How to be Helpful without Drowning in the HSP Helper’s Trap

by Caroline van Kimmenade

Wanting to help others, seeking harmony, being committed to creating peace… these are prime driving forces for many HSPs. Yet, what is the best way to go about working with these driving forces? What specifically do you think of, when you think of helping others? Do you think of taking over and doing things for someone? Do you think of being a compassionate friend who listens to someone else? Do you think of finding ways […]

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1 Greg bush March 12, 2013

I’m looking for any videos that might educate me about my newly discovered empath , hsp. I work with cancer patients and my job is becoming too difficult to feel their pain, my therapist said I was an hsp, empath, and needed to learn to block the patients feelings…. Any help will be appreciated:)
Thanks, Greg:)

2 Caroline van Kimmenade March 30, 2013

Hi Greg, I’ve addressed this topic here.

3 Nancy May 29, 2013

I don’t know how I stumbled across your website but it is just unbelievable. Where were you 42 years ago? I just ended a 42 year relationship with a narcissist….17 year engagement, 25 year marriage. I am living proof that you can fix stupid…..and I’m not talking about him.

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