I Feel, Hear and Smell… Therefore I Am

by Caroline van Kimmenade

Our brain likes to tell us that “I think, therefore I am”. But what would other parts of our body tell us if we let them speak to us?

I’m pretty sure my stomach would hold a radically different perspective, as would my heart and feet. I love therefore I am, I digest/process therefore I am, I am in touch with the earth and support my body therefore I am…

In fact, our deeply culturally embedded focus on our thinking minds reminds me of a Greek philosopher who noted that, if horses had a religion, their God would be a horse (not a man). Similarly, when we put all of our attention on our thinking, then it is no surprise that our thinking seems to reign supreme. Yet, should we place our attention elsewhere, we’d find that we do in fact have multiple deities to revere.

As in Greek mythology of the ever-warring gods, the power of the heart and the mind can be at odds with each other, yet they each have something significant to tell us. And so does each and every other centre of intelligence in our body. We all have a ‘gut’ feeling about things. A cough in our throat might signal to us that there’s something we’d like to say but are afraid to. Our solar plexus area tends to contract and hurt when we are energetically threatened. Our toes tend to curl up and disconnect when we don’t want to be present…

When we start to tune in to our bodies, it becomes plausible that any part of us might speak with a powerful wisdom, from our left little toe to the skin behind our ears. And while we may be faced with a plethora of contradictory signals, we have the intelligence to “hear out” these different voices to come to a powerful conclusion.

When we start to understand our whole body as a source of intelligence (instead of just our brains) then we’ll have an infinite source of information and wisdom at our fingertips (literally!).


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