Is Love About Breaking Down Someone’s Walls?

by Caroline van Kimmenade

  A client had this insight the other day: “I always deep-down assumed that if I kind of locked people out, and then someone would try very hard to break down my defenses, that that meant that they loved me”. It was a profound moment (the quote is my paraphrasing of what she said).  

  Those of us who are […]

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1 Hedva January 22, 2020

Hello Caroline

My name is Hedva and I read your post from Israel

I just want to thank you for your words, it likes water in the desert.
Although I take care of myself with great people who go with me through my journey for so many years, friends, family and professional people, I still learn new depth points with your words.

Thanks a lot, it really helps



2 Caroline van Kimmenade February 1, 2020

Hi Hedva,

Glad to hear this was helpful for you, and thank you for your kind words!


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