HSP solutions for too much work & too little time

by Caroline van Kimmenade

In the workplace, this means that we naturally tend to take in and do everything with more attention to detail. As a result, we tend to deliver higher quality work… and we also run out of time more easily. (For an article on running out of time in your private life, see here) Workplaces in general have “productivity” as their ultimate standard. […]

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1 Crystal August 23, 2014

Excellent article – I never read it, but this reminds me of the old book Women Who Love Too Much. Same principle, but I think it was geared more toward martyrs (to men), as opposed to this much more accurate personality-tendency model.

Thanks for such a great wealth of advice!


2 Caroline van Kimmenade August 24, 2014

Hi Crystal, you’re very welcome! Glad you enjoyed the article.


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