Happy Sensitive Foundations – your inner balance system

Does your sensitivity overwhelm you?

You worry that being Highly Sensitive will hold you back from all the things you so want to do! Because when you go out there and live the life you want to live, you’re o.k. for a while, but inevitably, you crash.

Or maybe you hang in there by the skin of your teeth – but it takes so much effort!

At one point, you may have starting avoiding things in order to cope. Avoid people, avoid your calling, avoid any place that is busy or loud or demanding… Maybe you did that for a while and started to feel better. But then you went back out into the world and at one point the overwhelm started to creep in again. Gah,  now you had to isolate again to start to feel better!

This is no way to live.

It’s tough and unfair when your sensitivity has become this massive limitation. Maybe you wish it would just go away! Even though your sensitivity also makes you more compassionate and attuned and you know that it is a gift in some ways. You just haven’t really found a way yet to truly claim – loud and proud and honestly – that it’s great to be a sensitive person. If only!

  • There’s just too much you can’t do the way you want to “because you’re sensitive”.
  • There are too many ways your sensitivity makes you feel out of control. Especially because you work so hard to keep things organized!
  • You pick up on all kinds of subtle moods and sensations and it can make socializing with certain people really tough!

What’s more, when you read about High Sensitivity online, most of it seems to be for introverts. And you don’t relate to that 100%. Yes, you need time alone, but you’re also outgoing. People come to you for support. You can be the life of the party at times! Either way, there are big things you want to do with your life, and it seems unfair because – due to your sensitivity – you stumble more than others.

And just hiding from the world to “feel calm and safe” is not exactly your idea of a life well lived!

In fact, when you’re on a roll, other people don’t typically pinpoint you as a “sensitive” person. I mean sure, you’re intelligent and observant (and sensitive in that way), but you’re a go-getter too! At times it feels like your sensitive underbelly doesn’t quite fit with the rest of you.

I hear you!

In fact, you may be a Highly Sensitive Sensation Seeker. It means that you have both the nervous system of a sensitive butterfly and the go-getter attitude of a female lion (nature fact: did you know male lions are super lazy and let the females do all the work? Yeah, I know. So I am definitely referencing the female lions here!)

Imagine a lion in a butterfly body! It takes some getting used to!

Now, in a way “sensation seeker” is a terrible name for all this. It makes you sound like a drama queen. Or a drug addict! Or someone always jumping off buildings looking for the next thrill. Yet mostly, being a Highly Sensitive Sensation Seeker doesn’t play out that way at all.

I’m a Highly Sensitive Sensation Seeker, but I would never go bungee jumping (my sensitive side would rather just die). So, this is not about being an adrenaline junkie. Rather, it’s about always looking for your own developmental edge: stretching yourself into new territory, trying new things, talking to new people. And that could be from home! (I work from home, which suits my HSP side, but I also have to be adventurous in order to keep developing my business. I’m definitely on my own creative and self-development edge with that!).

Yet, because you keep stretching yourself, you also create more potential overwhelm for yourself, which can make your sensitive side get depleted and shut down.

As a Highly Sensitive Sensation Seeker you can end up zigzagging between the introvert world of quiet, and the extrovert world of adventure.

The standard relaxation tips to calm down and take it easy only work for you up to a point, because you get bored! But you know that when you go for what you want, you tend to crash and burn.

  • In the long run, this can lead to a lot of stress. So much so that you can get tired and frazzled and feel like you’re always fighting with yourself.
  • It can even lead to severe adrenal fatigue (chronic fatigue) – the kind where you have lots of ideas about what you want to do but your body just doesn’t have the energy to make it happen.
  • Your intuition can feel like no help because while you might have some helpful insights about all this, in your day to day, those insights get lost in the shuffle and they don’t provide enough practical nitty-gritty guidance.


You need a way to both calm down and have the energy to go after what you want. Wait, what? But how?

I feel you! I used to struggle with this immensely. I did all the right things: healthy food, working out, meditation, spending time with friends and having alone time… but I still got frazzled. And in 2009 I even burned out completely (couldn’t work, could barely get out of bed). Not fun at all! (understatement of the year) So I know how important it is to manage your energy expertly, and where not having those skills can lead…

Yet, that was also the kick-in-the-pants for me to develop a system that allowed me to get out ahead of the overwhelm, and prevent it from happening again.

Then I started teaching other HSPs what I’d learned and I discovered that this system helps other HSPs manage their overwhelm too. Read More

When I burned out. Nobody understood why, least of all me!

People told me to just rest, it would get better! But it didn’t. The problem was, I needed to build my energy back up from nothing. Yet, just resting made me bored and anxious, and doing something fun quickly led to overdoing it!

I started to realize that this was going to be more complicated than people said. I also started to realize that this was a problem that I’d always had. I’d never been given a way to truly understand my needs and limits from the inside out. In my attempts to live a fun and healthy lifestyle, I was essentially copying what worked for other people, and it got me nowhere.

That’s not an easy thing to own. Especially when you’re smart and accomplished and you’re used to figuring things out. Yet I came to realize over time that the combination of being Highly Sensitive and a Sensation Seeker is a tough combination to come to terms with. It’s like you’re doing an acrobatic split between your own extremes.

Then, on top of that, you have the extroverted people who think you’re just shy or depressed when you’re tired, so they’ll push you to do more. And on the other hand there are the introverted types who think you are always overdoing it.

What they don’t get is that you are both. You need a life that suits both of these sides of you, not a life that glorifies one and shuts down the other.

Only a very small percentage of the population is both  Highly Sensitive and a Sensation Seeker. So it’s not like there is a long list of people who get this, let alone who can explain this to you.

In the end, I wish I had learned all this sooner! I had sure had plenty of “mini burn outs” leading up to my big one! It’s just that they were small enough to kind of stumble my way out of. It took a big crash to force me to really sit down and figure out why I kept crashing in the first place.

The good news? I only had to figure this out for myself once, and I still use those insights to manage my energy successfully to this day! This is how I can be Highly Sensitive and also run an online business, which comes with plenty of stress and challenges. When push comes to shove, I know exactly what I need to do to stay both calm enough and also inspired.

In a culture where doing, going, bigger, faster, better, toughness, pushing through etc. is applauded, being an HSP can be daunting, discouraging, scary and lonely. Working with Caroline has changed my perspective. I now see my sensitivity as a gift, even an honor to posses. As such, it deserves a certain amount of respect and care and Caroline has shown me that as well. My life has not gotten easier. Instead, Caroline has shown me that I had a toolbox within me all along to help me when things get tough. And where I didn’t have the tools already, she loaned me some so that I wouldn’t be without. As one who has always believed that everything happens for a reason, I now see an even greater sense of purpose in every circumstance and encounter. I see that I have an opportunity to know myself deeper and to offer more of my gifts in every situation. Ultimately, Caroline has shown me that all I needed all along lay right within me and she opened my eyes to see in a whole new way. I am, truly, beyond grateful..Nikki, California



Being Highly Sensitive, you’re likely pretty intuitive. You might have been winging it for a while and chances are, you like doing things based on how they feel… This is where I am going to challenge you.

You see, in many ways, being tuned in to how things feel right now, does not help you predict how things will affect you going forward. The thing that’s been making you seesaw from couch to adventure and from energy highs to energy lows, is the lack of a way to measure what will work for you.

In the end, it’s not that mysterious! Yet it does take learning a whole new way of looking at stress, and doing the right observation exercises that will give you the data we need to develop your own self-care model.

That’s what Happy Sensitive Foundations is about. This programme will give you a system, a structure to use.

We will gather the data and build the “what to do” model that lets you:

  • Know in advance what to say yes to and what to say no to, because you can predict what you can happily handle well.
  • Achieve things you haven’t been able to before because you’ll learn how to set it up right to suit your HSP & Sensation Seeking nature.
  • Know exactly what you need to do to recharge and recover as quickly as possible when life throws you a curveball
  • Put in place the right relaxation practices for you. These are the things that naturally help you, not the things you’ve been trying to get into that are “supposed” to be good for you.


This means that:

  • you can stop last-minute bailing on people (or going anyway and overtiring yourself)
  • you can stop beating yourself up for not being able to get your work-life-play-everything balance right
  • you can do high intensity adventures without crashing afterwards
  • you can tell other people what you actually need, because you will finally know!


Because who ever said that the natural Yin Yang of HSP / Sensation Seeker wasn’t kinda awkward at first?


Working with Caroline in the Happy Sensitive Foundations program has been truly life changing for me. She listens, really listens, not just at the surface, but underneath as well; and she has an uncanny way of pinpointing the exact root of an issue – the particular emotions, thought patterns, or beliefs that are behind the surface block, so you can move forward with freedom and lightness.

She holds space in an amazing way that leaves you feeling free to truly be who you are, without fear of being judged or being told your way isn’t the “right way.”

I understand so many things about myself and others around me so much more clearly now.

Caroline taught me how to listen to myself, to take time to listen to my body and what it wants and needs, and how to recognize when I’m becoming stressed and need to take a break, rather than trying to force myself to fit someone else’s idea of how I should live my life. We all operate differently in the world and recognizing the differences between myself and other people has made it so much easier to accept and honor my own strengths, differences, and limitations.

We all have limitations, but now, instead of beating myself up for them, I’ve learned to work with them and honor them. I no longer feel guilty for saying no to things I really don’t want to do or honoring my need for down time and quiet. When I take care of myself, I have more to give to others.

By learning how to honor who I am and listen to my heart and my body, I’ve begun taking major steps to create the life I’ve always dreamed of, but believed I could never have and I’m doing that by doing it my way! If you want to discover your unique way of being in the world, working with Caroline in the Happy Sensitive Foundations program is the way to go!Deena, Washington



To get this figured out, a lot of things can get in your way. Here are four common sensation seeker traps:

1. But…”I just want to be normal!” Read More

Many of us were shamed a lot for being Highly Sensitive and being different. If this is you then those messages will end up sabotaging you. Those messages probably push you to be “normal” a lot. Yet, every time you try to be “normal” and follow what works for other people, you’ll end up stressing yourself out because you’re going against how you’re naturally wired.

In Happy Sensitive Foundations you’ll learn how to identify and heal these inner “you’re too sensitive” messages so that they stop making you feel bad and stop interfering with the life you’re meant to live.

2. But… “I don’t want to upset anyone”Read More

In order to make the kinds of decisions that are true to who you are, you will need to handle some conflicts. Many HSPs shy away from conflicts of any kind and especially with those who are near and dear. Yet, if you try to keep the peace, smoothe things over and people-please at all costs, then you won’t get what you need to live a happy and healthy life within your own natural limits.

Don’t worry though, not wanting to make anyone angry or upset is something I work on with many clients. There are plenty of ways to take baby steps and learn to be compassionate, present and assertive so that you can negotiate what is important to you without hurting anyone unnecessarily.

3. But…”I think I just need to do more fun things somehow”Read More

The “I like this, I don’t like that” model of assessing things will do very little to help you effectively manage stress. It’s a mistake to think that the solution is just to pile on more fun stuff.

In Happy Sensitive Foundations you’ll learn how to assess activities based on how it will impact your nervous system. Being Highly Sensitive means having a more sensitive nervous system. You need to have a way to assess what affects your nervous system and why. Without this understanding, you’ll end up running around in circles, doing all the “right things” to take care of yourself, and get stressed, anxious or tired anyway.

I’ve developed a really detailed system to help you really “get” the difference between what you think is right for you, versus what will actually feel good in the long run.

4. But…”I think my sensitivity is just temporary and not a part of me”Read More

The tricky part of being HSP and Sensation Seeking is that your sensation seeker side is the side that looks most “normal” to other people. This is your go-getter side. She wants to keep going!

To go on and on is something that is typically appreciated and rewarded in our society. So, it can be tempting to think: maybe my sensitivity isn’t really me, and maybe I can get rid of it!

You may also have experienced times when you were more sensitive, and times when you were less so. The thing is, as a Highly Sensitive Sensation Seeker you are doing a constant balancing act, and the people around you influence that! If you are around a lot of shy people, you might become more of a go-getter. Being around a lot of extreme go-getters on the other hand can bring out your sensitive side more.

However, both are here to stay! Just because they are expressed different over time doesn’t mean they disappear.


To get all this figured out, it’s important to know what exactly will work for you and where you personally get stuck. These are not answers that I have in a magical crystal ball of course!

To get results and figure this out for you, we will be working together. I will bring my empathic listening, strong intuition, guided healing exercises, and questions and assignments to get you to home in on the things that will make a difference in your life.

Your job will be to pay attention. I will be asking you in lots of different ways to pay attention and keep track of how things affect you, what you’re thinking and feeling throughout the day and what solutions that we come up with work best for you.


My goal for you is that after a year of working together:

1. You will really understand how your own nervous system a.k.a. stress response system works. This means:

  • You will know how you can stay balanced and avoid falling into extremes of stress or boredom.
  • You’ll know how to stay in your own happy zone – which is your optimum balance of rest and adventure.
  • You will understand how to set up your activities and big life goals in a way that is doable and enjoyable for you.
  • No more feeling frustrated because you keep crashing. You will be keeping your energy up and running without overdoing it.
  • You’ll also know how to keep tweaking and improving your current self-care system. After all, five years down the road, your life may look really different and you may need to re-assess some of your self-care strategies. With the information from Happy Sensitive Foundations, you’ll be able to do just that.

2. You will be a better communicator, socially. This means:

  • You can let people know upfront what they can and can’t count on your for, and it’s reliable!
  • It will be easier to express what exactly you’re looking for at work and in socializing.
  • You can explain to others that even though you may look like an extreme introvert or extrovert to them, you are both and this means you need both adventure and rest. It will make sense to you and as a result – make a lot more sense to others too.

3. You will have your own set of empowering healing tools. This means:

  • Tough emotions no longer stop you in your tracks, because you have the tried and true tools to deal with them. This means you can really go for what you want without worrying about getting floored by emotional overwhelm.
  • You can keep “upleveling” your life and really lean into the growth edge that you Sensation Seeker side craves, without blowing out your Highly Sensitive side!
  • You will feel integrated and balanced, with both your Sensation Seeker and Highly Sensitive side working together to propel you forward at an enjoyable, sustainable pace.

4. You can be in crowded spaces without getting overwhelmed. This means:

  • You don’t need to opt out of something that matters to you just because there will be lots of people.
  • You will have your inner sanctuary with you at all times, so you can feel peaceful even when there is a lot going on around you.
  • You will be able to put together a schedule for yourself that balances out “busy time” with “quiet time” in a way that works best for you.
  • If picking up on what others are feeling is currently overwhelming you, you’ll know how to dial that (way) down.


Your Very Own Self-Care System

To make all this happen, you will learn the Happy Sensitive Foundations of what will be your very own self care-system. In this audio, I introduce the 4 pillars that are the foundations for your self-care system:

The framework I find very useful.  I can look at it when I am feeling off and clearly see which area I have not been paying attention to.  For instance, my vision – am I connected to my vision?  It provides a clear solution, a clear direction. Chirin, Texas


It has been a great journey where managing my energy has probably been the highlight, but adding the part of vision and transformation has definately been the difference from running around like a rat in a cage waiting for the next melt down, to now feel more in charge of my life and what I want to do with it.Rosanna, Spain

This is a Year Long Programme with 7 kinds of support

  • 90-minute coaching calls, once a month, for 12 months (so 12 coaching calls of 90 minutes total). In these calls we address the ins and outs of building your own Happy Sensitive Foundations throughout the year. These calls come with call notes to recap the most important take-aways and practices. At the end of the year, you’ll have a little booklet with your personal insights and practices. Clients have said they found this useful not just after calls, but also to look back on insights and practices from months ago. In some sessions, so many good ideas worth trying can bubble up that you may not try them all then and there – the call notes make sure these insights don’t get lost.
  • Twelve 30 minute Emotional Clarity Sessions. You can schedule these throughout the year, or close together to address a particular situation or help with a creative project for example. These are to the point sessions to help you get clarity when life feels confusing and murky or you have some big feelings coming up and could use some support to get through them. Being present to what you’re feeling is key to building your Happy Sensitive Foundations. These shorter sessions are designed to help you be and stay present in your body (where your power and insight is!).
  • 1 Healing Intensive. This is a 5-hour call that allows us to go deep into a particular topic that is important for your well-being. (it’s 5 hours max, including breaks). The topic is up to you! The right topic will usually emerge organically after a few months of working together. You’ll start to notice there is something that keeps coming up that you’d like to spend more time on unearthing and resolving. In the healing intensive we simply have more time so we can talk about it, do healing exercises, and talk about it some more without having to keep an eye on the clock.
  • 2 Trauma Healing Sessions (read more on these here) to help you let go of old hurts, hypervigilance and other kinds of sensitive stress.
  • 5 hours of Sensitive Skills Training . This will be tailored to teach you one or more sensitive skills (like e.g. intuitive knowing, inner peace, creative productivity, animal communication) that are most helpful for you right now. We’ll have 5 hours total that can be divided into smaller sessions like 30 minutes, or a few bigger sessions (or even one 5- hour VIP day). We’ll discuss this to see what exactly you’d like to learn and what the best way is to teach this to you.
  • Email support: in between sessions I’m available over email to respond to questions and dilemmas that may come up for you. This means you don’t need to wait until your next call to bring something up. In the past clients have used email support to for example: get tips for an upcoming job interview, discuss a disturbing email they received, brainstorm about how to deal with a family meetup, check in with me on how to do a particular intuitive exercise they were trying out, or ask questions about the workbook exercises.
  • Workbook: you’ll receive an extensive workbook with explanations and exercises. This way, we won’t waste valuable coaching time on information that is easier to process written down. Plus, you’ll have clear, guided exercises to work with in-between coaching sessions. These are important to get the most out of your coaching sessions because the exercises will guide you on gathering data from your day to day, that you need to build your Happy Sensitive Foundations.


Practical details:

  • Calls take place over Zoom (we can do online video calls or you can dial in over the phone) or skype.
  • Calls are recorded so you can listen back to them if you want to. This can be helpful especially for any guided exercises and so that you don’t have to frantically take notes during the calls.
  • All sessions can be rescheduled when done so at least 48 hours in advance. Later than that, your Backup Plan goes into effect. The Backup Plan is my way to ensure that you get value from your scheduled time no matter what happens. Details here.
the workbook material has been very helpful to give the process structure (which i need to thrive) and the way she explains things makes it very easy to understand the reason behind every step, which for me is also very importantRosanna, Spain

Programme Cost

Your investment for this programme is 5000 euros, that’s currently USD $5,420 || GBP £4,203 || AUD $8,257

You can also pay in 12 monthly installments of 1000 euros for the first payment, and 364 euros for 11 subsequent monthly installments.

That’s USD $1,084 for the first payment and USD $395 for 11 subsequent monthly installments.

I am located in the Netherlands and charge in euros.
Price in other currencies depends on exchange rates.

Conversion Rates above are based on Yahoo Finance rates of the day, updated automatically.


Extra option, add on a Healing Pack

Read More
If you have a lot of old tricky stuckness and you’d like some additional support, it’s also possible to purchase an additional Healing Pack of 12 long-distance healing sessions (one a month) to help you let go of old emotional and mental blocks and deeply wired stress responses.

In these sessions, I will do a long distance healing where I check for suppressed energies and let those go. Clients have said these are like energy massages, where, depending on how sensitive you are, you can really feel the changes as they are happening.

This additional Healing Pack is 840 euros and includes an email report of what was released each session.

I am located in the Netherlands and charge in euros.
Price in other currencies depends on exchange rates.

  • Currently 840 euros is…
    • In US Dollars: $911
    • In British Pounds: 706 pounds
    • In Australian Dollars: $1,387

Conversion Rates above are based on Yahoo Finance rates of the day, updated automatically.

the healing felt gentle, deep and nourishing and the report is very straight forward and revealing. I can also add that from the day following the healing I felt a noticeable change in my energy, feeling lighter, more whole and significantly more settled in myself. I can begin to feel a new sense of confidence emerging. I also found that some physical niggles such as a stiff lower back are considerably eased.Mary, Scotland.

Sound like what you need?

If you’re excited about this programme, please fill out the questionnaire below (doing so will help me assess whether this programme is a good match for your current needs and it will help me tailor coaching from the very start!)



A year sounds like a long time. Also, I’d like to have more regular sessions for accountability.

Read More

Adding more sessions is always a possibility. If you’d like to have coaching calls twice or more a month, we can discuss that and set up a call frequency that feels right for you.

The programme is a year to make sure that you have the time to really integrate your new Happy Sensitive Foundations into your life. For most people, a year is a helpful time frame where you can go at a steady pace, not have to do a lot at once and after a year you can see solid changes in your life.

Making actual day-to-day changes takes time. Doing so gently and slowly guarantees the best results because it’s the most stress-free way to do it. Plus, after a year of doing something differently, you can be sure it will stick. Compare that to an intense 6-week programme that pushes you into a diffent groove but that is hard to stick with after that. I know quick results are awesome, but we’re talking about some pretty deep changes here. Slow and steady is the way to go.

That said, if you want to ramp things up and do the programme in half the time (so, 6 months), that can definitely work depending on your schedule and commitment. Let me know and we can discuss what would be right for you.


I don’t like the idea of systems and data and measuring things. I’d rather do things intuitively!

Read More
I hear you! And we’ll be calling on your intuition for plenty of things. However, a big problem for HSP Sensation Seekers is a kind of “go with the (fun) flow”, the way a toddler might. As an adult, you can be watching that toddler and know the fun won’t last. It’s too much and in 3, 2, 1 it will be “weeeeeh, mommy!!”

I’m not saying you’re a toddler. Yet, the enthusiasm of toddlers is awesome, right? Nevertheless, toddlers need their parents to give them safe and helpful limits. Without that, they’d be running around and crashing into things all the time.

In a way, our inner High Sensation Seeker has some toddler traits. Nobody ever explained to you how to develop really supportive rules for that part of you. So that part of you can run wild, feel misunderstood and doesn’t have the support she needs, or shuts down completely. Re-parenting that part of you means learning some new rules and keeping an eye on data. Every good parent knows their kids’ limits. In a way, they’re eyeing the clock going: “oooh, they’re all excited now, but they missed their nap and they’re going to crash any minute now and cry their eyes out… let’s try to get this kiddo into bed and avoid all that drama…” How do parents know? They do some basic counting. They know how many hours their kiddo can last without breaking down. That is the kinds of data I’m talking about. In Happy Sensitive Foundations, we’re going to work on you knowing your own numbers: how much, how long, under which circumstances can you handle things well.

Numbers are awesome because they help you plan. Feeling your way around is a lot of work, and it’s exhausting if you keep getting it wrong! Don’t worry though, once you have your numbers, they will start to feel intuitive quite quickly. It’s not as if you’ll be forever trying to dance while awkwardly counting to the beat of the music out loud… You need to do some awkward counting at first, and then it just becomes integrated – like feeling the beat of the music instead of counting out loud 😉


What is the Healing Intensive? Why is it called a Healing Intensive?

Read More
It’s called an Intensive because we’ll be spending max. 5 hours together (including breaks). That’s a long time! Having so much time allows us to pick something complex and potentially deep that keeps getting in your way. We’ll be able to spend some significant time unraveling that issue, as well as doing healing exercises to gain more insight and let go of old hurt that keeps sabotaging you.

Some of my clients don’t like the idea of such a long session. They worry it will be too much, or they just prefer the regular coaching format. If this is you, then that is totally fine. You can also “trade in” your Healing Intensive for 2 regular 90 minute coaching calls.


But wait, how is all this different from a mindfulness practice or going to yoga regularly?

Read More
We get flooded with “rules” about how to live a happy healthy life, but has anyone ever sat down with you to help you get really clear on what works for you personally?

Once you start to do a little digging, things can get complicated quick. Maybe you love yoga, but how come you can’t always get into it? Or how come it’s really helpful for you sometimes, and other times you wish you’d done something else?

Your body has multiple pathways through which you can get excited and also stressed, and they are all happening at once! In Happy Sensitive Foundations, we map out a way for you to understand the different things that influence you each day, and how to know which thing is going to feel good and which thing is going to bring you out of balance.


I hate routines, will this programme work for me?

Read More
I hate a lot of routine too, because it’s boring! Yet, I’ve also found that some routine is helpful to have (You eat 3 meals a day – or something close – right?). So if you don’t want to have any kind of routine at all, I will encourage you to develop some.

However, my understanding of routines will be much more flexible than what you’re probably thinking of right now. I think of routines more like helpful patterns that you can use to get things done more easily, but you can move those patterns around and switch out the elements in them. They are like building blocks for your day really and the most important thing is that you learn how to figure out which blocks are going to be most fun and useful for you that day.

The goal is not to develop a lot of magic discipline to stick to a strict routine. I don’t do that either, so who would I be to teach that?


You mention observation exercises and that sounds like a lot of work.

Read More
All new things take more work and effort at first. To get results from this programme, you will need to make an effort and learn and practice some new things. However, you’ll be amazed at how quickly these “exercises” become a 3-second way to just check in with yourself and notice how you’re doing.

The only reason I need to teach you to do this in the form of special exercises at all, is because you probably spend a ton of time automatically focusing on what other people need and what is going on around you. As a result, you don’t automatically notice what is going on with you. So that’s where the exercises come in. However, over time you’ll develop a habit of checking in with yourself and it will stop being like a special exercise.

If you already have a habit of checking in with yourself then that’s great too. That means that all you’ll need to add to that is knowing what exactly to pay attention to in order to get the most results.


How do I explain this to my partner?

Read More
Well, it depends on what your partner is into, but here’s a few different ways to explain it:

“Honey, you know how I get stressed a lot and then I have no idea how to calm down? Or how I sign up for things but then I need to cancel because I’m overwhelmed? Or I’m scared to try things because I worry I’ll get overwhelmed? Well, this programme is going to teach me how to understand my own needs and limits so that I can plan efficiently and realistically, based on what’s actually possible for me”

“Well, the lady who runs the website says that being Highly Sensitive is like having a really cool car, but you never took any driving lessons, so you end up doing whatever. And so you accelerate too fast, and then you break really hard, and the whole experience just becomes kind of jarring instead of a smooth driving experience. She’s going to teach me how to drive well so I can enjoy the driving and can actually get places efficiently, instead of getting stuck in a ditch by the road or going over the speed limit all the time.”


What other people have said about this programme:

I am highly sensitive and I wrote to Caroline because I had been struggling for years with some big troubles in my life : fatigue, depression, not feeling “normal”, feeling like I couldn’t “make it” like others could, and not feeling understood. I was thinking about making big changes in my personal life but couldn’t seem to really take decisions.

I’m really happy that I worked with Caroline this past year, first because of her personal qualities, she is really tactful, nice, really able to listen and, well, sensitive..! It’s a great pleasure to talk with her and it’s a big help to make progress. As I can’t speak English well enough, I had to speak French (my mother tongue) during the calls ; fortunately Caroline understands me well and talks in English, that works well.

I think that just being able to talk with someone who really gets (better than I) what it means to be highly sensitive brought me much relief. Thanks to the work we did together, I was able to be much more calm through big changes in my life (1 st pregnancy)… And I have been able to make many small changes that make a big difference (staying in touch with my feelings instead of focusing only on the other person, daring to say no, thinking of myself in a different, as somebody who has as much the right to exist as anybody else). I have still a long way to go because I’ve been struggling for a very long time, but I’m very grateful for the progress I made so far, and I’m hopeful that I will get even better in the future. This is so very important, especially when raising a (maybe highly sensitive) baby daughter…Thank you Caroline !Aurélie, France. Happy Sensitive Foundations (she spoke French to me and I spoke English back)


After finding out that I am HSP and looking through the internet, I found out the webpage of Caroline. I loved the name and the posts and her energy resonated greatly with me.

I refused to the idea that being sensitive would throw me to a world of sadness and stress (as it had often been the case so far) and Caroline has proved to be the best person to work with. After a period of my life where I suffered from great emotional stress and where I was totally stuck in my life, I decided to sign up for the Happy Sensitive Foundation Programme. She is very knowledgeable and has a great ability to contact with your emotions and guides you so you are able to manage them.

Also the workbook material has been very helpful to give the process structure (which i need to thrive) and the way she explains things makes it very easy to understand the reason behind every step, which for me is also very important.

After a year working with Caroline I have changed totally the way I see my sensitivity. I have gone from ignoring it or wanting to change it to fit the norm, to embrace it and include it to my “super powers” kit. Accepting it has been of great importance, but knowing how to manage this super power effectively has been an enormous relief. It is of course a life-long learning journey but I feel I have learned powerful tools to keep practising on my own.

It has been a great journey where managing my energy has probably been the highlight, but adding the part of vision and transformation has definately been the difference from running around like a rat in a cage waiting for the next melt down, to now feel more in charge of my life and what I want to do with it.

To know that I am not the only person dealing with it and that I can have a good life if I take care of my specific needs has been very calming and reassuring.

I would recommend this Programme to everybody who wants to take their sensitivity to the next level. Who wants to use it effectively and not feel it like a burden. I guarantee that you’ll start seeing life as you probably did once or as you know it should feel like: fantastic!Rosanna, Spain.

In a culture where doing, going, bigger, faster, better, toughness, pushing through etc. is applauded, being an HSP can be daunting, discouraging, scary and lonely. Working with Caroline has changed my perspective. I now see my sensitivity as a gift, even an honor to posses. As such, it deserves a certain amount of respect and care and Caroline has shown me that as well. My life has not gotten easier. Instead, Caroline has shown me that I had a toolbox within me all along to help me when things get tough. And where I didn’t have the tools already, she loaned me some so that I wouldn’t be without. As one who has always believed that everything happens for a reason, I now see an even greater sense of purpose in every circumstance and encounter. I see that I have an opportunity to know myself deeper and to offer more of my gifts in every situation. Ultimately, Caroline has shown me that all I needed all along lay right within me and she opened my eyes to see in a whole new way. I am, truly, beyond grateful.Nikki, California


Working with Caroline has been awesome.  She is phenomenal.  Her framework is phenomenal.  She has given me a bucket full of permission slips to just be, to be okay being me.  I have permission to change my mind at the last minute based on how I am feeling and what my body needs in that moment without needing to apologize for taking care of myself.

The framework I find very useful.  I can look at it when I am feeling off and clearly see which area I have not been paying attention to.  For instance, my vision – am I connected to my vision?  It provides a clear solution, a clear direction.  And hope.  Heaps of hope that I can gain skill. Hearing Caroline’s story is very inspiring.  It leaves me filled with hope that I too can become skilled at working with my own beautiful sensitivity so that I can reap the benefits and live an inspired life.

I think the biggest thing that sticks with me is just the support.  Her very clear, practical, unrefutable description of how it all works leaves me with no reference with which to apologize for how I am, and to instead see myself as a gift so that I can take my place in the world. With Caroline’s support, I am standing taller, offering my gifts more freely and more fully, greeting each new day with anticipation, knowing that I have tools, a reference map, a care plan and an advocate when I need one.  And loyal, pragmatic, caring practical support from someone who has been there and has paved a way for us to follow.  I love her and enthusiastically with neon flashing lights recommend her to anyone. I no longer curse the creator or my  mother for giving me what seemed nothing but a liability.  I now feel grateful and empowered to take my place.Chirin, Texas



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