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Hi there! If you’re new to this website, my name is Caroline. I am a Highly Sensitive as well as clair-sentient (empath) person. You can read more about my personal story here . In short, I worked in higher education for a while but switched over to teaching sensitive people important Language of Sensitivity skills.

You see, there are plenty of people out there teaching Introduction to Cultural Theory, writing skills, philosophy and other theoretical subjects. There are plenty of classes and schools out there to learn all kinds of practical things like carpentry, cooking, healthy eating and medicine too.

When it comes to a way for sensitive people to make sense of their own inner language though, the classes – though sorely needed – are largely missing. What’s more, the intuition classes that do exist are often focused on teaching you a new language: to learn Reiki, or open your third eye, or channel energies or do a special meditation.

Many classes aimed at intuitive development aim to teach you a new language. They don’t actually focus on helping you better understand the language(s) that you already have and that are natural to you. This is like trying to learn Russian, when you’re still struggling with reading complex English texts or writing your own pieces.

There’s nothing wrong with learning a whole new language, but there is a reason why your system came with a free download of certain languages already. Now if you could just find the user manual to decode it all!

Just like any other skill that can be learned through  good information, guidance and practice, sensitivity needs skillful honing to make it into the useful ability that it is. It’s not just a matter of being sensitive or not, it’s a matter of being able to understand your sensitive alphabet, grammar and language as a whole.

Here are some examples: you feel angry and interprete that as a negative emotion that you “shouldn’t have”. Yet, is that true? What if it’s a sign that you’re stressed? Or what if it’s a sign that someone is crossing a boundary with you? Or something else?

Or take anxiety. Maybe your anxiety is trying to tell you something. Maybe it’s pointing to a kind of dissonance that you’re picking up on: that there are some conflicting signals that warrant closer scrutiny. Maybe someone is lying. Maybe you’re lying to yourself. Maybe you’re headed down a path that isn’t quite right for you, but you don’t fully realise that and your anxiety is trying to get your attention. OR Maybe your anxiety is covering up another emotion…

There are lots of possibilities as to what your sensitive language signs may mean. This is often a very personal affair but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a system. A lot of signs will be recurring and trying to tell you the same kind of thing again and again. You just need a way to know what is what!


Reading the signs inside and around you

Your sensitive abilities are fine-tuned to observe the world in detail.

Doing so effectively without getting overwhelmed is your ability to read your sensitive language. When you can decipher it and make sense of it, it’s no longer a chaos of gibberish flooding your brain and body.

To listen to the feelings, body reactions, images, ideas and words that your body and soul are sending you and being able to make sense of them requires understanding your own sensitive alphabet and grammar: Which signs matter and which ones don’t? And how do you put them all together into a meaningful message that is useful for you?

Letting your sensitivity guide you

Once you are able to effectively “read” your sensitivity in this way, you can also learn to write with it. This means that besides knowing how to understand what is happening around you – without getting overwhelmed – and besides understanding what is happening inside of you – without freaking out or avoiding – you can also use your sensitivity to guide and direct your life.

Instead of only using your sensitivity to read what is going around you, you will be able to use it to write your own life story, and make it happen.

The question then becomes: where do you want to go? What do you want to create? What is holding you back? How can your sensitivity actually help you overcome those barriers? How can you build the life you want, in a way that is sensitive-friendly? 

You may not know where you want to go or what you want to create. In fact, figuring that out may be your prime concern right now: how do you use all your sensitive abilities and gifts as a foundation for your life? How can those abilities guide you when you feel like you’re about to pioneer something unknown, blindfolded?


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