Why Healing Yourself Takes Time

by Caroline van Kimmenade

Healing yourself is a layered undertaking. I’ve had clients ask me: why can’t we just identify the root issue (and have the whole thing over with) ? It seems like a logical request. If you know that underneath all the rubble, there is just one (or perhaps a few) core issues that are generating all other issues, then why not dive down to the core right away? There’s several big reasons why not to. First […]

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1 Caroline April 16, 2013

Yes! You get it! Thank you for sharing. It’d be nice if others could take care of their healing sooner than later too – but that’s part of my current lesson ;-) … You can’t change others, just yourself, even when it gets to be a wee bit lonely on that less traveled road. Carry on step by step, breath by breath.

2 Caroline van Kimmenade April 16, 2013

Yes, I do think there is a stretch of lonely road necessarily involved, as we’re packing up our things to move out of one energetic space and find a new space in which to settle down – letting go of many old things along the way. I also like to think that once we become living proof that this journey is worth it, it will inspire others. Like you say, that is not something we control though, and there will be a lot of people staying put regardless. Time for a zen koan :)

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