How Not Feeling Good Enough Depletes Your Adrenals

by Caroline van Kimmenade

There’s enough evidence that what we think affects both how we feel and also what we choose to do. Yet, underneath what we know we think, there’s a whole underwater iceberg of things that we are also thinking. And not just thinking, emotions are equally important. While you may feel you have a pretty healthy sense of self-esteem, there may be other kinds of attitudes lurking deep within, some of them affecting adrenal health. For […]

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1 Andreas January 12, 2014

Great blog. So much insight. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

2 Michelle February 5, 2014

This post resonates a lot with me – I can remember feeling this way since I was a toddler. As you have said, very sensitive people definitely need a creative outlet. I find it hard to have a creative outlet because I cannot get past not being good enough (at whatever I have tried – writing, playing music, drawing). Any suggestions?

3 Caroline van Kimmenade February 6, 2014

yes, recognize that the not being good enough is a “thing” that you carry, not your truth. Make art about it. Do EFT on it, anything except buying into it. It’s o.k. for it to show up when doing art, expect it to, then put your attention on your reasons for making art itself – what feels good about it. It’s like meditating on the breath: distractions will show up, it’s o.k., just get back to the breath. When making art, not feeling good enough will show up, that’s o.k., see it as the distraction that it is, and put your attention back on your art. There is no specific kind of art that will circumvent this issue. I haven’t met an artist yet who always feel confident about themselves and what they do. A good book about this is “The Van Gogh Blues”. Insecurity and doubt are part of the artmaking process.

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