Worth the Wait: The Happy Sensitive Painter, Braveheart & da Lil’ Voice in Action

by Caroline van Kimmenade

Sometimes…a work is ALMOST there. And I’m tempted to share it as-is. But this little voice is saying, almost, almost! And the question is, can I sit down and listen? Can I wait for that little-step-that-still-needs-taking to reveal itself?

With these two canvases, they were both almost finished. But really, almost! So, in the past I might have:

1. panicked
2. become impatient.
3. forced a result.
4. doubted myself.

It can be really hard to have that patience, and trust and openness to ‘waiting-to-know-what-it-takes’.
And on top of that, you know that once you take action, it cannot be undone. That goes for painting, as well as for any creative project and any action step in general.

Like the famous scene in Braveheart where our hero keeps commanding “hold” “hold”…and you almost want to jump into the scene to make someone DO SOMETHING, because the tension is so unbearable! But the wait was strategic. It was necessary. It’s not always about acting-while-you-can. Sometimes, you need to pin-point that right moment, that one right action, to allow things to move forward succesfully.

And yes, sometimes it’s about BIG things…more often it’s about SMALL things. Small, but not insignificant…Any things you consider might be worth the wait?

[I actually take pictures of bigger works like this by standing on a chair, holding the camera above my head, and pretty much hoping for a good shot…see some better shots of the paintings HERE! :) ]


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