How to Find Your HSP Balance and Have Quiet, Without Becoming a Hermit

by Caroline van Kimmenade

As a Highly Sensitive Person, it’s really important to have a deep understanding of how to find your HSP balance. Your HSP balance is the right amount of sensory stimulation, with the right amount of quiet time. That perfect “mix” is what will give you a deep sense of well-being. It’s pretty crucial!

Unfortunately, many HSPs try to find their HSP balance by hiding away from the world. They figure: “since the world is so overwhelming my best bet is to limit my exposure to the outside world.” This is very understandable! Yet, it does not accurately represent the real problem.

After all, when you equate the “world out there” with noise, and your own home with “quiet” – what do you do when noise enters your home? What do you do when your partner stays home from work? Or when there is construction across the street? Or when you actually want to leave the house for something meaningful and important?

When staying home is the only way you know how to create quiet time for yourself, how do you avoid becoming a recluse?

Being Highly Sensitive means that you receive more sensory input than most other people do. This can make you more easily overwhelmed – and throw off your balance more quickly. As a result, it’s really important for us Highly Sensitive People to be balance experts! But how?


How do you find your HSP balance?

I received this question recently:

“the subject matter that interests me is creating quiet space in my life without becoming a total hermit. My HPS-ness is heightened by [a few new, stressful situations] that I am experiencing, so I feel like I am having to learn all over again how to find the right balance between retreat and activity, between time with people and time alone.”

This is such a great question!

Thing is – even if you get the balance right at some point, life will happen and you have to find your balance again!

So it’s really important to have a deep understanding of how to find that inner balance so that you can readjust more quickly and easily when life throws you a curve ball.

In the video below I give you three practical tips that you can apply right away.

I also tell you more about how to get more help with this – because I believe getting this balance “sorted” is really key for Highly Sensitive People who need both adventure, and quiet to thrive.



Prefer to read the transcript of the video instead? You can read it here, inside the Happy Sensitive Library (requires membership)


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