Empath S.O.S. – what to do when the emotions of others are weighing you down in the workplace

by Caroline van Kimmenade

When you’re empathic to the point of sponging other people’s emotional energy (and you take it all home with you) life can get pretty overwhelming… especially when you’re working in an emotionally intense environment.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions and “cries for help” on this topic recently. What to do? More on that in the video:

Need more? The on-line empath course is designed to teach you how to stop sponging other people’s stress and pain.

Please be sure to get yourself out of a toxic environment first, the skills and tools I teach require practice and time to master and if you’re surrounded by people who are dead-set on keeping you in your old role, then change will be doubly hard.

In other words, the skills I teach won’t transform a toxic environment into a happy one, but they will help you to manage an o.k. environment in a new way, whereby you’ll stop taking on and carrying around the burdens of those around you. Instead, you’ll develop an increasing ability to maintain your own sense of space when you’re with other people.

More reading on this topic…



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