Why Soothing our Senses and Quieting our Mind is Essential for HSPs: 8 Tips to Prevent System Crash

As Highly Sensitive People (and this applies to Empaths too) we are continually processing a lot of sensory information. We notice more, see more, hear more, feel more etc. etc. etc. When this gift goes wild, it can really drive us quite mad.

If we don’t, information overload can lead to feelings of fear, anxiety and panic. We can even “crash” much in the way that a computer processor can when too many programmes are running at once and there is not enough disc space.

We too run out of disc space. The HSP mind is continually downloading high resolution images, while non-HSP brains are pretty good at getting the lower quality compressed versions. Guess which mind takes longer to process info and runs out of disc space quicker? You got it.

Sleep and doing nothing give our body the opportunity to start freeing up space. As a sensitive person it is therefore essential to build some healthy space-creating habits into your daily routine. Start looking at it this way: taking a nap is not being lazy, it is disc space management.  You are in effect creating disc space for tasks to come. If you know you need your camera the next day, you take the time to recharge the batteries the night before, right?

So, here are some things to consider when it comes to optimizing your disc space and minimizing the chance of a scary system crash.

  1. When you take a break, do you hang out at the coffee machine with all your colleagues or do you go for a walk?
  2. When you relax in the evenings, do you listen to soothing music, or do you stock up on social media info?
  3. Do you give your undivided attention to what you are doing or are you usually multi-tasking?
  4. Are you continually on the look-out for smart ways to do MORE in LESS TIME instead of taking some time to set priorities and unburden yourself from things that are not essential?
  5. Are you obsessed about not wanting to miss out on anything? Or do you remind yourself that you will always miss out on something anyway? Keeping your stress levels down is THE most important way to maintain your well-being and enjoyment of life. It’s actually a prerequisite for going out and having a good time!
  6. Do you have difficulty claiming time for yourself? Do you feel guilty about claiming empty slots in your agenda for nothing in particular? (Even though you’re longing to finish reading your novel or take a bath, or both?). Notice how smart people use “I’m busy that evening”. Does it specify what they are busy doing? No! So use the phrase when needed.  Claim down-time in your agenda in advance. I personally like a “one night available, next night no obligations” pattern.  If that means  I have “no time” that week because all my available slots are filled, then so be it. My empty slots are holy, no comprimises!
  7. Define in advance what constitutes a legitimate boundary crossing emergency (you know, when you go out of your way to make room for something). We all encounter situations when our own needs are completely swept aside for good reason. Just make sure YOU decide when that applies. (Other people’s ongoing needs are NOT such an emergency.)
  8. You have the right to say “I need to think about it”.
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