Is letting Go Hard for you? 4 Toxic Assumptions That May Be In Your Way, Exposed.

by Caroline van Kimmenade

To let something go we have to fully own it first. It’s very tempting to skip this step. We tend to prefer to let things go a.s.a.p. so that we have to deal with it as little as possible. It’s slimy and we just want to throw it back into the pond, that kind of thing. This is not how things work.    

Whatever shows up in our life, it has something to […]

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1 Kimberly July 1, 2013

Wow. This material is truly liberating. Thank you. I recently discovered I’m an HSP after years of thinking I was just an emotional vortex (and that everything was my fault). I’m looking forward to embracing my past in a way that can empower me and help me grow!

2 Alexandra September 8, 2014

Thank you for this article! It’s so true and it’s nice to read a critical article about this subject cos with the New Age movement and theories, we hear so many things which aren’t down to Earth and can affect us then. I believe that when we’ve suffered lot of pain or trauma, our ego and imagination are easily at work to make us believe in something instead of really facing the core of the trauma, feeling the pain and admit that we are part of something bigger we cannot truly understand from our human nature.

3 Caroline van Kimmenade September 13, 2014

You’re welcome Alexandra! We HSPs have a tendency to literally resort to “flights of fancy” when we’re stressed / traumatised, as a way to cope, especially if there was no way to change the situation and we had to stick it out somehow. So like you say, our imagination can keep us from facing the core of trauma later on when it is safe to face reality.

4 Charissa November 1, 2014

Wow! This is brilliant! Very aware. These are all the things I have been pondering. It’s nice to not feel entirely alone in that. Thanks for this website as well, it has helped a lot! :)

5 Caroline van Kimmenade November 4, 2014

You’re not alone Charissa :)

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