3 Essential HSP Shifts for Clarity and Strength

by Caroline van Kimmenade

There are some common myths out there on how we can gain clarity and strength as Highly Sensitive People.  

  Myth 1: To grow, we need more spiritual growth (and less of the material and physical world) Truth 1: It’s the other way around!   Myth 2: We have to help others by suffering along with them. Truth […]

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1 Matthew February 21, 2013

Right on. These are the exact tendencies I have, I came to realise this a bit, but knowing what needs to change is one thing, doing it is another.
The third one is especially true for me – at any sight of struggle, I have such an urge to jump in and help or do it for someone – this follows by me seeing that person as incapable or viewing them with contempt. All this is completely unhealthy : ((

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