to be just one message!? But at least now I am able to drive in the slow lane on the highway without crippling panic attacks. I am slowly healing. I only realised (or made peace with it?) in 2012 that I am a sensitive person. I never wanted to be sensitive! For me, it was a synonym for weak – but I’ve learned it’s not. I’m only just learning what it means to be sensitive, from a place of power and not weakness. All new to me, I still question if I really am a sensitive, but all the signs are there. Thank you.

7 Caroline van Kimmenade July 6, 2014

Hi Shals, check out the post on empaths

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