HSP / Empath Mythology & Suffering – do your inner stories support you?

The stories we tell ourselves about the big WHY of being a sensitive person in a not so sensitive world…those stories really matter, they can make or break us. More on that in the video.

ss2ss2 extended sidebar betterfontIf you’d like to get more help with this topic, be sure to check out the empath course. In it, we’ll unravel and let go of your personal suffering mythology.

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It's Time for YOU to feel good
Learn how to stop absorbing everyone else's stuff


  • Know what is and isn't your own energy.
  • Relax and let go of other people's burdens that have become yours (and that you can't fix anyway, no matter how hard you try!)
  • Learn how to stop being everyone's emotional trashcan for good!
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