Here’s a Work-Around

I’m going to give you a way to “cheat” about having a friend to pair up with.

So, you may know some people. They’re not really friends though, and you’re hesitant about trusting them to split the bill. Or maybe you know a lot of people on social media but -again- money gets too personal and too risky quick.

So, I’ve made the payment piece easier for you. You can tell your friends and acquaintances about this project (this is the link to the programme page: ) to find someone else who is interested in joining.

You both pay 50% to me so you don’t have to worry about sharing money with a potential friendly stranger. This is how it works:

  1. You each purchase the More Good Stuff Project using this link.
  2. Then (IMPORTANT) you forward me the receipt ( telling me who you’re pairing up with. You both do this. If either one of you has a real name like Mindy Johnson but a paypal name like Mimimimi775 with the email then you need to tell me that. I can only see the name and email that are associated with their paypal account.
  3. When I’ve received payment from both of you, you both get into the programme. If I receive payment from only one of you then the one person who paid can choose to:
    1. be refunded and not join
    2. join by paying the other 50% too
    3. join by quickly finding a different friend who does pay before the programme doors close

This work-around is a little more administrative work for me, so I’m not shouting it from the rooftops but by responding to the survey, you found this secret entrance :)

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