Trauma Healing Sessions

I love thorny, tricky problems. The kinds of problems that don’t respond to 99% of the things you try, that don’t respond to all the things people say you should do to fix it.

The kinds of problems that get you to try all the things and 100 meditations, therapy sessions, crystals, doctors visits, craniosacral adjustments, work-out regimens and nutritional adjustments later, they’re still right there, staring you in the face.

I must be mad to love those problems. Nevertheless…

I love those problems because they hold you accountable to go deeper. They force you to discover things about yourself that nothing else would have unearthed.

Yet, I’m also intimately familiar with the frustration, the pain, the panic and the hopelessness when you have a thorny problem and it just won’t go away, no matter what you do.

At heart, I’m a teacher. I love teaching other people how. 

So, the service I am about to introduce is something I adamently refused to consider for a long time.

Even though people asked me to.

Even though people told me “I can’t do what you do”.

Even though I could do what I taught about 100 times faster than my students could.

So one day I realised. “Oh, even though I do love teaching others what I can do, I do have a gift.”

Maybe this gift is just the result of having had so much practice. Maybe it’s the result of having had so much pain of my own, and having had to work so hard, all the time, to get to the root of that pain.

And then doing this with clients. Helping them get to their roots.

Over time I built a huge inner library of insights and fast-tracks and trouble shooting guides.

These are things I can never share. It’s too multidimensional to put on paper. Too much to try to capture.

So I’ve made peace with carrying this know-how on the inside. And I’ve made peace with calling it my special gift, and not expecting that I can teach other people to do what I can do. At least, not as extensively, not as quickly, because I’ve had 10 years of dramatically intense and focused practice at honing my skills.

So, this service I mentioned, that I was not ready to consider offering before, it’s this: I can help you with thorny trauma.

I can’t do it without your participation. I can’t do it when you just want to check out, but when you’re commited, when you need things to change, I can take you through steps and also talk to your body to let go of trauma for you. 

On the energetic level, our bodies are magical. They can change so fast! But, to do that we have to speak the language of the body. We have to understand why things are there. We have to understand how the pain is trying to help, only then can we find a way to let it go.

I’ve worked with a lot of different methodogies. I’m eclectic and will mix and match. I’ll find the edges of existing approaches and see why they don’t work for everything. And then I take those existing approaches further, I tweak them so they do go the distance.

Here are some examples:

Most methodologies when addressing abuse, will emphasise forgiveness and letting go. Yet, I discovered something quite different: when scary, dangerous, violent things happen when you’re powerless, then your body gets stuck in freeze or dissociation responses that it can’t get out of, because you never got a chance to express yourself. Oh, and I don’t mean writing a letter (that you do or don’t send) to your abuser. That’s a nice start, but it’s nowhere near what needs to happen. I don’t mean screaming into a pillow either. No, your body gets stuck because it was never a fair fight. You didn’t get to fight back. You didn’t get the answers you needed. You didn’t get to peer into your abuser’s soul and ask: “What on earth are you doing this for? I don’t understand!”

Yet, just because you can’t physically go back in time, doesn’t mean you can’t get the resolution you need (which, by the way is different for everyone. There is no specific thing you “should” want or need out this process. The key is to get the resolution that is right for you).

On the energy planes, everything is still accessible. Everything is still open for negotiation. I’ve worked with clients who did so much work on their traumas, yet they were still stuck. When we took the time to address it on the energy planes, they were finally able to let go. They got their confidence back. They got the answers they needed. They stopped being afraid. They didn’t need to keep “managing the trauma” to be o.k.

Second example: sexual abuse. There are a lot of icky elements that go into sexual abuse, yet one of the most unknown ones is this: when a man sexually abuses a girl or woman, there is a lot more going on than physical attack. Mostly, it’s an energetic attack. The abuser is trying to “get rid” of a whole heap of toxic energy of their own, that they don’t know what to do with. The quickest way to do that is to use the the ejaculative force of their sex drive and the natural receptivity of a woman’s body. The woman becomes the garbage container.

You end up feeling terrible years after, not just because of what happened, but more so because of what he left behind. You feel dirty because you are holding on to his trash.

That’s why all the positive affirmations about your own worth, won’t change how your body feels. You can end up doing all this work on “yourself” when the most important thing that needs to be done is that all that trash – that isn’t yours – needs to be cleansed from your body. It’s his to deal with, not yours. Yet, once the trash is in your body, your own body starts reacting to it and creating all kinds of emotions as a result, on an ongoing basis. So now you have a mix of his trash and your own feelings. It becomes really hard to tell what is what.

For me it’s really quick and easy to check what is what for you and let go of that toxic waste. Not because I am made of fairydust, but because I have had lots of practice. It’s easy for me now and I can do it really fast. It can still take a significant amount of time if there is a lot there, but once it’s out, it’s really gone.

When we get the toxic energy out first, whatever pain is left of the abuse is much easier to resolve. Yet, what lots of methodologies do is they don’t make this distinction. They  don’t help you get out the toxins first. So then every time you try to “work on” the trauma, you get thrown into a black pit of creepy ick. That ick is his, not yours.

Third example: chronic stress and anxiety. When your body is on high alert, paying attention to everything you end up in unnatural and exhausting stress cycles. You notice everything and can’t switch off, so you don’t rest up, you get overwhelmed, you get more stressed, you are on more high alert etc etc.

There are a lot of methodologies out there saying that whatever got programmed into you as a kid, has now “permanently fixed” your brain into a pattern. And if that pattern happens to be stressful, then that’s tough luck and you need to learn to “manage” it, knowing it will always be with you.

What I found though is that “fixed” is relative. Fixed is only fixed when you stay at the surface of the problem. When you go deep enough it can change. Your body is just following commands that were once installed. That were once useful.

It is no more “fixed” than an old box of photos in the attic that you can’t find. You can’t find them, so you can’t throw them out. But why can’t you find them? Surely, if you took the time to thoroughly clean out the attic, you would find the photos eventually.

Our own inner wiring is like that too. You can reach it. You can change it. It’s just that it can take a lot of digging first to be able to find it and get to it in the first place, underneath all the other boxes and momentos. Part of the trouble with digging is not knowing where to look. The other problem is not being able to see. This is where I can help. I have a lot of experience knowing where to look. I also have seen a lot when it comes to trauma. That means when I find the box of photographs, I’ll recognize it for what it is.

Fourth example:  psychic narcissists. Psychic narcissist have a very invasive and icky way of both attacking you and siphoning off your feel-good energies. There are specific mechanisms to their attack that can be undone, but there can be a lot of layers! I can work through a lot of those layers for you in one go, so you feel lighter, more grounded and like yourself again.


Why am I offering this now?

I could go on, but I’ll just share this: my biggest epiphany on the need for this service, came for me at the dentist. I thought: how would I feel if instead of the dentist doing a checkup and any dental work for me, he’d offer me to teach me how to do it myself?

Uhm. I’d be mad, scared, and go look for another dentist.

I still 100% believe in the need for good self-care. There are things we need to learn how to do ourselves. But we can’t be experts at everything. I’ve become an expert at healing practices, at working with the energy of the body. Of letting go of things that many experts claim are “permanent”.

But I can’t fix my own tooth. I need a dentist for that. And thank God a dentist is available to do that for me!

Trauma is complicated, it’s not regular self-care. It’s not brushing your teeth (a dentist can’t do that for you). Trauma work is the repair stuff. It can get very technical and require lots of different, specialised techniques and processes, all of which take practice to master.

Why would you have to go on a 10-year course to learn to heal your own trauma, if that’s not really your natural area of expertise? That would be mean.

Yes, you need to be present, you need to participate. But it makes little sense to study all the ins and outs of how to resolve trauma, just to heal yourself, when what you really need is just for that one thorny problem to be resolved to be able to move on with your life (and do other things!)

So, that is the service I am offering. To offer my 10-years of intense training as an aid for your thorny trauma or pain.

To do that, I have set things up this way:

How the Trauma Healing Session works:

  • The Trauma Healing Session is an hour. During that hour I will be doing healing work for you.
  • When you schedule your session, there is a form you can fill out (either then and there, or later) to tell me about what you want to work on.
  • During the session, you will tell me about the trauma – this doesn’t mean you need to relive it (I don’t recommend that at all). You do however need to be able to tell me a little about it.
  • Every time I find something I can let go of, I will. When I need more information, I’ll ask you questions.
  • So, we do this together.
  • For me this work requires intense concentration. Yes, it is “easy” but I am also multi-tasking: I am talking with you, telling you what is happening, asking you questions, and at the same time I am intuitively testing what is what, and communicating with your body to let things go. The price of the session reflects that intensity. I love doing this work, but I assure you, at the end of the hour, I’ll need a big rest.
  • If you’d like to have time after the healing to discuss the ins and outs of what was released during the session, then please schedule an additional Clarity Call for that purpose. After an hour of healing work I need to rest, so I will be taking a break. However, depending on your and my schedule, you could schedule a Clarity Call for a little later that day.
  • You will receive a recording of the call so that you can relisten to the details of what was let go of later if you’d like (I will tell you during the session but I move fast, so if you want to listen back later to mentally process what shifted, you can).
  • This service is not for everyone. If you need change to happen slowly, this service is not a fit for you. The whole point is to resolve things that have been eating away at you for far too long already. If you have multiple traumas or pains, chances are they are connected and we’ll end up addressing all of them.
  • I cannot promise you that you will be “done” after one session. It depends on where you’re at, and how “much” of the trauma there is. What I can promise is that it will be 20 times more effective and impactful than regular counseling.
  • Be prepared that during the first 48 hours after the healing, your body will be post-processing some of the things that were let go of. This means you may feel a bit strange, or need more naps, or have the emotions that were released come up before they disappear for good. So give yourself a 2-day rest period after your session. You don’t need to lounge on a pick-nick blanket all day. Just make sure you don’t have any big important events planned then.

How to book your call:

If we’ve never met, please set up a Clarity Call first (we’ll do some preparatory work to make sure you’re ready for the Trauma Healing session).

If you’ve already worked with me before, use the scheduler below.

Start by checking that the timezone is correct and click the “set time zone” button to confirm, to get started. Payment is through paypal or creditcard after selecting your appointment time and putting in your appointment details.

The price for the session is 250 euros. This is US $271

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