Activate your HSP Spiritual Gifts Gently

by Caroline van Kimmenade

Many HSPs have (latent) spiritual gifts. These are not something to be afraid of. I have noticed however that many HSPs who know that their spiritual gifts have closed down, make opening up these abilities again into something of a quest in and of itself.

Here’s the most important thing to keep in mind: if intuitive parts of you have shut down, there is always a deeper reason.

3 Common Reasons Your Intuitive Abilities have Shut Down

1. Weirdo Alert!

One of the most common reasons is the fear of being a weirdo. It may sound cute when I put it like this, but it’s something that can make you feel really unsafe! (Will people reject me? Will I lose my job? Will I go down a super weird path???)

2. Aaargh, the door is open!

Another common fear is the expectation that opening up intuitive abilities will make you out of control somehow, or take you down a dangerous path. A popular phrase in spiritual communities is something along the lines of “when you open that door, you can never shut it again!” (Does that sound ominous or what?)

3. Wow, that was spooky/terrifying/too much to know about

Lastly, many HSPs have once upon a time seen or otherwise sensed things that they didn’t understand and that freaked them out. That can be enough to want to close down any spiritual gifts for good!

There are solutions for all of the above. These fears are experiences, not universal everlasting truths!

Most importantly though, if you are currently struggling with being Highly Sensitive, then you can expect to struggle more with all your spiritual gifts fully activated. Opening up your spiritual gifts would open up more “weirdness” but also, flood your system with more stimulation. If you already feel overwhelmed by what you’re picking up now, opening up more spiritual gifts will make this worse, not better.


So, take things one step at a time. Work on accepting yourself as you are first. Learn how to manage the (over)stimulation you’re dealing with right now first, and worry about any ‘gift’ stones unturned later.

Your Unopened Spiritual Gifts are NOT the Solution to Everything

A big reason people want to re-activate their spiritual gifts seems to be that they expect these gifts to be something of a holy grail. That if only they could find a way to get their gifts switched on again, all would magically fall into place in their life. This is unfortunately not the case.

Any psychic gift comes with increased sensitivity in some shape or form. This means that if you are currently already feeling more than sensitive enough, you don’t want to rush your spiritual path. Doing so would only increase your sense of overwhelm.

If you are dealing with a lot of fear now, then more psychic sensitivity will just amplify that fear. Dipping into the intuitive realm means dipping into the unknown. The mind doesn’t like the unknown and tends to respond with fear, especially when you’re already feeling anxious to begin with.


How to Let Your Intuitive Gifts Unfold Naturally

In the long run, you do want to reclaim all parts of yourself, including any gifts that are labeled as psychic (and should actually be labeled as “normal”- but that’s a topic in and of itself).

Note though that in many ways, your gifts will naturally unfold as soon as your body notices that it is beneficial for you to access them. To support this natural unfolding, work on processing and addressing any fears and negative expectations first, plus learn how to lower your stress levels. Doing this will clear the way for your spiritual gifts to unfold naturally, without overwhelming you.

Metaphor time!

Imagine your intuitive potential is a room, and all your fears, overwhelm and stresses are the dust.

When your spiritual gifts are shut down, it is much like being in a dusty room with the ventilators turned off.

Things may look pretty clean because the dust has settled.

So you imagine how great the space would be with more of a breeze….


It’s hard to clean up dust when it’s flying through the air.

When the ventilators are shut off though, the dust settles and it becomes easier to clean it up. Then, when the room is clean, you can turn on the ventilators for a nice breeze (without having all the dust be blown in your face).

Seeking Mystical Experiences is not Sustainable Self-Development

Some folks chase mystical experiences. They imagine that if they just hurry up and open up their intuitive gifts, they’ll be blasted by wonder and miracles and find the answers they’ve been seeking all along.

Other folks have a deep longing for the beyond. They don’t really want to be here on earth and chasing mystical experiences is their way of trying to access a different kind of reality. Yet, while doing so, they reject and ignore the life they actually have and can lead!

In both of these cases, these kinds of mystical experiences – when actually had –  can be like a drug-high and people can get stuck chasing after the next one.


There is a big difference between having a mystical experience versus having helpful, daily support and guidance in your life.

While mystical experiences are certainly not wrong, and can be a great source of inspiration, they can end up holding you back when deep down, it’s all you seek and want to experience.

BEEP! Your Intuition may be Overstretched

Your intuitive abilities are ultimately here to help and guide you but they can also be on co-dependent overdrive. 

If you currently feel like you already know too much about everyone and everything, worry constantly about what everyone else is going through, and know too much about what other people need… this will only get worse when you open up more of your abilities.

If you are an intuitive person and you have learned to feel responsible for and look after everyone else, your intuition will “help” you with this ginormous task by feeding you “helpful” intel, all the darn time.

Adding more gifts to the mix means even more intel.


This is why it’s important to first fine-tune and “clean up” the spiritual abilities you already have.

Not everything you are intuitively picking up on is necessarily useful, and you may need help pruning your abilities back to be truly manageable and helpful.

For this and other reasons, any fears about your intuition are not something to just push through. The world of energy can be huge, strange and daunting. It’s important not to rush it and first acknowledge all the ways you’ve already seen and felt more than you could handle.

Respect Your Natural Intuitive Pace!

Any new abilities come with a huge terrain of “who knew??” and psychological processing. It’s one thing to believe that other people can sense things out of the ordinary. It’s quite another thing to be that person yourself.

So, intuitive abilities that are shut down, may just give you the psychological breather you need right now. Don’t rush it, o.k.? Trust your own natural pace.

When you integrate and fine-tune the abilities you already have, that’s how you become ready to access more of your intuition and more will bubble to the surface, naturally.

If you’re looking for help with your intuition, you can schedule time to talk with me here.

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