Beyond Forgiveness – because forgiveness doesn’t necessarily help HSPs

by Caroline van Kimmenade

Forgiveness is a tricky business, not least of all because it’s often used/promoted as a “quick-fix” or as a way to avoid dealing with the raw emotions of a situation (“just forgive and move on!”). As HSPs, we are often already extremely gifted at seeing the situation through the other person’s eyes, so much so, that working hard to forgive can actually take us further away from resolving the issue, because we end up abandoning […]

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1 Susa July 23, 2013

Hi Caroline,
I saw one of your talks on youtube. Thanks for this great website. I have always been highly sensitive in my life, looking at it as weekness, shyness. It is such a relief to see that it can also be a gift. Thanks also for your advice on forgiveness and negative emotions. I watched it today. I totally agree. Certainly will continue to check on your latest posts etc…
Susa from Germany

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