HSP & Empath Yellow Pages – International

by Caroline van Kimmenade

A growing online free HSP resource…

For services that are:

  • designed for / relevant for HSPs or empaths
  • created by HSPs or empaths, or by someone who has a lot of experience working with sensitive people.



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Why this List?


Have you noticed how when there are places online that list “HSP service providers” it’s usually the same list of about 30 people, even though there are oodles more wonderful HSP service providers out there?

I don’t know about you, but I find that pretty annoying.

There are people like you and me who are looking for HSP services, and all they’re going to find is that same old tired list, copied and pasted to various places, with minor alterations.

It’s sad, and also somewhat depressing, and it doesn’t reflect what is actually possible and available in HSP-land. (*theme song with piano intro and water sounds*)

So, time to make a new list! One that includes lots of people, not just HSP coaches or therapists.





It matters for bodyworkers, make-up artists, doctors and other physical specialists.

It matters for people who are offering HSP-friendly services (I know there are plenty reading this blog! Let’s pool the info!) and it matters for HSPs looking for services too.

I regularly get questions from people on whether I know an HSP-something or someone in location somewhere and the truth is, unless I happened across that someone or something somehow, I really don’t know!

But I know that having a community of HSP-experts to refer to is soooooo handy.

For example, as a super sensitive HSP, I get tired quick of having to explain to someone that the strategy they are proposing is something my sensitive body won’t like.

Many professionals don’t even believe it’s possible to be so sensitive until I show them the rash so to speak or I demonstrate somehow that taking 10 different supplements at once is really not a good idea for me. In those scenarios, it’s no fun being the “interesting exception” to someone’s rule.

My massage therapist (thankfully!) understands my sensitivity perfectly (less pressure gets more results).

Obviously, knowing that I don’t need to have eyes in the back of my head to make sure I don’t get the wrong kind of treatment, helps me to relax immensely! (And wasn’t that the idea anyway?)

Also with things like design, writing and just talking to someone about what you have in mind, working with a fellow HSP is great. I know, because my website designer is HSP. She intuitively “got” what I wanted and it was such a relief not to have to spell everything out for her.

Of course, there are also services that don’t need to be specifically HSP-friendly at all. Car mechanics, mail delivery people, bus drivers, space engineers… as long as they do their job, we’re fine right?

Yet there are also lots of services that are specifically suited to sensitivity: feng shui, low-pressure yoga, aromatherapy etc etc. Even if those services are not aimed specifically at HSPs, they will still be particularly interesting for HSPs, especially when they are run by an HSP.

So, I propose we build a massive list together. A list of services either:

  • specifically for HSPs or empaths
  • interesting for HSPs and/or empaths and run by an HSP or empath
  • interesting for HSPs and/or empaths and run by someone who has a lot of experience working with sensitive people.



How it works:


It’s a shared google doc, meaning anyone with the link can add info. (Google Docs max out after 200 different people access it so if you get an error, please let me know and I’ll link a new copy)

Please only add info about yourself, and if you fit one of the three criteria above. Feel free to add yourself to the list if you’re just starting out and looking for “practice clients” too. (There are people looking for you too!)

Or download the latest version as a PDF if you want to peruse and see who & what’s available.


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