How to Figure Out if You are an Empath

by Caroline van Kimmenade

You’ve probably heard of empaths, otherwise you wouldn’t be here! You’ve heard that being an empath can be great source of overwhelm. Empaths tend to be compassionate people and great listeners. They tend to be amateur healers (whether they want to or not). And you probably have questions about all that. So, how do you figure out if you’re an empath?

First, let’s define what empaths are:

Empaths are people who can feel emotional energy from others as if it is their own…


So, in this way, empaths are

And (I hope this is obvious, but if not, read this) different from Highly Sensitive People (Empaths are usually also Highly Sensitive, but High Sensitivity is about sensory sensitivity, whereas being an empath has to do with psychic sensitivity)

So, empaths are in a category of their own.

But! It can get confusing to figure out if you are an empath.

Because, what is the difference between “feeling for”  someone, and actually feeling what they are feeling?

And how do you know if you are feeling energy, or also absorbing it?

Pfew, there are a lot of pieces to this puzzle!


Knowing if you’re an empath or not, is a big deal

It matters, because if you’re an empath and you don’t know, you may be struggling a lot with:


If you are feeling and managing your own emotional energy, and that of 100+ other people, well, let’s just say, your body and your mind were not designed for that.

It creates major system overload.

I mean


  • A Burden
  • Overwhelm
  • Never ending emotional rollercoasters
  • Talk therapy that never ends
  • Worry about being crazy
  • All in all – an unfair situation

I mean, who are you? Mother Theresa?

It can get to the point where, if just one more person comes to you with a heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, comfort-seeking story…


You Worry about Breaking Down.

Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. You’re a stong person after all and have been muscling through for so long!

But you’ve been getting signs.

You’re losing steam.

You’re losing enthusiasm.

Sometimes it’s like you’re everyone’s free friggin therapist.

And other times it’s like no matter where you go, there is never a quiet, peaceful spot.

If energy was like water in a room, it would be like it was constantly splashing you in the face!



You Need to Figure Out if You’re an Empath because…

drawing of someone who doesn't know if they are an empath

At the end of the day, it’s like there is not enough space left for you.


But, that’s  about to change!

You’re ready to figure out if you’re an empath.

You want to put your mind at ease.

You want to know what to do.

You’re ready for change.


There are a few key steps to figuring out if you’re an empath

  1. You need to know if you feel emotional energy from others, or not.
  2. And – if so – you need to know if you absorb it.

And since the nitty gritty of how exactly to figure that out is far too much to squeeze into a blog post (even a very very long one), I’ve made it into a free email series, that includes three videos.

how to figure out if you are an empath free email seriesBecause I want you to really figure out if you’re an empath, thoroughly.

And not take one of those 2-minute questionaires that sounds like you might be one, but in the end it’s just a bunch of questions, so, who knows?

This won’t be like that.

I’ll show you what you need to pay attention to, and how to do so thoroughly, one step at a time. Because – when we’re overwhelmed and trying to figure things out in our head, our mind can jump to conclusions. Just to have an answer.

But if you got your answers that way, chances are, you go back and doubt it.

And then you are – again – without an answer.

Let’s fix that! 👇👇


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