Thinking Backwards versus Moving Forward

I’m not sure why, but I notice that I, and I think most of us, tend to think backwards.

When something happens in our lives, we tend to go back in time to figure out why this event took place. “Was it something I said to Mary?” “Was it because I should’ve gone to a different school?” “Was it because I need to learn some humility after all my success?” It’s classic cause-and-effect thinking. If something happens now, it must have been caused by something else which happened previously. Makes perfect sense. Yet, somehow, it never gives satisfying answers. In fact it never really gives any answers.

On the other hand, you know those moments when you sit back and look at a disastrous event in your past and realize that because of that you ended up here? We tend to refer to it as ‘positive thinking’, or, ‘making the most of things’. It helps to set your thinking straight and bring a sense of peace, acceptance and even gratitude. Thank you Mr./Mrs. Asshole!

What if it was not necessary to worry at all about why something is happening now? When you collect enough personal anecdotes of “because of that I ended up here”, a new possibility starts to take shape. A new mental map so to say. Instead of routing all incidents directly into neurological spaces that contain “relevant past memories” (and getting lost in a haywire of little tangled routes…much like you would in an old European city with modern traffic demands) they would pass through one simple station only. This station would have a sign saying: “hmm, I wonder what this is preparing me for.” And there, the rational significance of the event itself would end. Final destination reached, no further to go brain-wise. And back out into the real world where the action is.

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