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I really really believe that in order for Highly Sensitive, caring people to thrive, we need to get a lot of practice (and tools) for getting clear on what we want, taking small steps towards it, and learning to say no to things that are keeping us in a box that doesn’t make us happy.

You see, many HSPs worry about being selfish (I totally get that) yet, if you don’t spend enough attention on getting what you want and need to feel good, then you can get seriously depleted. This is dangerous because it can lead to states where:

  • you were always the one cheering others up, but now you’re starting to feel like the depressed one
  • you were always the one helping others to calm down and believe in themselves, but now you’re the one who’s starting to feel panicky and ungrounded
  • you were always the one with the big heart, but now you’re starting to wonder if you have any energy left to care at all

Hopefully, these things are not happening to you. Yet, they eventually will happen when you are really good at giving other people what they need, but not so good at all at knowing what you want for yourself, making time and space for that and setting limits to protect your time and energy.

At the end of the day, you only have so much to give, and you need to refuel.

So I’m working on a very special project.

It’s all about giving you HSP tools to get more of what you do want, and set limits on the things that deplete and stress you.

Consider it a life-balancing programme of sorts: making sure that there isn’t more life going out than is coming in. Like balancing your checkbook and making sure it all adds up to a positive number each month, we also need to balance our giving and taking to make sure we don’t end up in the red zone.

I’ve worked with HSPs for quite some time, so I have a lot of tools and helpful explanations to help you with this. BUT – I’m still working on putting all the materials in order.

So my initial thought was to wait until it’s all done before sharing it with you.

Then I thought – but how about sharing what I have now and organising the materials based on your questions and hang-ups. That way the programme will really be designed for where you are actually at.

So for those of you who are up for a (mini) adventure like this, you’re welcome to join me over the summer as I further develop and complete this programme. As a thank you for your questions and feedback, you’ll get heavily discounted access (and your access will continue when the programme is completed).

If you bring a friend (and start at the same time) you both get 50% off on top of that.

So that means you can start this summer to get more support and less overwhelm in your life.

What’s in it / How it works:

Materials Access: we have a forum on (free) to share questions, discuss topics and for me to share access to course audios, videos and pdfs with you.

Course Content: PDFs audios and videos with explanations, steps and meditations to help you open up to receive more of what you do want, and create practical boundaries to keep out what you don’t want.

(Please note, this is not a training programme for empath skills though so if you are struggling with taking on energy from other people or need help figuring out what is your energy and what isn’t, then this is not the programme for that, this one is )

When is it?

We start August 1st! That makes July 31st the very last day to enroll at the special discounted pricing.

Price to join:

[localcurrency]150 euros[/localcurrency] (or 2 for 1 when you bring a friend*)

Once the programme is done, I expect the price will be at least double. It will contain a lot of materials and practices that you’ll be able to return to again and again, no matter what stage you’re at.

*To get the 2 for 1: purchase the programme, forward me the paypal receipt along with the name and email address of the friend you’re signing up with. Your friend will then get free access, so you can split the bill on your payment. (So yes, you do have to sort this out together, but you’re friends, so that should be doable, right?)

Remember, when you join now, you will have access to the future completed version of the programme too.

Plus, this is the best time to join because I’ll be on the forum, addressing questions and tailoring materials to suit what you’re struggling with. If you bring up something that I believe belongs in this course, but that I haven’t addressed yet, I will create materials to address it.

7 Day Refund Option

Once you’ve been given access to the first materials, you have 7 days to decide. If you think it’s not for you after all, you can get a full refund – but only within the first 7 days.

(Please note, having access and making use of your access are not the same thing. If you wait more than 7 days to access your materials after you’ve been given access, then the refund option will have expired. You will get access to your materials on August 1st so that means you need to notify me before August 8th to request a refund.).

I’ll be adding materials to the forum one step at a time, so you don’t get to see all the materials that first week. However, the idea is that if there are important pieces missing for you, that you can speak up so those questions can be addressed within the course (assuming it fits within the scope of the programme).


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