The Meridian Wheel

The Chinese have invented some wonderful things. Fireworks, difficult calligraphy and the meridian wheel. Which is not something for your car.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a whole system mapped out modelling the energetic and emotional aspect of our human being. And, just like blood and bones and muscles, it’s a very practical system.

On that level, we rock around the clock continuously, as the peak of our energy shifts from one part of our energetic system to another. The body operates on the basis of an around-the-clock maintenance system and when you know a little about this system you ‘ll find that many strange things start to make sense, in a mysterious chinese way.

There are days when we know exactly what is up with ourselves. And, if you’re anything like me, there are also┬ádays when you are completely dumbfounded about what is going on. Especially if you’re a sensitive and/or emotional type, the meridian wheel can give you some solid feedback about your internal operating system. When it’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon and you are having a sudden emotional breakdown, it helps to know that your body is in the middle of the bladder-meridian phase – which is all about hidden feelings. It’s also good to know, that that particular phase will be over by 5pm sharp. Hurray!

For the self-healers out there, each meridian has a particular acupressure point which relieves pain associated with that meridian. So you can (learn to) self-medicate without drugs for home-remedy type situations.

The system takes some getting used to, but it is worth the time. Touch for Health books usually describe it clearly (as clearly as anything that is fundamentally different and initially bizarre can be described anyway). It is a fascinating world unto itself really. For starters, just knowing that your body’s energy shifts every two hours can make a huge difference.

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