Left-Handed Perspectives on Being HSP: 8 tips for you and your sensitive body

by Caroline van Kimmenade

If you are left-handed, you will have experienced first hand how many things in this world are not “made for you”. If you are HSP, you will also experience how many things in this world are not “made for you.” The similarity? Both are a matter of how you are “physically designed”. When I was in elementary school, being left handed was “accepted” but you sure were encouraged to feel that it was a stupid […]

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1 Kimmy August 30, 2011

You said, "(my solar plexus gives me instant nausea)"

The first time I noticed this nausea, I looked around me to see what had changed. What happened then, actually scared me. I had witnessed a 'sex offender" in my local neighborhood. I felt his evil, on a main street. When I looked into his car, I didn't see his face.

Later, I was called into the police station. I did a "photo" line up. Let me tell you, if you never had to do a photo line up. They are very good at getting 6 men, white hair 240 pounds, and 55ish in the photos. Now I had the license plate, so they had the owner of that car in the photos. At first glance, all 6 pictures were a blur. As I looked at each one, (and remember I never saw his "face") I didn't feel anything. When I looked at the last picture, I almost threw up. After that day, feeling others energy was more intense.

Besides work and immediate family, I found it hard to even go shopping.

I managed to build shields, and ultimately, like you said in other posts that others' energy is not mine.

But that first nauseous feeling I will never forget.

2 Caroline van Kimmenade August 30, 2011

Wow, that is an intense experience! (and a wonderful example of solar plexus wisdom – thank you for sharing!) I have a theory that, when we really start to acknowledge our intuition like you described, we'll go through an intense learning and tweaking phase, where other people's energy can get REALLY difficult to deal with. It all becomes "bigger" making it 'easier' (if you could call it that) to notice. I've gone through a time like that too, and I hear quite a number of people describing similar experiences. Glad to hear that you successfully made it through to the other side! Party time :)

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