Sensitivity and (dis)Empowerment

As HSP’s we can get into a really sticky mode of overwhelm. When we’re stuck in a negative environment, and are chronically overwhelmed, we often turn to habits that further disempower us in an attempt to manage stress on a day to day basis.

In the video below, I discuss this more fully, plus: why we do it, and what to do instead.

Note that while I am the first to say that audio & video quality is important for us HSP’s, I’m also still on a personal learning curve with regards to optimising the video tech settings + equipment & all that goes into it. Just like writing: my video message inspiration tends to be quite spontaneous (I don’t use a script) ¬†Unlike writing- video is not so easy to edit afterwards, so I am working behind the scenes to make sure that spontaneous recordings will be of much better quality in the future. In the meantime, I don’t want to hold back any of the messages that bubble up, so bear with me through some of the low-tech playback. Thank you!

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