To “let go” or “say no” – that’s the HSP question

by Caroline van Kimmenade

Yet, setting boundaries and NOT taking too much responsibility are essential especially for us sensitive folk!

This was originally a “true video”. Yet due to multiple tech issues I had to convert it to pretty much an audio instead. There were numerous moments of saying no and letting go in getting this online! Next one will be a “real video” again!

For more on this topic: this is the article I’m referring to in the video.


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1 Hugh September 17, 2013

I love your articles! After my narcissistic relationship. I discovered that I didn’t set boundaries and say no when I should have. Thank you for the video!

2 Caroline van Kimmenade September 27, 2013

Hi Hugh, thank you & good to hear you made that crucial boundary discovery after your break-up!

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