Activate your HSP Spiritual Gifts Gently

by Caroline van Kimmenade

Many HSPs have (latent) spiritual gifts. These are not something to be afraid of. I have noticed however that many HSPs who know that their spiritual gifts have closed down, make opening up these abilities again into something of a quest in and of itself.

It’s important to understand that if parts of you have shut down, there is always a reason. Being anything other than “average” is -as we’ve come to learn over time- something that could threaten our social status and even our (sense of) safety. This is btw not a divine truth but it is something that we’ve come to learn to expect.  If you are currently struggling with being highly sensitive, then you can expect to struggle more with all your spiritual gifts fully activated (it would initially be ‘more weirdness’ after all). Take things one step at a time. Work on accepting yourself as you are first, and worry about any ‘gift’ stones unturned later.

A big reason people want to re-activate their spiritual gifts seems to be that they expect these gifts to be something of a holy grail. That if only they could find a way to get their gifts switched on again, all would magically fall into place in their life. This is unfortunately not the case.

Any psychic gift comes with increased sensitivity in some shape or form. This means that if you are currently already feeling more than sensitive enough, you don’t want to rush your spiritual path. Doing so would only increase your sense of overwhelm. Since any kind of increased sensitivity tends to amplify our current state of being, re-activating closed down psychic gifts will just bring you more of the same.If you are dealing with a lot of fear now, then more psychic sensitivity will just amplify that fear. Amplification is not a bad thing, it makes spotting issues easier (the needle in the haystack grows into an Eiffer tower replica). If your issues are currently big and obvious enough though, then why invite them to become bigger?

In the long run, you do want to reclaim all parts of yourself, including any gifts that are labeled as psychic (and should actually be labeled as “normal”- but that’s a topic in and of itself.). Note though that in many ways, your gifts will naturally unfold as soon as your body notices that it is beneficial for you to access them. To support this natural unfolding, work on “cleaning up” your fears and negative expectations. This is a process in and of itself, with plenty of twists and turns along the way. There are many ways and many teachers who can support you in the inner cleaning process.

When your spirtual gifts are shut down, it is much like being in a dusty room with the ventilators turned off. It’s hard to clean up dust when it’s flying through the air. When the ventilators are shut off, the dust settles and it becomes easier to clean it up. Then, when the room is clean, you can turn on the ventilators for a nice breeze (without having all the dust be blown into your face).

There is a big difference between having a mystical experience versus experiencing life as it truly is. Mystical experiences come and go, they are temporary. Being more of who you truly are, and experiencing more of life as it truly is, is a less “sudden” process. The change is gradual, yet consistent. It is a path that is less entertaining perhaps. There are also few “amazing experiences” to share. Instead, your whole experience of yourself and of your life will gradually change. With lack of “mystical-magical-amazing-experiences” it may seem that you have no proof that things are moving in the right direction. The proof however is in the (daily) pudding, not in the (exceptional) firecrackers.


P.S. A strong connection to your own intuiton is the best way to pace spiritual development naturally and gently. That’s why I believe it’s so important to have access to advanced ways to work with your own intuition.

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