Intuitive Mentoring

If you want to learn more about how your intuition works, how to adjust things when they feel overwhelming and what your own specific intuitive abilities (and pitfalls!) are: I now offer intuitive mentoring sessions.

Because, intuition sounds cool, but it can be very confusing and exhausting when you don’t fully understand what your intuition is trying to tell you (or it’s plain telling you too much, about things you didn’t really want to know in the first place…)


In intuitive mentoring there are no fixed skills or processes I teach, it all depends on what is going on for you right now and what you’d find helpful and interesting to learn. We go at your pace, not a fixed pace.

Intuitive mentoring can include topics like:

  • energy boundaries
  • grounding and being present
  • self-care
  • advanced stress-management
  • how to trust yourself
  • resolving empath sponging
  • healing trauma
  • working through difficult emotions
  • managing intuitive input
  • dealing with difficult people
  • following your dreams
  • getting things done
  • and much much more…

Your sensitivity, your emotions and your intuitive abilities are all here to essentially help you but it can take some adjustments to actually reap the benefits and not get stuck in the mud.

I will teach you a different way to make things work. One that doesn’t require you to shut down your sensitivity, muscle through while your emotions are screaming at you, pretend you’re fine when you really really aren’t, or otherwise do things the way other people seem to (expect you to) do them.

“During our work together we resolved old issues from my past. I had done psychological work for years but the energy of these past events was still with me.”

Tricia, Los Angeles

“While I still need my alone time, now I can use it for my art instead of resting in complete exhaustion.”

Marie, Finland


Your intuition can be one of your greatest assets! However, for many intuitive, sensitive people, their intuition has been stretched beyond its reasonable limits, to try and do “all the things” for all the people and that’s when things get really overwhelming and confusing.

Struggling intuitively can mean:

  • getting bogged down by energy that isn’t yours (and that no amount of regular counseling can resolve)
  • feeling extremely affected by the suffering of others in ways that are just way beyond what others experience
  • giving your own energy away on autopilot and feeling exhausted because the joy, peace, and enthusiasm are just leaking from you to wherever they are needed
  • caring too much about what others think, on all the psychic levels, leading to massive social anxiety
  • feeling affected by people who are “energetically loud” and struggling to feel free and clear in their presence
  • trying to keep the peace at all costs but somehow never having lasting inner peace
  • feeling chased and persecuted in ways that are hard to describe (and that sound crazy to most people)
  • sensing things that go “bump in the night” and you know it’s not your imagination but you also don’t know what to do
  • paying attention to everything and everyone and not knowing how to shut that off (being stuck in “high alert” mode)
  • when you say no to difficult people, you feel punched in the gut in subtle but strong ways and it’s stressful and confusing
  • you know how things will turn out but nobody listens to you because you can’t rationally explain how you know
  • hearing about a disaster on the news and then feeling teleported there, soaking up the terror and chaos
  • knowing things about people you really can’t know, but you do somehow and now you’re stuck worrying what you’re supposed to do with all that
  • struggling to feel safe in your own body because there is so much ‘unidentified stuff’ in there

Good news, your intuition is not stuck any one particular way! It can change and adjust so that it becomes a truly useful asset instead of a stressful burden.

I’ve found that even deep, deep conditioning that many experts consider “that’s just how it is”, can be changed. So if you feel like your intuition is stuck on autopilot, dragging you through the mud… it probably is, and we can change that!

Intuitive mentoring comes with:

  • 1-on-1 mentoring sessions (this is not a group class!)
  • call recordings – so you can listen back to anything we discussed and don’t have to worry about writing it all down (but if you hate being recorded, no worries, they’re optional, not mandatory!)
  • call notes – I make notes for you with helpful take-aways and practices we discussed so that it’s easy to review your recommended practices and any homework step by step.
  • email support between sessions – reach out to me if you have a question, want to celebrate an insight or are feeling stuck.
  • additional downloads – I have lots of downloadable resources and classes on file and if I believe one of them will be helpful for you, then that is included as part of your coaching resources.
  • optional add-ons (see further below)

“Caroline at The Happy Sensitive has a broad range of talents and resources to offer. First, she is easy to chat with, so you can “break the ice” and quickly feel that you are not talking with a stranger, but with a sincerely caring person. Then she listens attentively to your story and together you and she sketch out a plan for what your goals are and how to reach them. So everything is tailored to suit your particular goals and needs.

She offered me a combination of what I would call basic talk therapy and psychic or imagination-based healing. Both aspects of her “care plan” for me I found very, very helpful.

She helped me understand certain aspects of my way of thinking and behaving that have enabled me to improve my understanding of my self and to improve my relationships with others.

I recommend her wholeheartedly and give her a five star rating (five out of five being the highest rating possible). Thank you so much, Caroline! I am deeply grateful for you being you and for you doing what you do so well.”

Nina, USA

Session Length

I’ve noticed over the years that different people have different preferences for session length. To that end, there are different session-length packages to choose from:

  • Weekly Insights Package = weekly 30 minutes session. So that’s four mentoring sessions of half an hour each, each month. Perfect if you are either very focused and to the point, or if you want to work on a topic in smaller bits because you’re worried you may get overwhelmed, or if you have limited time and want to do mentoring on e.g. your lunch break or while your kids are watching a cartoon.
  • Steady Insights Package: 1 hour session twice a month. So that’s an hour of mentoring, every two weeks. Great for when you want to check in at a regular pace and you also want to have enough time to talk through your experiences as well as learn new skills. If you’re not sure what to pick, I would recommend this option.
  • Deep Insights Package: single 2 hour session, once a month. This is the go-to if you don’t want to feel rushed in any way and prefer to do a lot in one go. If you’re someone who feels that it’s always at the end of the hour that the real insights and important topics start coming through… this is the option for you.


All options are 400 euros a month. That’s US$426

You’re effectively purchasing a package that includes 2 hours of mentoring sessions a month and you can divvy up those 2 hours differently depending on what works best for you.

I do recommend making one package choice overall, because you’ll notice you get used to the particular rhythm that comes with a particular session length and frequency.

However, you’re free to schedule mentoring sessions of different lengths as long as they add up to 2 hours a month.

“I was able to be much more calm through big changes in my life… I have been able to make many small changes that make a big difference”

Aurélie, France

“I was sick from a lifetime of unmanaged energy…I am now in a clear space – with infinitely more mental/emotional capacity, newfound energy.”

Brenda, California


In addition to your mentoring sessions, you can choose to add the following add-ons:

Healing Support Add-on. Receive a monthly long-distance healing + detailed report, as well as 2 short readings once a month. Price: 120 euros a month. That’s US$128

Click for Details on Healing Support

In the long-distance healing I can let go of stuck emotions, trauma conditioning and other energetic stuckness for you. You will receive a report of what I found and let go of, so that you can consciously process and connect the dots as well.

The short readings help track a particular intuitive issue you’re learning about. This could be feedback on how grounded you are for example (this can fluctuate!), or which part of your (energy)body is exhausted and needs extra self-care. I’ve developed a bunch of short and sweet readings over the years to gain practical insight into “what is going on and what can you do”.

When purchasing this add-on, you would schedule the healing in advance for a time that suits you, but you can simply request a reading by emailing me, and I’ll do it asap.

One-time Intuitive Assessment. Get a detailed explanation on how your intuition currently functions and what your strengths and struggles are and why. Price: 500 euros. That’s US$533

Click for Details on one-time Intuitive Assessment

In the Intuitive Assessment I do a combo of one healing and multiple readings. I’ll send you a report and we’ll also discuss the results in a 90 minute follow-up session + you have two weeks to ask me any questions over email as well.

This includes:

Empath Assessment – do you absorb and carry around burdensome energy from other people? If so, which energies do you tend to absorb?

Energy Drain Assessment – do you give away your own energy on autopilot? If so, which parts of your energy body are getting drained in this way?

Fit & Fatigue Assessment – which chakras and body parts are full of life and doing great, and which are exhausted and need some extra love and care? Feeling tired tends to be a full-body experience, but usually, there are very specific parts of the body and energy body that are in a slump, affecting everything else.

Chakra Assessment – which of your chakras ( = energy centers in the body) are most dominant and what does this mean for how you experience the world? This assessment helps you to understand your intuitive strengths and how you naturally experience and approach the world.

Groundedness Asssessment – how grounded are you in your body? Many people associate “being intuitive” with leaving their body and being floaty and spaced out, but actually, the opposite is true! The more present you are in your body, the more intuitive and in flow you will be.

Dissociation Assessment – many sensitive people who come to me for help have gotten to a point where they dissociate from parts of their body and specific feelings, on autopilot. If this is the case, it’s important to know about and address it because while the body can handle dissociation temporarily, it’s really meant to be a short-term emergency measure, not a long-term life strategy. This assessment includes – if applicable – details on which particular emotions you tend to suppress so that we can work on integrating those emotions in future sessions.

Difficult People Assessment – if you have (very) difficult people in your life I can check to see if they have a specific energetic impact on you that you need to protect against, and also how their energy affects your energy overall. This is useful information to help decide how to deal with these folks most effectively, and also which relationships are salvageable and which need to be given up on and (ideally) removed from your life. Maximum of 5 difficult people included in the assessment. (More is possible at extra cost). To do this assessment all I need is their full names (no photos etc are necessary). It’s also possible to do an assessment like this on people from the past and how they affected you then. This can help understand situations that impacted you in childhood ,validate experiences that are hard to explain to others, while also helping giving you a helpful context for inner child work.

The way this works is that I will need 2-3 hours to do the healing + readings, and another hour to send you the report. All of that I will be doing long-distance for you. So, you don’t need to do anything or be anywhere, you could even be sleeping. Then, you can plan to have your time to discuss the report for immediately after, or plan that 1,5 hour of discussion time for another day, so you have some time to ponder the report first.

Double Up Add-on: get twice the amount of intuitive mentoring for an additional 250 euros. That’s US$266

“Before I found Caroline’s website — and what a fortunate day THAT was — I didn’t even know I was a highly sensitive person, much less an empath. All I knew was that I felt and “saw” stuff more than others seem to feel or see and that this stuff was causing not only pain, but an inability to go after the kind of life I wanted.

It felt as if I was too aware all the time of others’ thoughts about me and what I was doing or wanted to do. I was also so aware pretty much all the time of their needs and pain so my own took a backseat as I showed up for them.

Caroline, with her wisdom, kindness, and her own sensitivity, was not only able to discern what I was going through and why, but also was able to give me the tools to change!

After so many years of therapy and self-improvement programs, I am finally, joyfully, embracing who I am. I now believe my needs are just as important as the needs of others and can ask myself, what do I want, every day.

I am so grateful! I highly recommend Caroline with absolutely no reservations whatsoever. She is a gift!”

Mary, Oregon

The Small Print:

In big letters – so you know upfront what to expect & why I do things this way 😊

Payment is monthly and recurs automatically until you cancel it. Intuitive Mentoring is ongoing and open ended. When you start to feel that you are done or done for now, you can simply cancel your future payments. That way the current month’s sessions will be your last sessions.

To make sure you stay on-track, I do have some specific rules around the validity of your sessions. These are borne out of years of experience working with sensitive people:

Please note that you purchase sessions per month and they need to be scheduled for that month, otherwise they expire.

Why is this?

I can only mentor you when you show up, regularly. So, if you’re not scheduling your sessions it’s important to assess: is this still what you need? Do we need to change things? Am I still the right coach for you?

Resistance can lead to beautiful insights – if you’re willing to look at it! Procrastinating, avoiding and postponing however all just tend to increase anxiety. It’s better to really sit with something and decide: do I still want to commit to this? If you don’t, that’s o.k. There is a time for everything. But if you are still in, then we need to get to work, and not put it off.

Tell me more...

If I allow you to endlessly postpone sessions, and send you emails asking how it’s going, and you simply don’t respond or you find reasons why now is not the right time to schedule anything (but you know, you’ll set something up “soon”, really, for sure, definitively, maybe), you end up worse off, not better off. It’s better to make adjustments right away when needed, or for you to be free to quit and go do something else if that is what you need.

In my many years of helping Highly Sensitive People, I have not yet met a client who kept postponing sessions and avoiding mentoring, only to suddenly become “all in” again. It just doesn’t happen. Instead, the avoiding and postponing leads to quitting eventually. Sometimes a client comes back for support over a year later and tells me: “I was afraid. I didn’t want to deal with something that came up.”

Mostly though, the avoiding and the slow fade-out, means I never see someone again.

When someone starts avoiding me and avoiding sessions, they are often giving in to a fear that is building. Either I am the right person to help you with that fear – in which case you need to schedule your sessions now and not later. Or you don’t trust me enough, don’t like my approach etc and would be better off finding someone else.

Note, this is different from someone coming right out and saying they no longer want or have time for sessions. That’s clear!

The slow fade-out however is murky, and painful and confusing. I’ve allowed clients to go there in the past because I wasn’t sure if it might be helpful in some way, but all my experience has taught me: no, it’s not helpful.

In other words, if you’re unhappy with/ don’t have time for sessions anymore, tell me right away so we can either change course so that mentoring sessions are adjusted to suit your current needs OR you can be free to quit and be done with something that doesn’t feel like it’s working for you at this time.

What this means financially: If you purchase sessions for e.g. January and don’t schedule them, then on Feb.1st they have expired. If you start mentoring on the 14th, then your sessions for that “month” expire on the 14th of the next month.

When sessions have expired this means you cannot get a refund for those sessions.

Partial Refunds: If within 72 hours of your payment going through, you realize you really want to stop intuitive mentoring sessions (and you haven’t scheduled anything for that month yet or your sessions are scheduled more than 48 hours out), you can contact me and get an almost full refund for that month. Payment processors charge costs that I can’t get back, but I can refund you the rest.

I understand that sometimes you’ve been wanting to stop/pause something, but then you get that payment notification and you’re “too late” (gah!). I don’t want you to stress out about that, so this way you have a little leeway (minus the few bucks of payment costs).

If at any other point during the month, before sessions have expired, you realize you want to stop intuitive mentoring, you can contact me and get half of your remaining sessions refunded.

Do keep in mind that any already scheduled sessions that are canceled less than 48 hours in advance are never refunded.

Why is this? Why am I so strict on refunds for Intuitive Mentoring? The woo-woo context is that as long as I am officially mentoring you, you have a spot on my psychic radar:

  • I get an intuitive “ping” when something is up and I need to check in with you.
  • I get intuitive downloads about things I need to share with you.
  • I ponder how best to explain something that I know will help you.

This means that even if you don’t schedule your sessions, I am still working for you behind the scenes.

Pretending like that work doesn’t exist kind of takes the “intuitive” out of intuitive mentoring.

This is why there is a cost to letting your sessions sit there unscheduled. Until you let me know you’re quitting, I assume you’re still in and I am working for you behind the scenes.

(In case you were wondering: I do tend to intuitively sense when my clients hit a big snag, but I am not able to predict what they’ll do next: persevere or quit, so I assume you’ll persevere, until informed otherwise)

There is another reason though – on top of working for you behind the scenes, I also have limited energetic space for new clients. Even if my calendar may be able to handle more appointments, that doesn’t mean I can.

When you are my client, your table is reserved so to speak, and nobody else can sit there. All things considered, I am a “small restaurant” with just a few tables. When you have a table at my restaurant, that table is for you, nobody else can sit there.

So that also means, if you “keep the table” without using it, that stops a new client from being able to get mentoring from me.

What if Life Happens? Since you are flexible in being able to schedule sessions of different lengths, that should allow you to work around any kind of unexpected scheduling conflicts that may come up.

All my sessions also come with my signature “back up plan” so that means that there are other ways to get value from your sessions time if life keeps throwing you curveballs.

If you have an unexpected longish emergency, vacation or other time consuming something and want to pause intuitive mentoring and get back to it at a later time, then you can simply end mentoring for now and contact me when you’re ready to start again. That way you’re free and clear to do whatever is best for you in future.

Pfew, that was a lot of info! But that’s all I needed to explain about that!


Before working with Caroline, I wasn’t really sure if anyone could really understand what I was going through… I had been to other spiritual counselors and they usually would say “wow, you’re really sensitive.” They inevitably would have really generic advice for me or they just didn’t know what to say. That always made me feel bad because I would think “wow, if spiritual people don’t get it, I must be an alien or something.” That contributed to me feeling depressed and confused.

…It’s amazing the amount of stuff I feel that isn’t mine. Caroline’s tools helped me find that out and clear them. When I’m confused about something I’m experiencing, she has an intuitive ability combined with practical knowledge to see what might be the issue. Caroline is the perfect blend of practical and spiritual intuitive advice combined with do it yourself. She’s also compassionate and gentle.

I now have a way to ask my body to see what it wants and a way to figure out what ideas and choice are in my best interest. I had a really hard time making decisions before and frequently made choices that weren’t serving me. Now I save time and energy because I make better choices.”

Katie, Georgia USA

Ready to get started?

Sign up for Intuitive Mentoring below:

You can sign up because you 100% know you want to start Intuitive Mentoring, or sign up as a way to indicate you’re potentially interested, and include some questions you have about it first before deciding.

After you send the form, I will get back to you over email with more information and/or next (payment) steps.

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