From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Empath Training Programme

Are you somewhat of an intuitive mastermind (people flock to you for help or to tell you their life story), but…

you’re getting overwhelmed by everything you pick up on, not sure what to do with it all, or what it all means?

Are you not just “empathising with” people, but actually feeling their feelings and/or pains in your own body? (often randomly, and out of the blue?)

Do you get confused about what you want and believe, when you’re exposed to other people’s needs and opinions?

Everyone else’s point of view makes so much sense to you that you really need some serious alone time to… remember what your own unique perspective and needs are, and that they are equally valuable and worthy of validation!

Perhaps you even know with 100% certainty that you’re an empath, and you know that, despite what many well-meaning holistic types might say, they have no idea what that is actually like.


empath reality


So far, you haven’t been able to find a lasting approach that really works:

You’re disappointed and freaked out by the “just suffer on” forums and the “cleanse all the time” recommendations.

Or perhaps you’ve done all the psychological work and healing you can think of, but it just doesn’t seem to go deep enough.

You’re convinced there must be a natural way to deal with all this, you’re just not sure how.

You know (or hope!) there is a gift in all this, but you also know that your empath abilities are currently out of control to the point of overwhelm, and you’re more than a little worried about what this could mean for the rest of your life.

You want to truly understand your abilities, make peace with them, and learn how to prune back their currently overwhelming tendrils that are getting wrapped up in other people’s energies far too much.

What’s more, you want to stay open and caring, but without needlessly suffering for all the pain in the world that you are powerless to fix.

You’ve been told to just  “shake it off”, but that is not something you can do, no matter how hard you try.

You simply know that there is more to people’s moods and experiences than psychology can account for and suspect that, as an empath, you may need some unique approaches to break free.


Before working with Caroline, I wasn’t really sure if anyone could really understand what I was going through. Being an empath, I suffered horrible panic attacks… I had been to other spiritual counselors and they usually would say “wow, you’re really sensitive.” They inevitably would have really generic advice for me or they just didn’t know what to say. That always made me feel bad because I would think “wow, if spiritual people don’t get it, I must be an alien or something.” That contributed to me feeling depressed and confused.Katie, Georgia USA


dont think at me thehappysensitivedotcom

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[after 6 weeks in From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant] I also notice that I actually feel “whole” for the first time I can remember. I definitely feel like it’s just me now. I don’t have that constant obnoxious feeling like there’s something or someone always in my space. It’s just me here and it’s honestly a very new experience for me! My own emotions feel more clear… Like I know these are my own feelings and why I feel them (more or less).Grace, Maine


How I know – my story in a nutshell:


Life can be more than confusing for us empaths.

I know, because I am one, and for a long time, I really struggled, not even knowing empaths existed.

I was the first to know when people were out of sorts, because I could feel it.

I’d come home at the end of the workday with everyone else’s concerns and problems in my head and not being able to let those go, no matter how much I meditated.

I got stomach cramps and headaches out of the blue, only to discover later that someone round me would be feeling that way.

I attracted lots of “endlessly needy” people and saw the deeper potential in everyone but didn’t really understand the different depths of energy I was perceiving.

I loved being around inspiring people, because I’d feel inspired immediately. Around sad, mad or depressed people, on the other hand, I’d easily lose my footing and get all down in the dumps too.

Sometimes I’d burst out laughing because someone’s emotional “insides” completely clashed with their presented outside, to the point of comical absurdity.

As it turns out, I was able to feel really deeply, beyond what most people were comfortable addressing, but I didn’t realise that other people didn’t and couldn’t  feel what I felt.

Eventually, I completely burned out. From there, I started researching solutions and eventually built my own way out.


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I built this programme from the ground up, one -intuitive- step at a time…

As an empath myself, I spent a lot of time wading through all kinds of healing recommendations that didn’t work for me.

As empaths, our abilities are different because they are emotion based.

Since my anger will be a lot like yours, it’s initially hard to distinguish what’s what. The feelings often feel the same, regardless who they belong to.

This is a unique empath problem that most spiritual and intuitive people don’t get or have.

I took lots of workshops, read books and made myself into an intuitive guinea pig.

I hypothesised, tried, tested and simplified and when – after about 2 years of intense learning and experimenting –  I realised I’d figured out how to heal the debilitating “sponginess” that we empaths deal with, I got to work making the skills I’d learned into a teachable programme.

Making that (this!) programme into what it is today took another 2 years.

I’m grateful to several of my enthusiastic first clients who gave me the feedback I needed to really make this work teachable. (It’s one thing for me to know it, it’s quite another thing to present it in a format that makes it easy to learn!)

It was important to me to create a programme that would allow you to do as much learning as possible on your own (because if I have to explain everything in live calls, that would mean lots of calls, and make this course really expensive too!) While also having effective custom support, so that you can really get these skills to work, not just “intellectually know about them” (which is a sure danger with online DIY programmes).

Knowing is one thing, applying it quite another.

There are many experts out there who know it all, but don’t practice what they preach. As empaths, we can’t afford to be that kind of expert.

After all, it’s not political philosophy we’re talking about, it’s your whole life! (Because being an empath impacts everything!)


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es intelligent key to c joy


This Programme teaches you a Deep Solution, not a Superficial Quick Fix

I’ve guided over 200 empaths through this programme since its conception. While I started out believing that this work could help ALL empaths, I’ve realised since that this is not the right path for everyone. It’s not a quick fix, and takes dedication and work and courageously facing yourself.

It’s a far-reaching transformation solution – so that means no pixie dust added on top of your life, but rather digging down into the depths of your empath psyche to tweak things where it really has an impact.

Further below, I’ll outline how this programme is different, what you can expect and what it will take to make it work (and why you’d want to!)

There’s quite a lot of info on this page though, so if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, I get it!

(As an empath, you might have started empathically downloading the info here from the moment you opened this webpage. It can be a lot for the brain to post-process!)



Too much to process right now? No problem!


Set up time with me to talk through the ins and outs of being an empath in a Clarity Call. This is also a good idea if you’ve been reading a lot about empaths and you’re freaking out because your worldview just got turned upside down, you’re not sure what to make of it, and you have nobody to talk to about all this…

(I’ve been there! Let’s chat…)

Yes, it would help to talk about all this!

If you’re still happily reading though, then by all means, onwards! :)


I wanted to touch base and say thank you for your Sensitive Savant course. I didn’t utilize all that was offered, but it was and continues to be wildly successful for me. I am still reading about clearing tools and having a ball doing it. I’m enjoying the process so much. I am getting so much more adept at recognizing others’ energy as opposed to my own.Day, Oregon USA
I really appreciated the “tough love” (listening to the call again I appreciate that you were still very gentle, but at the time I felt the familiar sinking feeling of being disapproved of – my crap, I can distinguish), you’re right, no one else is going to do my inner work for me. Your being worried, and giving me a gentle and concerned nudge prompted me to do a last minute intensive – I needed to immerse myself, to see the big picture, then use the last month to bring it all together.Becca, Spain




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I don’t ascribe to what most people are saying about empaths:

We empaths have some pretty unique things that we need to learn in order to really flourish. “Empathy 101” comes nowhere close. Sadly, the common wisdom out there seems to be that either:

  • You just have to do lots of cleansing and shielding, from now until forever.
  • That, as an empath, you were put on this planet to heal and transmute other people’s energy and that – since it’s your job – you just need to get over yourself and do your work.
  • Suffering makes you special, important and is your ticket to being valuable.

I don’t believe any of those things. I believe you were put on this earth to further clarify who you are and what YOU want to do, and then do that.

I believe that you’re meant to discover how you can use your abilities in a way that aligns with what nourishes you and makes you happy and that, along that path, it’s healthy to shed a ton of deeply embedded responsibilities for things that – ultimately – are not your job to fix.

You’re not here to heal the planet. You’re here to heal yourself and – from there – do what aligns with your deepest, unique sense of joy, purpose and well-being.


As one who has always believed that everything happens for a reason, I now see an even greater sense of purpose in every circumstance and encounter. I see that I have an opportunity to know myself deeper and to offer more of my gifts in every situation.Nikki, California
I would recommend this course to any person who knows she’s an empath and is struggling to live happy and FREE.Alexandra, Mexico


because the world is a happier place


You Can Stop Looking for More Healing Tools

This is a training programme for empaths, unlike any other.

It’s built to be all that you need, so that you can finally stop going to all those healing seminars, and doing all those workshops that still don’t teach you what you need to know most.

This programme is complete, and it’s unique.

I don’t claim that every little piece of the programme is unique – it’s not. Yet, the structure of this programme, the way different skills fit together, and the explanation of why things work the way they do is something I haven’t come across anywhere else.


Some of the tools she teaches in her program were brand new to me and some were things I had tried unsuccessfully by myself, but her style of teaching was the breakthrough I needed. One of the tools that I had trouble using before is now my favorite tool of all!Katie, Georgia USA


What I didn’t expect was to hear so many teachings and lessons that I have heard from other practices and religions: Zen Buddhism, mindfulness, Reiki lessons, energy healing and medicine teachings. Caroline has studied broad and deep and has taken the best of these offerings to build her program… She took truths, things that are considered truths in all religions, practices, and cultures, and put them in to her program in the context of being sensitive. She also demonstrates that these truths, often considered mystical or spiritual and thus not very accessible, are in fact very real truths. Energetics may be something we cannot see or measure well, but many of us experience energetics all the time. It is a physical and practice reality, an aspect of being human that must be integrated into day to day life. Caroline’s program teaches you how to do that.”Amber, California USA


In teaching this programme, I’ve been privileged to experience how diverse empath abilities and desires really are:

Some of my clients have become empowered to follow their dream of offering healing services. Knowing how they can do so without being drained or overwhelmed cleared the way for them to follow their deep healer purpose.

Other clients were relieved to finally be able to let go of everyone’s drama and just do what they enjoyed – which was not to be involved in any kind of healing work at all.

Some clients rekindled slumbering passions or pursued new careers. Some clients were delighted to see that they could now be strong and energised as a mom, and not constantly trying to get away from their family for some peace and quiet.



Before working with Caroline I was struggling with providing for my family. Although I love my work as a creativity coach and artist, it used to leave me exhausted and I had to rest for long periods of time, especially after workshops and meetings. This affected my income and my willingness to take on new clients and market my services. … Now I can work intensively for eight hours in creativity coaching workshops and come home to be a present mother to my children. I can suddenly understand how it is possible to work with people for the whole work week. While I still need my alone time, now I can use it for my art instead of resting in complete exhaustion.Marie, Finland


Everyone’s journey is different. For some, massive change happens in a short few months, for others, the programme brings things to the surface that need much longer to work through, but that do offer clarity and increasing relief along the way.

For a few clients, this programme made them realise that they would really need to face their traumatic past and their own deeply hidden emotions in order to find true relief. Getting skilled as an empath is not a bypass for dealing with your own feelings. So, while most clients find huge relief and discover that most of their issues are not theirs, some clients have to confront the fact that they are not carrying as much energy from others as they thought and that much of what they assumed was other people, is their own projection.


Having completed the course my outcome is actually quite different from what I’d expected, but no less valuable. Yes, I still am highly sensitive to life, but I realize that maybe I was not sponging as much as I thought (or even hoped!) I was. Now I have the tools to tell the difference, to confirm whether the assumptions I make from my feelings are true (mainly no, it’s my crap) and the tools to deal with both others’ energy and my own crap. One impact of this is that I have the means to stop myself collecting evidence to feed my limiting beliefs around how people see me, as well as identify and blitz the beliefs. As you helped me see, my tendency to dissociate from big feelings is not a solution, and I’m grateful for your ability to pick up on how my usual self-defeating patterns were part of this, and your tips on how to work around these and use them as clues to dig for buried treasure. Becca, Spain


empath sponge stay open

A Practical Overview of the Programme


The Quick Scoop

In short, in this programme…

You’ll learn how to distinguish between what is your energy, and what is other people’s energy.

This is one of the most confusing aspects of being an empath. Many empaths actually spend years in therapy for problems that are not even their own. For example, they absorbed a huge chunk of someone else’s grief, and are now digging for “explanations” for a grief that they can make no sense of. No matter what they do, the grief stays.

In the empath programme, you’ll learn that letting go of other people’s energy requires a radically different strategy, that most people, including most healers, have no clue about. You’ll also learn a way to figure out which is which.

You’ll learn how to let go of other people’s energy and how to stop taking it on in the first place.

You’ll learn a short term tool for immediate relief, and long-term tools to help reduce your overall stickiness to other people’s energy. This means that being an empath will be less and less work over time, until one day, you forget you used to be one! (Wouldn’t that be great? To not have to worry about what you might be picking up from whom, because you have stopped absorbing other people’s pains, emotions and other kinds of energy. Talk about one huge less thing on your to-do list!)

You’ll come to understand your deeper empath psychology: why you’ve become the way you are as an empath, and what you need to face inside yourself to walk a new, more joyful path from hereon out.

This is about rediscovering who you are at heart and what you truly want. There are no shoulds, no obligations, you get to choose what you do with your sensitive clairsentient abilities going forward.


Before working with Caroline I was struggling with feeling really tired and worn down. I had a growing feeling that I was sensitive/clairsentient and that perhaps it was affecting my life more than I realized but I didn’t know how to explore it…  During our work together we resolved so much! I notice a change in how I relate to other people’s energies. I can now decipher what’s ‘mine’ and what isn’t when I feel a strong emotion. It’s so liberating to just have your ‘own’ stuff to work with and not be overwhelmed. Now I feel like I have stronger energetic boundaries and that I have tools to maintain them. I feel more myself because now I can more easily identify where I end and others begin. Mary, Canada


I chose Caroline’s course since I really resonated with her way of working, that’s to say reaching a point where I’m not hiding from people’s energies but I’m aware and in control anywhere I go. During the course, I faced many ups and downs and Caroline was always very supportive by email and during our private sessions. She was always available and I felt understood regarding my issues. She really helped me to develop inner tools I can now use in any situation and this is priceless! She helped me to see what I couldn’t see or deal with on my own. Now I feel I have the tools to start living MY life and to clear any emotional trauma which comes up. Caroline helped me to understand how to clear my family energy I was carrying into my body and unconscious mind. I would recommend this course to any person who knows she’s an empath and is struggling to live happy and FREE. Thank you Caroline!Alexandra, Mexico



The Practical Set Up:

In creating this programme, I wanted to create a set-up with the best cost-value balance for you. The most expensive way to offer this programme would be to explain all ins and outs, exercises and everything you’d need to know and practice, during 1-on-1 coaching calls only. Let me tell you, that would be many many calls! (Though if you prefer that, we can do that too. Options for doing the programme that way start at 6000 euros)

So instead, I wanted to set it up in a way that was as DIY as possible. Doing it this way gives you most control, but it also entails responsibility! So part of the set-up is the same for everyone who joins, and part depends on the specific package you choose. That way, you can really pick an approach that fits your style.

DIY content

  • This programme is partially delivered over email, in the form of daily emails (70+ emails over a little more than 3 months).
  • These emails contain explanations, exercises, guided audios and videos.
  • The daily emails are meant to take only 5-10 minutes a day to read and ponder and keep you on track (guided audios take a little longer but, overall, these are very short and designed to give you something to keep in mind as you go through your day. In other words, the daily emails are there to guide you as to what to practice or pay attention to that day).
  • Because these emails are so crucial to the course, you will need to have daily (or almost daily) internet access to make this course work.
  • There is a concise PDF that walks you through the course essentials, to help give you an overview of how everything fits together.
  • The daily emails are also available in an online app. So if they go into spam, you accidentally delete them, or you prefer to stay out of your email, you can also access them in an online space.

Coaching Calls

  • There are 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me to teach you the various skills live, make sure we customise everything to fit your unique intuitive style, answer complex questions, and do empath healing work together.
  • The number of coaching sessions depends on the programme package you select, the minimum is 4 calls of approximately an hour. Please keep in mind that these sessions are nothing like therapy. They are more like private classes and there are specific tools and practices I will teach you in these calls.
  • Coaching calls are on zoom, or over the phone. (zoom is a free online solution for talking over video, or just audio)
  • After each coaching call, I will send you detailed notes of the call that sum up the specific healing practice we worked with step by step (including the specific customisations for you), outline important points to keep in mind and list your homework for next session. At the end of the programme, you will have your own PDF booklet listing all the essential practices and points to keep in mind. It will be your very own empath manual (None of my clients’ empath manuals are exactly the same!)

Email Support

  • The course comes with unlimited email support to get your questions answered and support you when you feel lost or stuck. That way, you know you’ll be able to keep moving forward with the skills continuously because you won’t have to wait until your next call to get clarification or get an encouraging nudge.

Long-Distance Healing

  • This programme comes with at least one long-distance healing session (depending on the package you select). In a long distance healing session, I can identify and release energies from others as well as empath or stress patterns in your own body that are bogging you down.
  • The long distance healing session is scheduled (by you), so that you’ll know when it will happen, but you won’t be on a call with me during the session, so it can also be scheduled for a time when you’re asleep.
  • You will receive a full report of the healing I did – identifying all the energies and patterns I released.
  • Besides helping you get results more quickly, the healing session also gives us a different method for better understanding the empath patterns you need to heal. I’ve found that, in doing healing work like this, different issues often show up than show up in coaching calls.
  • If you are uncomfortable with receiving a healing session in this way, I can also do a reading only.
So much is shifting in me since our call and I can feel my deep strength and power finding new pathways and returning.Karen, North Carolina USA
First of all, I felt the healing session immensely… it was a very powerful yet deeply peaceful experience… The blockages that you discussed are something that I have noticed from some time now… Last night [after the healing session] I noticed that my dissociation patterns are greatly reduced, and that I was able to stay in my body and experience. I feel a huge veil lifted from my life, that I just didn’t know how to move around. To say I am so grateful is a good starting point I guess. Thank you so much.Mindy, Canada



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An In-depth Look at the Content and Philosophy of this Programme


How this programme is different from other empath programmes out there:

There are various healers, psychics and counselors out there teaching empath skills. I want you to be able to make an informed choice. Why would you pick this programme? What can you expect?


I don’t teach shielding.

One of my biggest past frustrations in looking for empath solutions myself, way back when, was that most solutions were a combination of intense shielding and extensive cleansing that would need to be practiced every single day. Every morning, you’d need to put up a shield and make sure it would stay up during the day. Each day, you’d need to do extensive energy cleansing practices. It kind of felt like walking around holding up a trash can lid to ward of “negativity”, and meditatively showering away energy on a continuous basis.

What’s more, neither of those practices really worked for me (many of my clients have had the same experience). There was always more “showering” to do  and the shields didn’t work very well at best. Also, the prospect of having to keep up such intense practices the rest of my life just felt ridiculous and incredibly discouraging. I was willing and able to spend time working on this problem for a while, but I didn’t want my life and schedule to be consumed with it the rest of my life.

There were some more things about shields that I didn’t like. The basic premise of shielding is an attitude of unsafety. You need to “protect” yourself against an unsafe world filled with toxic energies. In this way, it feeds a kind of fear of “energy contagion” while meanwhile going against the core essence that is so important to us empaths: the ability to feel and empathise. After all, you can’t both empathise and be open, while at the same time feeling attacked and scared. So my guiding question became: how can I stay open, trust, and believe in the harmony and rightness of the universe, without getting overwhelmed with everyone’s energy?


This is not about just managing your energy, it’s about addressing root causes:

Throughout my research I came to realise that, in the same way that a leaky roof has a cause that can be addressed, leaky energy boundaries must have a cause that can be addressed too. In other words, this was not a problem of “being an empath” but a problem of not knowing how to find and heal the energy leaks.

The programme I developed teaches you to find and heal those leaks. So instead of mopping up everyone’s “water” the rest of your life, you learn how to fix the roof, so that you need to mop less and less.

This is not about shutting down or “caring less”:

You learn to develop a different relationship to the energy of other people. It’s not about finding ways to “stop feeling” altogether. Rather, it’s about being aware of what others are feeling without suffering along with them or losing yourself in their energy.

Hence, you get to stay open, safely, and remain empathic. Yet, you know how to keep your own energy field clear and free of interventions from other people’s energy.

It’s not your job to transmute anyone’s energy:

In fact, I won’t allow it!* As empaths, we often have deep habits of trying to fix other people’s energy. When you do this, I will tell you! Most empaths and healers believe that we are light workers and that we are meant to transmute other people’s energy.

I don’t believe this is our job at all. In fact, I believe it’s an invasion of other people’s space. In the same way that it’s not o.k. to go into someone’s house without asking, and then cleaning their kitchen, I believe it’s not o.k. to try to clean up anyone’s energy in any way. Teach others how to do it on their own, yes, if they’re interested, but not do it as part of a spiritual practice that the other person knows nothing about. Hence, the skills I teach are all about clearing energy without changing other people’s energy.

*P.S. It’s o.k. if you know you’re doing this now, I’ll teach you how to shift it.

This is not about being fixed, receiving healing initiations or getting treatment:

You learn to do your own healing. This way you are in control of what you do and don’t do. Plus, you gain confidence in your ability to heal yourself. My goal is that by the end of the programme, you can continue to do your empath healing completely on your own. During coaching sessions, I’ll guide you through practices, but you will be the one doing them.

I do now (since early 2016) include a long distance healing session as part of the programme. The aim of this session however is to either help you move through some energy difficulties as you are just starting to learn the skills and/or give us more insight into the empath patterns that you need to address. You will receive a full report to help understand what was released. I will also use this healing to identify specific topics that are important to address in our calls. Ultimately, this healing session is supportive, to help you lighten the load where you feel stuck and then help you understand how to do similar healing for yourself in the future. It is no replacement for you doing your own work.


One of the best things about working with Caroline is that she brilliantly teaches skills that you can retain for your whole life and become truly autonomous. Once you’ve got ‘em, you’ve got ‘em!Allison, Seattle USA


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What You Can Expect to Learn, and in Which Order:

In the empath programme, you’ll learn to tackle empath drain and overwhelm on a few different levels:

  • First you need to practice observing energy exchanges in a way that empowers you to find solutions. The first two weeks of the programme will guide you on how to do this.
  • Secondly, you need to have a way to identify what is going on. Is what you’re feeling your own energy, or someone else’s? In the 3rd and 4th week of the programme, you’ll learn a body-based process that you can use to test what is going on in the complex world of your energy.
Then, when you know how to create an energy diagnosis, you need skills to heal what is happening. You’ll learn:
  • How to get other people’s energy out of your energy field immediately.  No two clients of mine do exactly the same when it comes to this skill. Your intuition is unique and we’ll look for a version of the basic process that suits your intuition, instead of squeezing you into a prefab mold.
  • How to find and heal the deeper reasons for empath energy exchanges. Knowing how to remove the energy in the moment is not enough. To make sure that you don’t have to keep doing energy aerobics the rest of your life, we need to address the deeper reasons why all this is happening.
  • How to do cord-cutting that lasts (cords are permanent energy connections between people that can cause a lot of overwhelm). Basic cord cutting is something that you can learn from a google search. However, most cord cutting basics tend to ignore the root causes: why those cords are forming in the first place. When the deeper causes are left unaddressed, cut cords just grow back. It’s also important to realise that not all cords are equal and hence, not all can be “cut” in exactly the same way. In the empath programme, you learn the full version of cord cutting, that creates permanent relief.


Before working with Caroline I was struggling with feeling emotionally bogged down. I was confused why I would feel myriad emotions that didn’t align with my true understanding and feelings about my life situation. For example, I would feel, “I don’t like my job” when in fact I quite like my job! Whether the emotions were my own or ones I had sponged from others, Caroline taught me skills for clearing feelings and beliefs of the present as well as old energy from past events. Additionally, I learned that being an empath is not something of which I should ashamed! Not only is self-care my right, it is a responsibility on the path to being the best ME I can offer the universe!Tricia, L.A. USA

Is This Programme Right for You?


What it Will Take to Make this Programme Work:

I’ve outlined six core points below that are make-or-break in terms of whether this programme is a good fit for you. Like I said before, I used to – idealistically – believe that the approach in this programme would work for all empaths but, along the way, I’ve come to see some important exceptions. I’ve also come to see that not all empaths want to do the deep transformational work inherent in this course. And that’s totally fine, it’s just important to know that, in working with me, we’ll go really deep.


I found your coaching to be insightful and very personal – unlike going to a coach who has a pretty much set way of taking clients through their paces. I also found you to be very flexible and fluid within the sessions. Even though I would send my thoughts ahead of time and you would have a planned approach, you were still able to listen and feel as the session went along and you were able to adjust or switch gears if something else bubbled to the surface.Sheryl, California USA


1. This programme is built around one core principle. It’s important to be on board with this principle from the start, or at least be willing to work towards accepting it.

This core principle is that, when you are getting drained or overwhelmed with energy from others, it’s because you are subconsciously inviting that to happen. This means that, since you are actually in charge, you have a lot more control over energy exchanges than you may think, if you are willing to look deep into your own being, and be open to surprising discoveries.

Hence, this course requires an attitude of responsibility and curiosity and a willingness to explore why and how you may be “doing this to yourself”. If you like to focus on how bad other people are, how negative their energy is, and how they “shouldn’t” do things to you energetically and you are convinced that it’s “all their fault”, then this is not the right programme for you.

Note though that taking responsibility is not the same as taking the blame. This is not about feeling bad about your own subconscious energy habits, it’s simply about acknowledging that, as humans, our energy fields have many many layers and some of those layers contain programming that – from your current perspective – is undesirable and a little nutty.

If you’re willing to learn how to dig for and heal the nuttiness, you’ll access the power to stop your empath sponging and draining and you’ll find this programme really helpful, amazing even. It’s not the easiest work for sure, but it’s immensely satisfying and empowering.

It’s not that everyone else’s energy is wonderful, just that, if it’s energetically bugging you, that’s something you can solve on your end, without needing them to be different. Note that this is different from someone who actively abuses you emotionally or physically! There is a difference between being overwhelmed because you feel someone else’s anger energetically, versus being upset because someone yells at you constantly. We can stop the energy exchange, but the yelling, or any other active things people do that are hurtful, of course they are mostly responsible for that, not you, and it’s important to set assertive, practical boundaries and not take responsibility for their issues.

2. It’s important to be on board with the fact that your sense of what is real and what “is just that way” will change.

In the healing work we’ll do in this programme, we’ll also look for any ways in which you are holding threatening, disempowering or painful beliefs about “everything”. Some clients feel that doing so invalidates their experiences. They are intent on continuing to hold on to their beliefs that the world is unsafe, all [x] are terrorists, all [x] can’t be trusted etc.

Please know that doing this kind of healing work does not negate what happened to you in the past, it simply stops those past experiences from co-creating your future. If, however, you are very set on how you believe the world is, and unwilling to let that go, and unwilling to consider that different future scenarios are possible, then this is not the right programme for you. This course is all about ending victimhood, not staying in it or wearing it as a badge of honour.

Many empaths have experienced trauma. In order for you to get empowered in your own energy, and grounded in your own body, it’s important to rid your psyche of stuck convictions that the world is always unsafe. In this programme you’ll learn how to do this work, so that you feel safe again to claim your natural way of being.

3. It’s important to actively and consistently do the work.

You can’t get results from this programme by intellectual understanding alone. Especially at first, it will be quite a bit of work. You’ll need to pay attention to energy exchanges in your life, analyse them, keep track of observations, practice the various new skills, and remember to apply those skills in the moment, daily.

Over time, the burden of the work will lessen. You’ll get better and quicker at all the skills and, as you are healing, you’ll need to do less healing work overall. However, especially during the 4 months of the programme, you’ll actively need to put the programme to work. People who do the work get results.

Expect to spend 5-10 minutes a day to read the daily email for that day. Different practices will be introduced at different times during the programme, one at a time. Some only take 10 minutes of practice a day, others require more. Overall, the more time you put into the programme, the more you’ll get out, but if you spend 20 minutes a day on specific practices, and remember to pay attention to things throughout your day, you should be skilled enough at the end of the programme to continue healing on your own, at your own pace.

4. It’s important to face your own hurts.

It’s an illusion to think that you’re all healed and perfect and that you’re simply some kind of angelic being who is here to help heal others. Your empath sponging comes from a deep woundedness. It’s not just about helping others, it’s also a way you learned to be safe, feel loved, or get other needs met. When you discover your own unmet needs and hidden wounds that are masked by your sponging, then you also start to see the need for you to heal yourself, and worry less about the healing of others. From thereon out, you can still choose to help others heal, but you’ll be doing so from a different awareness and position.


hear own pain wp


5. You need to trust your body and intuition enough to do energy work.

Every now and again I meet someone who is so distrustful of their intuition, that they cannot learn the empath skills. Every healing step we take, they doubt what they are feeling, or freak out because they are rationally not feeling in control. I will help find an approach that works for you any way I can but, in the end, you will need to jump in and trust what you sense enough to keep at it. Without that basic trust, you can’t do this work.

6. You need to be free of mental illness and any kind of severe concentration or motivation problems.

I am not a psychologist nor psychiatrist and this is not a treatment programme. This programme was developed for intrinsically motivated, able, basically mentally healthy empaths.

Psychiatric, mental or personality disorders like borderline or bipolar disorder create a level of interference that neither I, nor this programme, is equipped to handle. Similarly, mood disorders like clinical depression, of the intensity that makes you unwilling and unmotivated to do anything, will also stop you from being able to put this programme to work. Concentration problems like severe ADHD that you do not have an effective handle on, will make it almost impossible to benefit from this programme because this programme requires focus and remembering to take consistent action.

I have certainly worked with people who deal with adrenal fatigue or depression or other big issues in this programme. However, this is only possible if you still have the motivation and ability to take action. If you are too wiped out, down or distracted to do the work, then this programme can’t help. In that case, you might be better off booking Trauma Healing Sessions where I do the healing work for you.

Skip ahead to the 3 Programme Packs to choose from
Skip ahead to Enroll (if you’ve read this page before)


Why would you want to follow the approach taught in this course?


  • Because you’re tired of feeling scared and overwhelmed by your empath abilities. You know that, if you could have easily figured this out yourself, you would have done so by now.
  • Because you want to discover your deeper, true self that is hidden under all those layers of everyone else’s energy. You want to connect with your own true purpose and, right now, you feel blocked somehow from knowing it or following it.
  • Because you want to do this work effectively, once and for all. You don’t want to do intense energy aerobics the rest of your life just to get by. You’re willing to invest time and energy now so that, in the future, you will feel better, have more energy, and not be empath confused by everyone else’s stuff.
  • Because your gut tells you that there is a better, more fun and empowering way to deal with your natural energy awareness. You really want to make your empath abilities into a gift.
  • Because you want to stop searching for healing tools and just get the tools you need, once and for all, so that you can get on with your life.
  • Because you’re tired of suffering due to your overwhelming empathy. You’re ready to do what it takes because you’re just so fed up with the whole sponging thing!
  • Because other approaches have only worked “half” at best, and nobody seems to understand the reality of being an empath. (Oh, and if you’re not sure I get it either, then setting up a call will help clarify that doubt, one way or the other).
  • Because you know you deserve better. You do.
  • Because you’re smart and dedicated, and you don’t like to follow random orders (me neither!) You want to know “why” it’s important to do something and want to understand the deeper logic behind things. Learning new things excites and inspires you. (I invite you to ask me lots of difficult questions, the goal is to make you the expert).




Caroline was fearless in going the distance that I wanted to get to the bottom of what was preventing my healing. She is very knowledgeable while being intuitively patient, supportive and direct in doing what was needed to put things in focus and keep me on point.Shelly, USA

Different Needs, Different Packages


ss2ss2 new



There are 3 Different Packages to Choose From

The first two packages are 4 months. The third (for empath coaches / therapists / teachers) is 8 months.


Option 1: The Empath Essentials Pack

This option is set up to give you enough support and live coaching to go through all the empath skills together and do some significant work around healing empath sponging – enough for you to learn the skills, experience tangible results and get a clear sense of how to continue do this work on your own.

I will also do one long-distance healing for you, and send you the detailed report so that we can unearth and address complex issues that may be too much for you to tackle on your own at first. (Towards the end of the course, you’ll be able to use all the skills yourself but the healing will be able to help you right from the start).

The Empath Essentials Pack is ideal if you are mostly looking for a way to be taught the skills, are diligent about doing the course work and assertive about reaching out when you have questions. If you are a “good student” or already have some experience with energy healing, you’ll likely find this pack enough. It includes:

  • All the course materials.
  • Full email support: reach out whenever you have questions.
  • 4  1-on-1 coaching calls of approximately an hour (we take a little more time if needed).
  • 1 long-distance healing session to help identify and release complex energies. (Includes a full healing report).


EUROS: 1400 euros in full or 4 monthly payments of 350 euros.

US DOLLARS: currently US$1,518 in full, or 4 monthly payments of US$380.

I use Wise for bigger payments like this. You can make the payment via your own local bank, or by using the Wise app, in your own currency (euros, usd or other currencies are possible).


P.S. Would love to join, but struggling to afford it? I’m happy to work out a payment plan with you. However, I do not give away this programme for free and I also don’t offer discounts.

This is in all ways, a BIG programme. Don’t let the number of sessions alone fool you! The moment you enroll, things will start shifting. Which is why, you need to be IN. This is not a cute meditation practice to try out for a weekend or a quick book to read. This work takes commitment.

This programme will be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, and also one of the most rewarding. Also take a look at what being an untrained empath is currently costing you, by using the calculator.


I worked with Caroline a few years ago with the “From suffering sponge to sensitive Savant” program and all I can say is if you are a suffering sponge / empath like I was then do this!! What a difference it has made in my life! Empaths need to know about being empaths! I needed help, and even though I had figured out a few things for myself, the course brought my development to a totally different level than I would have been able to achieve with my own research. Everything is laid out in a supportive way. It’s a practical approach. Expectations are realistically outlined. In every phone call Caroline was really listening to me and present. And whatever I said, she had something that was insightful and helpful for me – and I really saw “She’s an expert”. She’s done this before! I continue to use the tools I learned. I would say – do it. If you have to save money, do what I did – book it a few months in advance and save up. It was absolutely worth it! Plus Caroline is hilarious so it was fun. I still read almost every article she publishes because I know she will present things in a way that I hadn’t considered before but that will make sense, and give me a mini aha moment. I definitely give a full recommendation! Caroline, Massachusetts


The sessions are like a chat with a dear friend. Caroline is very down to earth, compassionate without being sappy, and very attentive and present – during our calls I never once felt that I was taking up too much of her time or not “getting it” fast enough. She addressed all of my questions and the topics I needed help with in a very organic way – she knew my agenda, but also followed seemingly tangential trains of thought with me. Working through personal stuff, particularly with another person, can be very scary – Caroline supported me with a gentle and cheerful strength that engendered a deep level of trust very quickly. The sessions always came to a natural conclusion, I never felt like “oh, times up, we’ll finish this next time”. Always ended with laughter, too!Kelly, Oregon



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In just one session, Caroline was able to help me identify the root of several personal blocks, one of which went back to when I was 2 years old (and boy was that one a doozy)! With her guidance, including some very effective visualizations and focused questions, I was able to a) pinpoint the source of the issue, b) recognize how it has manifested itself physically, mentally, emotionally, and ethereally, and c) practice several techniques to dissolve the physical, and energetic effects when symptoms of this specific issue attempt to resurface. Caroline is a very caring, personable and fun person to work with and I highly recommend her course, From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant, to anyone looking for ways to better understand and more effectively manage life as a highly sensitive person.Megan, Minnesota



This feels like the right choice for me! How do I enroll? (click) >>



Option 2: The Empath Energy Pack

This pack is ideal if:

  • You know you’ll have some heavy empath lifting and shifting to do and could use some extra heavy-duty healing backing;
  • Or if you know that meeting up regularly will make it a lot easier for you to stay on track with the programme.
  • Or, you have a whole host of energy issues to deal with that go beyond just sponging energy. This could be dealing with ghosts, psychic narcissists or other paranormal phenomena that are making life hard.

We’ll meet twice a month, giving you plenty of (guided) time to practice and fine-tune the empath skills, while we’ll also be able to do a significant amount of healing work together.

The Empath Energy Pack is a good fit if you are dealing with health or exhaustion issues that you suspect are empath related, you know you need to do some work around old trauma and don’t want to have to deal with that on your own, you have a lot of paranormal activity to deal with or you’re simply looking forward to getting some more help on this – let’s face it – far from easy-peasy path. It includes:

  • All the course materials.
  • Full email support: reach out whenever you have questions.
  • 8  1-on-1 coaching calls of approximately an hour (we take a little more time if needed). That’s 2 calls a month.
  • 2 long-distance healing sessions to address complex energy blocks. You will receive a detailed report on what I found to help you understand your own empath patterns better.
  • 2 Trauma Healing Sessions to go deep and clear a whole lot of sponging baggage in one go. For a Trauma Healing Session we get on a call but I will do the healing work for you – at very high speed.


EUROS: 2400 euros in full or 4 monthly payments of 600 euros.

US DOLLARS: currently US$2,603 in full, or 4 monthly payments of US$651

I use Wise for bigger payments like this. You can make the payment via your own local bank, or by using the Wise app, in your own currency (euros, usd or other currencies are possible).

My ability to understand what’s happening energetically between me and other people has increased dramatically after taking the From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant – Energy Pack. Caroline helped me learn the skills, and the difference in my life is incredible! I feel physically and emotionally lighter. The best thing is that now I can immediately identify when I’m getting into an issue, and depending on the situation I know what to do to correct it. There are lots of people on the internet selling random new-agey courses, but Caroline is one of the few who really knows her stuff. I HIGHLY recommend this course! It was worth every penny!Megan, Minnesota


On the whole I feel a lot more in control of my emotions and seem to have more free time and energy now I’m not wasting so much time processing other people’s energy. Thank you so much Caroline for sharing your wisdom with the world. It’s amazing to me that from a farm in remote outback Australia, where internet is limited, I have been able to participate so fully (we talked on the phone rather than Skype to save internet) and benefit so much from your course – THANK YOU again for making such a profound and lasting positive impact on my life by sharing your wisdom!!Felicity, Australia


When I first considered doing The Happy Sensitive Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant training, my husband was supportive but also uncomfortable at the same time. Since doing the training, he’s come to a place of feeling more comfortable with it all and has said some cute and funny things since.

I told my husband I needed a few moments to myself to practice my skills and in response he said in a sweet and concerned tone, “Are you ok honey? Is your chi fucked up?” After applying some skills he responded with, “I’m glad when you’re paying attention to your chi because then you’re more of the woman I love.”

One of the best things about working with Caroline is that she brilliantly teaches skills that you can retain for your whole life and become truly autonomous. Once you’ve got ‘em, you’ve got ‘em!

I wasn’t expecting to sleep better at night and feel so much better when I wake up in the morning. I wasn’t expecting that my marriage would become healthier. I wasn’t expecting that I would no longer need alcohol everyday to feel ok. I have consistently underestimated how much my sensitivity impacts every moment and aspect of my life.

Learning to work with my sensitivity has shifted everything for the better. Caroline will have you laughing through any frustrations, and will hold your hand all the way from the Netherlands as you move on your way.Allison, Seattle



This feels right! How do I enroll? (click) >>



OPTION 3: The Empath Professional Pack

For Therapists, Coaches, Teachers, Healers and Business Owners who need empath skills + stopping energy drain and overwhelm in your business.

If you find yourself getting into a downward spiral due to energy overwhelm, and you need the income from your work (or simply don’t want to give up because you love it so much!) but struggle to manage it all, then this program can help.

I really believe you can do the work you love(d) to do. If you need to take things in a new direction, we can address that too. Yet overall, many helping professions are in fact very empath-friendly once you have the inner skills and have a few practical workplace tweaks in place to make sure you don’t overextend yourself.

Balanced, healed empaths make amazing service providers, and we need more of them!

The Empath Professional Pack Includes:

  • Everything in the Empath Energy Pack
  • 4 additional months to fine-tune your business (details below)

As an empath, many “tried and true” business practices won’t work for you because you need approaches that factor ENERGY into everything you do. Your energy, your clients’ energy, the energy of online communications – it’s all affecting you and your business.

You’ll have a 2-hourEmpath Biz Session every 2 weeks (so 8 sessions total in 4 months) where we focus on the practical & energetic ins and outs of your work, and how to make adjustments so it all feels right again. Two hours allows us to go deep and deal with both the practical nitty gritty as well as the emotional and energetic underpinnings of what is going on. In this way, we make changes that feel right, not just ones that “sound right in theory”.

Also included is a 2-hour Biz Energy Assessment where I go through your online website/social media/visible communications to make sure it’s saying what you want and need it to say – not just in wording, but in the more subtle energetic message it’s sending out into the world. I’ll record a (screencast) review for you so you can easily go back and review parts, and we’ll discuss any needed changes in your coaching calls.

You’ll learn how to apply empath healing tools to your business so that you’ll be able to keep your work aligned with who you truly are. Your work can start to feel sluggish or iffy when it’s no longer aligned with who you are right now. Sometimes this can require big changes but more often than not, small yet vital changes make all the difference.

You’ll have email access to me throughout to ask questions, ask for feedback or get quick help with applying techniques.



EUROS: 5400 euros in full or 8 monthly payments of 675 euros.

US DOLLARS: currently US$5,856 in full, or 8 monthly payments of US$732

I use Wise for bigger payments like this. You can make the payment via your own local bank, or by using the Wise app, in your own currency (euros, usd or other currencies are possible).


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Before working with Caroline I was struggling with providing for my family. Although I love my work as a creativity coach and artist, it used to leave me exhausted and I had to rest for long periods of time, especially after workshops and meetings. This affected my income and my willingness to take on new clients and market my services.

During our work together I felt like I had been given an encryption key to my way of experiencing life. Although I had previously worked a lot on developing boundaries, learning about being an empath gave me the tools to interact with people without depleting my energy reserves. Caroline’s material presented me with information that immediately made sense to me and brought results (relief) instantly.

Now I can work intensively for eight hours in creativity coaching workshops and come home to be a present mother to my children. I can suddenly understand how it is possible to work with people for the whole work week. While I still need my alone time, now I can use it for my art instead of resting in complete exhaustion.

What I didn’t expect was the value I received. After reading the pdf material and doing the exercises I felt like even if I didn’t do one more thing, I had already gotten my money’s worth. And followed the daily e-mails, the videos and the sessions! Although I had a good, lovely life before this program, now I feel like I’m living in the harvest time of my life. So much good is happening and I can enjoy it fully.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who recognizes empath traits in themselves and is ready to face themselves emotionally in a safe space.Marie Mikkonen, visual artist & creativity coach


Starting a business is an invigorating, yet scary thing to do for any “normal” person. For a highly sensitive person it is a study in good and bad stress. Having someone that understands how you function and that what works for most business owners may not work for you, is invaluable to your growth.

Caroline of “The Happy Sensitive” has been my coach for some time now, and the insights she has given me have been the most helpful to helping me get unstuck, and for moving forward with my passion. She helps you come up with achievable goals, business strategies that work for you, and she helps you cut through all the junk that you pick up and learn as you are finding all the ins and outs of running a business.

If you are highly sensitive, then I would give you the advice of not believing everything you read or are taught in a business class. There is a way for you to run your business that is still within your sensitive preferences, and doesn’t make you feel like you are fighting through a mud pit. Talk to Caroline about sensitive business coaching. I am grateful every day that I did, and i would not have made it as far (at least not without a lot more headaches) without her.Amanda Avery, Educator at Avery Learning Lab




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Please note, this program is for you if you are already self-employed. You know you are (more or less) on the right track with your services but you’re exhausted because you’re an empath and don’t know how to manage all the energy dynamics you’re swimming around in. In this program, we’ll get you back on track!

If on the other hand you are looking to become self-employed and start a business, I’d be happy to support you but we’ll need more time. Getting your foundations right: the right offer, the right set-up and taking your time to build self-employment skills and confidence are crucial (count on taking a year to do this while you keep your regular job or have money saved to live off of etc).


But hold on… what about those details that online programmes typically don’t tell you about upfront?


What if?


The Small Print:

I like you to have the small print upfront. These are the most important things you’d need to know. For more details, please read my General Terms and Conditions.


Rescheduling & Expiration

  • Coaching calls can be rescheduled when done so at least 48 hours in advance. For any last minute cancellations, you can make use of my back-up plan option, which allows you to make use of our scheduled time in a few different ways. Details on that are automatically provided when scheduling your coaching call, but can also be seen here.
  • All coaching calls need to happen within the 4 months of the programme, or they expire. (Or within 8 months for the Empath Professional Pack)

How we Connect

  • Coaching calls take place over Zoom or phone. Skype is currently also still an option, but Skype can be glitchy, so I recommend Zoom (it’s free).
    • Zoom (with video) is preferable. It’s most like meeting in person and lets me wave my hands around to explain something.
    • I am based in the Netherlands, so I don’t call mobile numbers abroad, simply because the connection would be too potentially iffy to rely on for our calls and in some cases, the call costs would be astronomical. You can however call in to my Zoom conference system from any phone.
    • If you wish tech didn’t develop at such breakneck speeds and want to go old-school, I can also call you on landline number (landline! not cell phone / mobile)

Coaching Hours

  • Since I am based in the Netherlands, this has some implications for coaching hours.
    • For Americans on the east coast: I’m available weekdays and weekends morning/early afternoon for you.
    • For west coasters: we’d have to meet mornings, 10 – 11 am for you being my latest slot usually.
    • Hawaii and New Zealand, I have special hours (and can add more if needed) that translate to 9 p.m. your time, or we can meet early mornings for you, if you’re a morning person.
  • If you want to get a better sense of my availability you can go to my Clarity Call booking page and take a walk through my online scheduler. (This is also the place to go if you want to book a short session with me first to ask empath questions and discuss the programme).

What if you want to quit halfway?

  • My general terms and conditions allow for a partial refund if you choose to quit early on or midway during the programme. However, know that, as a teacher, I’m really committed to making sure this programme works for you and that you “get it” this time around.
  • Because I am committed, I also expect you to be committed. If you decide to join but then opt to discontinue the programme after all, that is possible but that also makes the decision to quit absolutely final: I won’t be accepting you into the programme again at a later time if you decide later that you want to try again.


empath fatigue

Are you ready to take charge of your empath sponging and draining once and for all?

How to Enroll:

You can start the enrollment process by signing up below, or setting up a Clarity Call with me.

Please note, enrolling is not just clicking a button! I want to make sure this programme is a good fit for you before you get started. After all, you’ll be in the programme for 4 months! And it’s deep work. All in all a big decision that deserves some time and attention, from you and me.

To see if this programme is right for you (from my end of the table) I need you to be descriptive and tell me what’s happening for you in vivid empath detail (you know, the kind of energy detail you don’t share with other people because it sounds totally woo-woo). If it’s hard for you to find the words for that, no problem! Then just set up a call with me instead.

The course starts the first of the month, space permitting. After receiving your information, I’ll get back to you personally on whether I think this programme will be a good fit for you and – if so – how to confirm your spot.


With empath skills in place, you don’t need to hide to feel safe.                       

Often heard concerns and questions:


“Caroline, how do I know this empath stuff is real?”

Some people believe that all this stuff is just “in their head” somehow and that, by having positive thoughts, they can stop all this empath energy overwhelm.

That would certainly be the conventional western approach! (But when did conventional things ever help us empaths?)

The thing is, empath energy exchanges are very real. The energy is tangible and it needs to be addressed in a tangible way. Changing your thinking is part of the work, but it’s not about having “happy thoughts”.

You can’t mentally override what is energetically happening to make it go away. You need to acknowledge the realness of it and study the deeper mechanism of it before you have the needed information to help change the energy overwhelm.

To give you a metaphor: If I have a rabbit in my garden eating my lettuce, then telling myself “the lettuce is fine” doesn’t change anything. I’ll need to find a way to study how the rabbit is getting into my garden, and then fixing the fence. After that, I can tell myself that the lettuce is fine if that makes me feel even better, but the rabbit is kept out by the very real fence, not by my positive thinking. Similarly, the energy work we do is real, not just telling ourselves that we are o.k. when we’re not.

Many empaths I’ve worked with found it helpful and validating to receive a long-distance healing first to confirm that they were indeed absorbing energy from other people. If you are interested in this, you can read more about this service here.

“Caroline, how do I know you’re not making all this up?”

Rationally, you don’t know. Trust your intuition on whether this programme would be good for you. If you have doubts to the effect that you doubt whether I am reliable and trustworthy at all, then this is not the programme for you, or not the time to do it. I’m not here to forcibly convince you, it’s up to you decide what you do and don’t believe.

However, if you want to do this work, it’s important that we’re on the same page. Please don’t enroll if you’re still trying to decide whether you believe any of this. The programme requires commitment to make it work, and you can’t commit if you’re having huge, constant doubts and if you’re approaching this as an intellectual experiment. I simply cannot give you any scientific proof that this empath stuff is real. Empath reality is more fitting of the way native people look at the world. It doesn’t fit the scientific world view at all.

To most psychologists, energy is – at best – a metaphor. To the hard sciences, it simply cannot be measured in a way that would prove anything. You’ll need to decide for yourself how seriously you take your energy experiences, and what you believe they mean.   I know its odd TheHappySensitivedotcom

“Will this programme clash with my religion?”

The short answer is, I don’t know. This programme is religion-neutral. I think that, if your religion is open to energy healing, and doesn’t rob you of the ability to critically think for yourself and trust your own intuition, there won’t be significant clashes. If you’re willing and able to find ways to embed the reality of being an empath into your religious beliefs and practices, and know that there may not be a prescribed route to follow on that, I think you’ll be fine.

However, if you’d only work with me if I ascribe to your religion, or if your religion sees empaths as somehow “evil”, or if you have a long list of energy practices and tools that you consider bad, wrong, or sinful, then there will be a huge clash for sure. I cannot list all the ins and outs of what you will encounter in advance. Some open-mindedness and a willingness to try new things is essential.

Equally, if you’re unwilling to examine any disempowering beliefs that condone suffering, revere severe sacrifice and encourage putting yourself absolutely last – because your faith requires this, then that will be a huge problem.

I can’t help you if your religion vilifies your empath nature or doesn’t allow you to make your own decisions around what your empathic boundaries should be.

. . . Got it! Sign Me Up! (click) >> . . .

“I’m not sure it’s the right time for me to do this programme”

There are two sides to this. On the one hand: it’s never the right time. As an empath, you’ve become programmed to put everyone else’s needs first and, guess what, there will always be someone in your life who needs something from you now. That doesn’t mean now is not the right time, just that now is not easy. On the other hand, there are situations which make it really hard to do the work in this course. Here are the main ones:

  • You’re living with a narcissist and are constantly feeling on edge and walking on egg shells (room-mate, parent, partner, family member). My advice? Get out of there first. Your empath sponging actually helps you co-exist with narcissists, so trying to heal your sponging while living with a narcissist is close to impossible. Get yourself into an emotionally safe living-situation first.
  • You want things to change in your life but, also, you really just want things to stay exactly as they are. My advice: doing this course will change things, you can’t have it both ways. If you don’t want any change, then don’t do this programme.
  • You don’t trust anything unless it’s completely rational. My advice: intuition, and working with it, is not a completely linear or logical process. Intuition has it’s own inner logic, and your mind will need to take a back-seat to let that intuitive logic emerge and prove to you that it works.
  • You don’t want to feel your feelings. You’re hoping that energy clearing will help you not have to feel anything. My advice: that’s not going to work. To clear energy you need to dare feel it first.
  • You’ve locked yourself away into your home, bunker style. No way are you going to interact with anybody! My advice: to get the most out of this programme, and practice the skills, you will need to interact with people. You don’t have to become a party animal, at all, but you do need to be willing to pick up the phone, meet people from time to time, in short: have live (virtual is also fine!) interactions with people so you can track what happens and practice the empath skills. This is not a lab course that you can master in isolation.
  • You have severe PTSD and get triggered very quickly. When you’re severely traumatised to the point that you really need other people to walk on eggshells around you, because there are just so many things that can send you into a tailspin, then this is not the right programme for you at this time. The work you’d do in this programme is deep. It’s life-changing. When you’re severely traumatised you’re looking for safety at all costs, and change definitely does not feel safe, even when it’s healing change. People who’ve reached out to me who were severely traumatised, always commented that EMDR was really helping them, so I’d recommend that instead, at least until you feel more stable and solid in yourself.
  • You are looking for someone who will like you a lot and make you feel good about yourself. Your expectation of a coach is that I should always protect your feelings and not make you feel uncomfortable at any time. Obviously, the point of this programme is to help you feel better! However, part of my job as a coach is to drop some truth-bombs where needed.Read More
    I found over time that when someone is very concerned with being liked by me, and has trouble with any information that doesn’t match what they already know about themselves, then I can’t teach what I need to teach them because everything starts to revolve around “Does that mean you don’t like me? Does that mean I am a bad person? How dare you suggest I do anything wrong! You made me feel bad, how dare you do that!”. I would never say someone I work with is a bad person. Yet, I will point out abusive behaviours, especially ones on the energy planes. If you have been in therapy for BPD and you’re much better now, know that the work in this programme will be deep, and it can trigger you and bring those BPD behaviours back up. I am not a BPD coach and I will not put up with any aggressive, passive aggressive, or energetically aggressive behaviour. If you recognize yourself in the worries above (really really really wanting people to like you, and getting upset when someone says something that makes you look bad), and have never heard of Borderline Personality Disorder, I recommend reading up on that. A lot of people with BPD are very sensitive to energy, but this can go both ways and often, they are also quite good at using psychic attack to “defend” themselves when they feel small and insecure. I am a coach, not a general and I don’t much enjoy war. So when this happens, I will point it out and give someone strategies to address it, but I won’t put up with it.


“Can I get a feel for what it’s like to work with you first?”

Of course! Go ahead and set up a Clarity Call and you can get a better sense of what it’s like to work with me. We’ll use the time to give you some tips to get started with and create a better understanding of your own unique empath history and patterns.

“This  course is a bit much for me right now, do you have something smaller I can get started with?”

Yes! I have a Kit specific to energy sensitivity that is great to get started with before enrolling in the full programme. You can read all about it here.

I also have a Kit to help you figure out if you’re an empath – if you’re not sure about that. You can find it here.


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