I’m a lot less afraid to let myself be who I am… and realizing that people love me for it!

“Just wanted to send you a little note to say wow! Thank you so much for everything you helped me with during that healing and coaching session. 

Basically, I feel amazing :D I’ve been having the best sleeps I’ve had in years, which I think is related to the physical block you mentioned. Also, I’ve opened up to people a lot more, I’m a lot less afraid to let myself be who I am… and realizing that people love me for it! I think a part of me believed that the opposite would happen so that feels so good. 

Anyways as usual just wanted to say thank you… I’ve worked with a quite a few different people over the years and I must say you are so wonderful :-) Working with you has helped me take leaps forward in my life.”

Mindy, Canada

For the first time in my life, I feel like I have the necessary tools to not only heal myself but to find me again.

“I am so grateful for the time you take and the incredibly conscientious consideration you put into all your email responses and support. This course has been, by far, the most helpful, useful, and applicable work I’ve been exposed to, as well as the most illuminating. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have the necessary tools to not only heal myself but to find me again, the me that’s been hidden and buried beneath everything and everyone else for so long, for too long.”

I look forward to getting more skilled as an empath and more in sync with myself.

Thank you, thank you, thank you times a million!”

~S. Minnesota USA. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant

Caroline is a pleasure to work with, her writing is sincere and to the point, and sometimes funny and light-hearted which I find helpful when dealing with self-development.

“I’ve been struggling with perfectionism my entire adult life, and carry a lot of self-judgment for being too detailed, unable to let go of seemingly unimportant things, and being slow at completing things. With Caroline’s course I have been able to open the door to finding self-acceptance around my perfectionism (this is a huge deal for me), and she’s helped me to open my eyes to how perfectionism works, why we do it, and where it comes from, and most importantly, that it is not always a bad thing. I’ve read some material on perfectionism in the past, but seeing it from the view of an HSP really made a big difference to me. I look forward to applying some of the things I’ve learnt in the course to my everyday life. Caroline is a pleasure to work with, her writing is sincere and to the point, and sometimes funny and light-hearted which I find helpful when dealing with self-development. I would highly recommend anyone who in any way struggle with feeling too sensitive to dive into the wealth of excellent material provided at thehappysensitive.com”

~Student from Toronto, Canada.  Practical Perfection Programme for Highly Sensitive People

It was a pleasure working with Caroline and absolutely worth every penny. [Now] All I need is a brief pause to figure out how I feel…& I enjoy being around people.

“It was a pleasure working with Caroline and absolutely worth every penny. I gained two specific things that have made a positive impact in my everyday life:

  • All I need is a brief pause to figure out how I feel at any particular moment. This means I’m able to respond to situations in the moment in the way that most reflects my values and who I am as a person. In the past, this was very difficult because I needed to take a lot of time to figure out what I thought/felt about something.
  • I enjoy being around people and can do so for longer periods of time without getting exhausted or needing extended break. It’s so enjoyable to go out into the world and be present with others without feeling like I’m bearing the weight of the world afterward.

I am incredibly thankful for everything I learned. I love that Caroline teaches specific, tangible skills for handling empath overwhelm. I use these skills frequently and they make a huge difference. Caroline was also excellent at creatively brainstorming ways to deal with being an HSP and empath in my specific situation — she doesn’t give one-size-fits-all solutions. If you’re ready to make changes in your life and willing to invest the time and energy, I highly recommend Caroline’s coaching. And the more you invest on your end the more you’ll be able to take away.”

~Krista, Washington USA. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant

Before I found out about Caroline’s program I felt like someone lost out at sea

“The suffering sponge program has changed my life for the better! Before I found out and about Caroline’s program I felt like someone lost out at sea. Overwhelmed, extremely sensitive, and feeling like an outsider in my own life! Once I found her website I read as many of her blogs, and listened to as many of her podcasts as I possibly could. These tools were absolutely a lifeline thrown my way.

When I was finally able to sign up for the complete program, I did. The SSS empath program has a vast number of resources and Caroline really walks you through the process. I really enjoyed the one-on-one time, and the remote energy healings and exercises.

The SSS Empath Program is the most comprehensive program that really helped me to understand and accept what it means to be an empath and a highly sensitive person. I encourage who is confused about being an empath to sign up for this program you will not regret it. Thank you so much for this program Caroline!”

~Yvette, California  From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant


I felt gradually better every week… I am a changed person

“I took the “From suffering sponge to sensitive savant empath program”  with Caroline and it was one of the best things that I ever did.  From the very beginning Caroline was honest and gentle with me and I felt safe and trusted everything she said.  I felt like someone finally knew me and could help me.

The best part about this program is that I felt gradually better every week as she taught me how to take care of myself.  I am a changed person and will always be grateful to her for all of her help.  Today I am able to do things that I did not think were possible before getting her help and I am excited every day to use the tools she has taught me.  Thank you Caroline for being the compassionate awesome human that you are. ”

~With Love,  Jennifer F., Pennsylvania. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant


If you have to save money, do what I did – book it a few months in advance and save up. It was absolutely worth it!

“I worked with Caroline a few years ago with the “From suffering sponge to sensitive Savant” program and all I can say is if you are a suffering sponge / empath like I was then do this!! What a difference it has made in my life!

Empaths need to know about being empaths! I needed help, and even though I had figured out a few things for myself, the course brought my development to a totally different level than I would have been able to achieve with my own research.

Everything is laid out in a supportive way. It’s a practical approach. Expectations are realistically outlined. In every phone call Caroline was really listening to me and present. And whatever I said, she had something that was insightful and helpful for me – and I really saw “She’s an expert”. She’s done this before! I continue to use the tools I learned.

I would say – do it. If you have to save money, do what I did – book it a few months in advance and save up. It was absolutely worth it! Plus Caroline is hilarious so it was fun. I still read almost every article she publishes because I know she will present things in a way that I hadn’t considered before but that will make sense, and give me a mini aha moment. I definitely give a full recommendation! 

~Caroline, Massachusetts. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant


I am finally, joyfully, embracing who I am

“I’ve wanted to write a testimonial about Caroline and the work she does for quite some time, but found it difficult to articulate how big and important the changes are for me after working with her.

Before I found Caroline’s website — and what a fortunate day THAT was — I didn’t even know I was a highly sensitive person, much less an empath. All I knew was that I felt and “saw” stuff more than others seem to feel or see and that this stuff was causing not only pain, but an inability to go after the kind of life I wanted. It felt as if I was too aware all the time of others’ thoughts about me and what I was doing or wanted to do. I was also so aware pretty much all the time of their needs and pain so my own took a backseat as I showed up for them.

Caroline, with her wisdom, kindness, and her own sensitivity, was not only able to discern what I was going through and why, but also was able to give me the tools to change! After so many years of therapy and self-improvement programs, I am finally, joyfully, embracing who I am. I now believe my needs are just as important as the needs of others and can ask myself, what do I want, every day. I am so grateful! I highly recommend Caroline with absolutely no reservations whatsoever. She is a gift!

~Mary, Oregon. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme + No to Narcissists + Practical Perfection + Coaching sessions


Caroline’s Program provided me with the keys to self mastery

“Caroline’s Program provided me with the keys to self mastery. It not only affirmed the validity and distinctiveness of my experience as an empath, but allowed me to navigate my world in a way that no conventional healing modality that I have encountered in my training as a psychotherapist has taught me. The rich insights and comprehensive toolbox have been an indispensable part of my journey to personal empowerment. I am filled with gratitude for Caroline and the work that she does.”

~Kelly, Canada. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant


My life-negativity score dropped from 1137 to 51

“In April 2016, I did an inventory of all the people, places and things that brought up negative emotions like anger, resentment, fear, or hurt. There were 190 of them! I then scored each of them on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest, 1 being the lowest) in terms of their impact on my life. In total, the score was 1137.

In May 2017, I did the same inventory. I expected there to be a lot. However, I was aware that I’ve cleared out tons of energy and emotions belonging to others through Caroline’s program. I was hoping that the work I did through the program would show some positive results. The amount of people, places and things that brought up negative emotions totalled 12 in comparison to the 190 a year before. The overall score was 51 in comparison to 1137.

I am still in shock but very, very pleased! I can now focus on the small amount of negative emotions instead of facing a mountain of emotions and energy I need to try to get past.

Thanks for all the work we did together!”

~Mona, Canada. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme


I am a much happier and relaxed being now

“Ten years ago, I suddenly lost my husband at age 37.  Before then I only had this vague but anxious feeling that I was overly sensitive towards other people’s moods and that I did not cope well under stress.  Facing my loss turned into a long winding journey of looking inwards and figuring out who I am.

I stumbled upon a comment from one of my therapists that I was highly sensitive and perhaps empathic.  At first I was doubtful but so many of my troubles from my childhood and current issues linked to this possibility so I decided to give Caroline’s empath programme a try (a.k.a jumping off the cliff!).  I am really glad I did!  Not only did I find out that I am an empath, but Caroline helped me to demystify what being an empath was all about.

Now I have a more practical view about being an empath, how to deal with emotional overwhelm when other people around me are shut down/ grouchy/ angry, and how to find my own peace of mind in midst of it all.  Quality of my life has improved since I was able to look deeply into my childhood trauma and relationships, and how I was actually taking on too much emotionally.

I feel confident now that although there is no magic wand to make all of pains of life disappear overnight, having the right tools that match my personality will help me to thrive.  I am a much happier and relaxed being now because of this knowledge.  Caroline’s down-to-earth and authentic presence was a huge support for me on this journey.  And I should add that she has a wonderful sense of humour and compassion!  Thank you Caroline!”

~Naoko, Japan. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme


I feel hugely lighter, vastly more empowered and have a much clearer and way more loving understanding of myself, and it all seems easy and natural.

“Since childhood I had frequent outbursts of rage and complete freak-out overwhelm, directed at myself and, since I became a mother, at my children too. I tried so many ways to overcome these over the years, including loads of different self-help strategies, energy work and working with a spiritual teacher, but hadn’t been able to shift out of the pattern or the self-hatred that came with it.

Since working with Caroline in the Empath course and a healing these have disappeared. I feel hugely lighter, vastly more empowered and have a much clearer and way more loving understanding of myself, and it all seems easy and natural.

With what I have learned on the course I am able, without any reliance on Caroline or any kind of belief system, to recognise and clear energy that isn’t mine (a lot of which I had taken on from my mother, who was diagnosed with a variety of mental illnesses) while starting to understand and heal the reasons why I have been taking it on in the first place. As each clearing reveals new energy (my own and other’s) and awareness, the process is ongoing and can be intense, but always has that practical element to it that helps keeps me grounded.

Caroline’s concept and understanding of what an empath is, as well as her insights into being an HSP in general, have been the missing piece for me, and she presents it all in exactly the practical, matter-of-fact and gently humorous way that I needed. There are no shielding, hiding or fear based approaches, just standing up and taking full responsibility for oneself, which is what makes it so loving and empowering. Thank you SO much Caroline”


I was able to be much more calm through big changes in my life… I have been able to make many small changes that make a big difference

“De tempérament très sensible, j’ai contacté Caroline car j’avais beaucoup de problèmes au quotidien,  accumulés depuis de nombreuses années (depuis l’adolescence en fait) : une immense fatigue, de la déprime, le sentiment de ne pas être « normale », de ne pas pouvoir « y arriver » et de ne pas être comprise. J’envisageais aussi des changements dans ma vie personnelle mais me trouvais incapable de prendre les décisions correspondantes.

Je suis très heureuse d’avoir pu travailler avec Caroline, tout d’abord à cause de ses qualités personnelles car elle est très à l’écoute, pleine de tact, et de sensibilité !…C’est un vrai plaisir d’échanger avec elle et c’est une très grande aide pour avancer. Pourtant je ne parle pas suffisamment bien anglais pour m’exprimer facilement, mais heureusement Caroline comprend le français donc je peux lui parler français (ma langue maternelle) et elle me répond en anglais, parfait !

Je pense également que le seul fait de pouvoir échanger avec quelqu’un qui comprend réellement (mieux que moi en fait) ce que signifie être très sensible m’a apporté un grand soulagement. Le travail effectué ensemble m’a permis d’aborder une période de changement (1 ère grossesse) bien plus détendue… Et j’ai pu faire nombre de petits changements dans ma vie qui font une grande différence (garder le lien avec moi-même au lieu de m’oublier dans la relation, oser dire non, me percevoir de manière différente, comme ayant autant le droit d’exister que ceux qui sont moins sensibles que moi). Je ne suis pas au bout du chemin car ces problématiques sont bien ancrées chez moi, mais je suis très reconnaissante des progrès effectués pour l’instant, et je vois l’avenir positivement car j’ai bon espoir de progresser encore. C’est particulièrement important en tant que parent d’un bébé de quelques mois, qui est peut-être d’un tempérament sensible lui aussi…
Merci à vous Caroline !
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
I am highly sensitive and I wrote to Caroline because I had been struggling for years with some big troubles in my life : fatigue, depression, not feeling “normal”, feeling like I couldn’t “make it” like others could, and not feeling understood. I was thinking about making big changes in my personal life but couldn’t seem to really take decisions.

I’m really happy that I worked with Caroline this past year, first because of her personal qualities, she is really tactful, nice, really able to listen and, well, sensitive..! It’s a great pleasure to talk with her and it’s a big help to make progress. As I can’t speak English well enough, I had to speak French (my mother tongue) during the calls ; fortunately Caroline understands me well and talks in English, that works well.

I think that just being able to talk with someone who really gets (better than I) what it means to be highly sensitive brought me much relief. Thanks to the work we did together, I was able to be much more calm through big changes in my life (1 st pregnancy)… And I have been able to make many small changes that make a big difference (staying in touch with my feelings instead of focusing only on the other person, daring to say no, thinking of myself in a different, as somebody who has as much the right to exist as anybody else). I have still a long way to go because I’ve been struggling for a very long time, but I’m very grateful for the progress I made so far, and I’m hopeful that I will get even better in the future. This is so very important, especially when raising a (maybe highly sensitive) baby

Thank you Caroline !”

~Aurélie, France. Happy Sensitive Foundations


Today I am able to let go of what others think of me

“I have been giving a lot of thought to our sessions and the work we have done. I would like to say Thank You for everything. I am so grateful for the work you have done to help empaths. If I had not run across your site on the internet I would still be thinking there was something wrong with me. I would still have low self-esteem, lack of confidence and think I was losing it because I was picking up so many emotions that were not mine.

But today I am able to let go of what others think of me. I am able to realize that I am whole and real and a very good person. There are so many other things I have gained but they are too numerous to go into here.

I will continue to work on the tools I have learnt and grow with them.

You are an amazing person to be able to figure all of this out and work so well with others who so desperately need you. And at the same time be able to separate yourself from what we are all going through as we learn. This is a very very good program you have developed.”

~Laura, Missouri. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme


I was sick from a lifetime of unmanaged energy…I am now in a clear space – with infinitely more mental/emotional capacity, newfound energy

“From the first clarity call with Caroline, I knew almost immediately that she truly understood the struggles I’d been living with. She said what I was thinking – which never happens! She’s been through it, and searched far and wide for knowledge and methods that work. Knowing there are others out there that understand was a huge step toward my healing.

Throughout the 4 month Empath Programme, the daily emails were quick – a comforting support system that created a smooth flow and nice addition to course materials and face-to-face calls.

Before taking Caroline’s empath course I was perpetually tormented by an indiscernible “mental block” that had been nagging me since I was a small child – I was frustrated, exhausted, in pain, overwhelmed – even hopeless at times. It worsened to the point of interfering with work. I developed intolerance of socializing, loud noises, and the general public. The smallest tasks felt impossible. I was starting to think I was mentally ill, and a great depression had set in. Little did I know, I was sick from a lifetime of unmanaged energy.

Caroline gave me tools that I will always be able to keep with me – that I can use regularly without them being an interruption to my everyday life. She also worked with me to discover how to cater these tools for my specific needs.

The course was easy to manage, helped me realize reasons for why I felt this way, and also showed me how to use these tools to create change in my life that lifted the constant pain I’d been experiencing. I am now in a clear space – with infinitely more mental/emotional capacity, newfound energy, and the clarity to establish and pursue growth in my life that I’d been deeply missing. I am forever thankful to you, Caroline! I recommend this course to any empaths and highly sensitive that are experiencing overwhelm.”

~ Brenda, California. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme


Knowing how to manage this super power effectively has been an enormous relief.

“After finding out that I am HSP and looking through the internet, I found out the webpage of Caroline. I loved the name and the posts and her energy resonated greatly with me.

I refused to the idea that being sensitive would throw me to a world of sadness and stress (as it had often been the case so far) and Caroline has proved to be the best person to work with. After a period of my life where I suffered from great emotional stress and where I was totally stuck in my life, I decided to sign up for the Happy Sensitive Foundation Programme. She is very knowledgeable and has a great ability to contact with your emotions and guides you so you are able to manage them.

Also the workbook material has been very helpful to give the process structure (which i need to thrive) and the way she explains things makes it very easy to understand the reason behind every step, which for me is also very important.

After a year working with Caroline I have changed totally the way I see my sensitivity. I have gone from ignoring it or wanting to change it to fit the norm, to embrace it and include it to my “super powers” kit. Accepting it has been of great importance, but knowing how to manage this super power effectively has been an enormous relief. It is of course a life-long learning journey but I feel I have learned powerful tools to keep practising on my own.

It has been a great journey where managing my energy has probably been the highlight, but adding the part of vision and transformation has definately been the difference from running around like a rat in a cage waiting for the next melt down, to now feel more in charge of my life and what I want to do with it.

To know that I am not the only person dealing with it and that I can have a good life if I take care of my specific needs has been very calming and reassuring.

I would recommend this Programme to everybody who wants to take their sensitivity to the next level. Who wants to use it effectively and not feel it like a burden. I guarantee that you’ll start seeing life as you probably did once or as you know it should feel like: fantastic!”

~Rosanna, Spain. Happy Sensitive Foundations Programme



Everything is tailored to suit your particular goals and needs.

“Caroline at The Happy Sensitive has a broad range of talents and resources to offer. First, she is easy to chat with, so you can “break the ice” and quickly feel that you are not talking with a stranger, but with a sincerely caring person. Then she listens attentively to your story and together you and she sketch out a plan for what your goals are and how to reach them. So everything is tailored to suit your particular goals and needs.

She offered me a combination of what I would call basic talk therapy and psychic or imagination-based healing. Both aspects of her “care plan” for me I found very, very helpful.

She helped me understand certain aspects of my way of thinking and behaving that have enabled me to improve my understanding of my self and to improve my relationships with others.

I recommend her wholeheartedly and give her a five star rating (five out of five being the highest rating possible). Thank you so much, Caroline! I am deeply grateful for you being you and for you doing what you do so well.”

~Nina, USA. 3 coaching sessions


For the first time, I’ve been able to set strong boundaries with my family and attend to my own goals and dreams.

“When I signed up for your Sensitive Savant course last August, my goals were:

  • to have a clearer sense of boundaries and to keep my most of energy for my own life and goals.
  • to feel that my day-to-day mood and accomplishments don’t depend on the whims and moods of others.
  • to listen to and help my family and clients without feeling resentful and overwhelmed
  • to start writing again

I’m happy to tell you that with your coaching and the guidance of the very useful material you sent me, I’ve met most of those goals. For the first time, I’ve been able to set strong boundaries with my family and attend to my own goals and dreams. In turn, this has helped them develop their own capabilities and strengths– a real win-win for us all.

Work with my clients has been much less draining & I just completed and self-published my first novel and am working on a new writing project. Overall, I’m happy to say I’m able to feel much more like my SELF all the time, in all conditions. Before taking your course, feeling like myself was something I used to only be able to achieve during long periods of solitude.

I couldn’t have done it without your help! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~Tracy, Ontario Canada. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme


Caroline’s program is so thorough even after officially completing it I can go back to it time and time again to find solutions to any new issues I discover.

I can’t say enough about the impact Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant has made on my life. After spending years unsuccessfully trying to overcome many issues, thanks to Caroline’s program I understand that a lot of them weren’t mine but were absorbed from other people. Empaths can feel and carry the emotional issues of other people, but we cannot fix it. We either live with the burden or learn to release it. Caroline taught me how to identify and release energy absorbed from others.

It is a gradual process to separate, layer by layer, your beliefs and emotional energy from ones which were picked up from other people. Caroline’s program is so thorough even after officially completing it I can go back to it time and time again to find solutions to any new issues I discover. She’s also very responsive to ongoing questions via her group forum so her help continues to be available.

Self-help books and traditional therapy don’t even begin to address the unique issues related to being an Empath. Caroline’s program is far more beneficial, thorough, and cost-effective.

I can hardly express how freeing it is to come up against a difficult emotion that threatens to overwhelm me and have the knowledge needed to figure out if it is even mine and if not, to release it and be free of it. Thank you, Caroline, for taking the time to blaze the path of Empath awareness and to share your wisdom.


~Susan S. New Hampshire USA. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant



During our work together we resolved old issues from my past. I had done psychological work for years but the energy of these past events was still with me.

“Before working with Caroline I was struggling with feeling emotionally bogged down. I was confused why I would feel myriad emotions that didn’t align with my true understanding and feelings about my life situation. For example, I would feel, “I don’t like my job” when in fact I quite like my job! Whether the emotions were my own or ones I had sponged from others, Caroline taught me skills for clearing feelings and beliefs of the present as well as old energy from past events.

Additionally, I learned that being an HSP is not something of which I should ashamed! Not only is self-care my right, it is a responsibility on the path to being the best ME I can offer the universe!

During our work together we resolved old issues from my past. I had done psychological work for years but the energy of these past events was still with me. I was amazed at how easily and instantaneously I could clear old energy and feel completely free of these expired issues!

Now I feel as though I am in harmony with the universe. I understand myself and know that I have a purpose. I am now strong enough to serve.

The sessions are at once life-changing, empowering and balancing. Caroline taught me skills that seem to be the answer to the questions my soul has been asking my entire life! The work accomplished during the sessions effects immediate change, relief, release and, as I already mentioned, balance. I would feel free of old inner-conflicts and armed with tools to continue my growth on my own.

As an HSP and empath, I can be easily overwhelmed but that is not at all how the sessions feel. To compare it to music, I felt as though I went from dissonance to consonance and even to lovely harmony!

The daily e-mails helped me to grow daily and build lasting habits. One doesn’t become a body-builder in one work out session! The pacing of the information in daily emails fosters natural growth.

What I didn’t expect was how profoundly my life has changed! I uncovered gifts that had become dormant due to struggling and being conditioned by a world unlike me. Now, I have a clear picture of a calling in life.

When I’m not sponging it feels like having a day off from a job I detest! For years I worked in jobs that made me miserable so that when I had a day off, it felt like a taste of heaven! That is how it feels to go from sponging to not sponging; a huge relief! The best part is that it is permanent. I never have to “clock in” to sponging again.”

~Tricia, Los Angeles. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme



While I still need my alone time, now I can use it for my art instead of resting in complete exhaustion.

“Before working with Caroline I was struggling with providing for my family. Although I love my work as a creativity coach and artist, it used to leave me exhausted and I had to rest for long periods of time, especially after workshops and meetings. This affected my income and my willingness to take on new clients and market my services.

During our work together I felt like I had been given an encryption key to my way of experiencing life. Although I had previously worked a lot on developing boundaries, learning about being an empath gave me the tools to interact with people without depleting my energy reserves. Caroline’s material presented me with information that immediately made sense to me and brought results (relief) instantly.

Now I can work intensively for eight hours in creativity coaching workshops and come home to be a present mother to my children. I can suddenly understand how it is possible to work with people for the whole work week. While I still need my alone time, now I can use it for my art instead of resting in complete exhaustion.

What I didn’t expect was the value I received. After reading the pdf material and doing the exercises, I felt like even if I didn’t do one more thing I had already gotten my money’s worth. And followed the daily e-mails, the videos and the sessions! Although I had a good, lovely life before this program, now I feel like I’m living in the harvest time of my life. So much good is happening and I can enjoy it fully.
I highly recommend this program to anyone who recognizes empath traits in themselves and is ready to face themselves emotionally in a safe space.”

~Marie, Finland. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme


I wasn’t expecting to sleep better at night and feel so much better when I wake up in the morning. I wasn’t expecting that my marriage would become healthier.

“When I first considered doing The Happy Sensitive Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant training, my husband was supportive but also uncomfortable at the same time. Since doing the training, he’s come to a place of feeling more comfortable with it all and has said some cute and funny things since.

I told my husband I needed a few moments to myself to practice my skills and in response he said in a sweet and concerned tone, “Are you ok honey? Is your chi fucked up?” After applying some skills he responded with, “I’m glad when you’re paying attention to your chi because then you’re more of the woman I love.”

One of the best things about working with Caroline is that she brilliantly teaches skills that you can retain for your whole life and become truly autonomous. Once you’ve got ‘em, you’ve got ‘em!

I wasn’t expecting to sleep better at night and feel so much better when I wake up in the morning. I wasn’t expecting that my marriage would become healthier. I wasn’t expecting that I would no longer need alcohol everyday to feel ok. I have consistently underestimated how much my sensitivity impacts every moment and aspect of my life.

Learning to work with my sensitivity has shifted everything for the better. Caroline will have you laughing through any frustrations, and will hold your hand all the way from the Netherlands as you move on your way.”

~Allison, Seattle USA. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme


My life has changed, my panic has significantly reduced (I had been to other spiritual counselors and they usually would say “wow, you’re really sensitive.”) Her style of teaching was the breakthrough I needed. One of the tools that I had trouble using before is now my favorite tool of all!

“Before working with Caroline, I wasn’t really sure if anyone could really understand what I was going through. Being an empath, I suffered horrible panic attacks, I had no idea what my body wanted and I had a hard time doing anything in public or having a good vacation because my symptoms would sabotage everything.

I had been to other spiritual counselors and they usually would say “wow, you’re really sensitive.” They inevitably would have really generic advice for me or they just didn’t know what to say. That always made me feel bad because I would think “wow, if spiritual people don’t get it, I must be an alien or something.” That contributed to me feeling depressed and confused.

When I got an email about Caroline’s program, I decided to check it out because I was curious. After reading her testimonials, something told me this could help me.

Some of the tools she teaches in her program were brand new to me and some were things I had tried unsuccessfully by myself, but her style of teaching was the breakthrough I needed. One of the tools that I had trouble using before is now my favorite tool of all!
It’s amazing the amount of stuff I feel that isn’t mine. Caroline’s tools helped me find that out and clear them. When I’m confused about 
something I’m experiencing, she has an intuitive ability combined with practical knowledge to see what might be the issue. Caroline is the perfect blend of practical and spiritual intuitive advice combined with do it yourself. She’s also compassionate and gentle.

I now have a way to ask my body to see what it wants and a way to figure out what ideas and choice are in my best interest. I had a really hard time making decisions before and frequently made choices that weren’t serving me. Now I save time and energy because I make better choices.

My life has changed, my panic has significantly reduced and now, when I do have it, I have a much better idea of how to clear it. That’s amazing. I can’t recommend this program enough!”

~Katie, Georgia USA. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme



I was kind of floored actually…because I was so accurate and quick in my ability to recognize the energy and emotion’s origin.

“Hi Caroline,

I wanted to touch base and say thank you for your Sensitive Savant course. I didn’t utilize all that was offered, but it was and continues to be wildly successful for me. I am still reading about clearing tools and having a ball doing it. I’m enjoying the process so much. I am getting so much more adept at recognizing others’ energy as opposed to my own. As an example:

A week ago, I found a Love Rock on the bumper of my car. I was thrilled to see it laying there. I didn’t know what a Love Rock was specifically, but whenever I see heart rocks in nature, I’m uplifted and reminded of the love of people in my life who I can no longer see with my physical eyes. So, I was really happy to see it. When I picked it up and held it I felt so sad. Before your course, I wouldn’t have realized that it wasn’t my sadness, but a lingering emotion from the giver of the rock. But, having had the experiences that you taught me, I knew there was something attached to this beautiful little rock. So, when I got home, I looked up Love Rocks on Facebook and read the incredibly sweet and sad story of how they came about. I was kind of floored actually. Not that the story was sad, but because I was so accurate and quick in my ability to recognize the energy and emotion’s origin.

Today, I sent my sister an email and asked how intensely she was feeling anger and anxiety, because I was picking it up. She confirmed of course that she was feeling especially anxious. No surprise there. I’d already swayed that out for myself :)  But the thing that did surprise me was that she blamed it on PMS. I had not actually connected my “out of the blue” physical symptoms of ovulation. While it’s not out of the realm of possibility, I don’t ovulate often anymore. I thought it odd that I was having signs of PMS. When she mentioned it, I had to laugh.

There have been many instances of empathic knowledge. Thank you for helping me figure out how to recognize and make decisions on how to handle all the information coming my way. I continue to learn all kinds of cool stuff through your blog posts, as well as continuing on through the Savant course.”

~Day, Oregon USA.  From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme



Now I feel I have the tools to start living MY life and to clear any emotional trauma which comes up

“When I reached Caroline and subscribed for the “from suffering sponge to sensitive savant” course, I was feeling so desperate with my situation as an empath. I did understand what was going on within me but was completely unable not to take on people’s energy and heal my past traumas.

I chose Caroline’s course since I really resonated with her way of working, that’s to say reaching a point where I’m not hiding from people’s energies but I’m aware and in control anywhere I go.

During the course, I faced many ups and downs and Caroline was always very supportive by email and during our private sessions. She was always available and I felt understood regarding my issues. She really helped me to develop inner tools I can now use in any situation and this is priceless! She helped me to see what I couldn’t see or deal with on my own.

Now I feel I have the tools to start living MY life and to clear any emotional trauma which comes up. Caroline helped me to understand how to clear my family energy I was carrying into my body and unconscious mind.

I would recommend this course to any person who knows she’s an empath and is struggling to live happy and FREE.”

~Alexandra, Mexico. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme



Caroline helped me learn how to stop absorbing others’ strong emotions and to also stop giving others’ energy.

“This course is definitely worth the money I invested and more!  Caroline helped me learn how to stop absorbing others’ strong emotions and to also stop giving others’ energy.  This has been a priceless gift and for the past few days I have only had to sleep 2 to 4 hours a night and still feel extremely well rested.  I cannot believe how much energy I was giving out to others!

Now I have the power to invest in my own business and I am able to effectively do what I was born to do.  Caroline also gave me extra help and time via emails and Skype so that I felt like I was really settled and done with healing and processing what I needed to.  She also gave me really helpful tips on which automated email service is the best which has been a huge time-saver since I know it was already vetted by a fellow savvy empath.

Caroline really went out of her way to customize her set program to my quirky needs. She allowed me to see the whole database of emails upfront so that I could read through it quickly and see big picture.  This way, I was able to concentrate on the pieces when the reminders came in everyday through email.

In sum, Caroline’s sharp intuition, her gentle but honest manner, and her beautiful smile (gorgeous hair!) and true compassion for her clients radiate and make this course well worth the investment.

If you are on the edge, and debating if you should get this course or not…I highly highly recommend it.  It will change your life forever in a truly wonderful way.  And that is not something you can ever put a price on.”

~Sarah, Hawaii. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme



Now I have the tools to tell the difference, to confirm whether the assumptions I make from my feelings are true

“Hi Caroline, 

I wanted to send you my thoughts on the course, for what they are worth. I’ve really got a lot out of it, and enjoyed working with you and your material. 

When I stumbled upon the possibility that being an empath was the reason for so much of my abnormal way of experiencing life, I was overjoyed that a) there was a reason, so i wasn’t just defective and b) via your work, there was a way out of this. Having completed the course my outcome is actually quite different from what i’d expected, but no less valuable. Yes, I still am highly sensitive to life, but I realize that maybe I was not sponging as much as I thought (or even hoped!) I was. 

Now I have the tools to tell the difference, to confirm whether the assumptions I make from my feelings are true (mainly no, it’s my crap) and the tools to deal with both others’ energy and my own crap. One impact of this is that I have the means to stop myself collecting evidence to feed my limiting beliefs around how people see me, as well as identify and blitz the beliefs. 

As you helped me see, my tendency to dissociate from big feelings is not a solution, and I’m grateful for your ability to pick up on how my usual self-defeating patterns were part of this, and your tips on how to work around these and use them as clues to dig for buried treasure.

Initially I admit I had mixed feelings about already being familiar with (in theory, if not in regular practice) with much of the information but recognize that it being all put together in the way it was and presented on a plate is more than I would have ever got round to doing. That was genius. Thanks to the coaching calls especially, it really came home to me how much these tools are in fact life skills, applicable to much more than empath work.  Working again with, and trusting, energy has helped me remember what I do know, what I am capable of, with a very practical way of implementing it.

I’ve already said that really like the analogies, both in the material and the coaching calls, likewise your sharing of your experiences.  I was impressed too by how you could instantly refer back to what personal questions we’d dealt with when I had forgotten – I’m going back to the recordings and making notes! 

I enjoyed having the manual to refer to.  Mostly, the daily insights, tasks, reminders kept me on track…i felt tho that since i didn’t get the hang of the sway test when i should have (procrastination) that I then wouldn’t get the most out of the course (vowed to go back and do it again afterwards, same old tune). Would it be worth making that sheet into an assignment to send to you, for people like me who need to be accountable to someone sometimes?

I really appreciated the “tough love” (listening to the call again I appreciate that you were still very gentle, but at the time I felt the familiar sinking feeling of being disapproved of – my crap, I can distinguish) , you’re right, no one else is going to do my inner work for me. Your being worried, and giving me a gentle and concerned nudge prompted me to do a last minute intensive – I needed to immerse myself, to see the big picture, then use the last month to bring it all together.

THank you so much for your work and for putting yourself out there!”

~Becca, Spain. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme



I now see my sensitivity as a gift, even an honor to posses.

“In a culture where doing, going, bigger, faster, better, toughness, pushing through etc. is applauded, being an HSP can be daunting, discouraging, scary and lonely. Working with Caroline has changed my perspective. I now see my sensitivity as a gift, even an honor to posses. As such, it deserves a certain amount of respect and care and Caroline has shown me that as well.

My life has not gotten easier. Instead, Caroline has shown me that I had a toolbox within me all along to help me when things get tough. And where I didn’t have the tools already, she loaned me some so that I wouldn’t be without.

As one who has always believed that everything happens for a reason, I now see an even greater sense of purpose in every circumstance and encounter. I see that I have an opportunity to know myself deeper and to offer more of my gifts in every situation.

Ultimately, Caroline has shown me that all I needed all along lay right within me and she opened my eyes to see in a whole new way. I am, truly, beyond grateful.”

~Nikki, California USA. Happy Sensitive Foundations Coaching Programme



Before working with Caroline I was struggling with feeling really tired and worn down.

“Before working with Caroline I was struggling with feeling really tired and worn down. I had a growing feeling that I was sensitive/clairsentient and that perhaps it was affecting my life more than I realized but I didn’t know how to explore it. I mentioned to a friend that I wished I would find a teacher/mentor to help me and the next day I got Caroline’s email for her class offering in my inbox. I knew right away this was my chance!

 During our work together we resolved so much! I notice a change in how I relate to other people’s energies. I can now decipher what’s ‘mine’ and what isn’t when I feel a strong emotion. It’s so liberating to just have your ‘own’ stuff to work with and not be overwhelmed.

Now I feel like I have stronger energetic boundaries and that I have tools to maintain them. I feel more myself because now I can more easily identify where I end and others begin.

The sessions are like having a conversation with a friend. I would take some time to write a few notes in a advance but I rarely ever needed to.  What was meant to be worked on/released would often just come up. Caroline would notice patterns while I was talking and would  bring them into my awareness. It was fascinating and deep work yet totally comfortable. It’s easy for me to get anxious for an upcoming call but Caroline really created a comfortable safe space.

The daily e-mails helped me to remember that I was being supported through the process and they often came at just the right time for me to read something or practice that exercise that day.

What I didn’t expect was how different I would feel by the end of the course. Of course I’d hoped for a positive change but I just couldn’t see how it would come about. Between the information Caroline provided, my own practicing with it, and the help Caroline provided in cutting energetic cords and releasing beliefs that were supporting my energetic sponging – a really wonderful transformation happened.”

~Mary, Canada. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme



I learned a lot from you and came to realize there is another big circle around the one I already know.

“I think it is an awesome program. I am (self-taught) well-versed in the psychological, spiritual and mental aspects of our being yet I learned a lot from you and came to realize there is another big circle around the one I already know.

Your program helped me to activate and direct growth in my life just when I needed it most and I appreciate you for making it all available to me. I appreciate your friendly manner and approachability. Even when I messaged with my personal life drama that had nothing (or everything) to do with your program, you always kindly and very thoughtfully replied, allowing me to have the feeling you were part of my [mental health] posse.

I highly recommend your program and services.I found your coaching to be insightful and very personal – unlike going to a coach who has a pretty much set way of taking clients through their paces. I also found you to be very flexible and fluid within the sessions. Even though I would send my thoughts ahead of time and you would have a planned approach, you were still able to listen and feel as the session went along and you were able to adjust or switch gears if something else bubbled to the surface.

You are very respectful, especially when you felt I should consider something other than what I had in mind. I very much appreciated your openness to talking to and exchanging ideas with my bipolar husband. That was a huge diversion from your project, yet you gave of your time, energy and gifts to talk with him and even work some things through with him. Thank you for that and everything else you’ve done for me/us.”         

~Sheryl, California USA. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme



The sessions were healing and we were touching on subjects so deep that I was not expecting.

“When I signed up for the program I did not know exactly what to expect. I thought that it will be some sort of training/coaching program that will teach me how to deal with the tremendous anxiety that I was experiencing and may be even heal it. What I got is much more than I bargained for. The sessions were healing and we were touching on subjects so deep that I was not expecting. You taught me practical tools of how to deal with stress and anxiety in daily life but you also did amazing profound healing on me. Caroline, you are the most insightful and intuitive healer I have ever met. You have the ability to go straight to the core of the problems. The work we did has affected me deeply. Thank you!

What I liked the most about the way you approach the coaching were the emails with questions you ask and the insights you give in order to prepare me for the next session. I have had many breakthrough moments just answering those questions and I also have them in my email now to refer to at any time I need. Those questions are so profound and life changing that I consider them my most important gain of the whole program.

Another thing I loved about our sessions was the fact that they were very intuitive based and that we could go anywhere with that. That made it actually fun and exciting to look forward to them. (Well, may be minus the dead spirits part :)). Even though the work was so hard and important, it was still fun because there was a spontaneity factor.”

~Nadia, Bulgaria / USA.  highly customized version of the Happy Sensitive Foundations Coaching Programme



In just one session, Caroline was able to help me identify the root of severals personal blocks, one of which went back to when I was 2 years old (and boy was that one a doozy)!

“Caroline is incredible! She is definitely a person who lives her work and walks her talk. While her daily emails were great, informative, and pretty much always hit upon something current and relevant in my life, what I found especially helpful were the sway test and coaching sessions.

The Sway Test
I regularly utilize the sway test, and have found it a very useful and easy method to use in identifying sources of energy as well as in problem-solving and decision-making. While I have other energetic methods in my tool box, it’s the sway test I have really embraced as my primary and initial ‘go to’ method.

Coaching Sessions
In just one session, Caroline was able to help me identify the root of severals personal blocks, one of which went back to when I was 2 years old (and boy was that one a doozy)! With her guidance, including some very effective visualizations and focused questions, I was able to a) pinpoint the source of the issue, b) recognize how it has manifested itself physically, mentally, emotionally, and ethereally, and c) practice several techniques to dissolve the physical, and energetic effects when symptoms of this specific issue attempt to resurface.

Caroline is a very caring, personable and fun person to work with and I highly recommend her course, From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant, to anyone looking for ways to better understand and more effectively manage life as a highly sensitive person.”



Her counseling has equipped me to make the decisions necessary for me to be happy in my life

“I am so grateful for the advice and wisdom Caroline has shared with me. Without her help via internet chat, her writings, and website, I would not be where I am today. Her counseling has equipped me to make the decisions necessary for me to be happy in my life. It was just great to have some validation that not all that I’ve been experiencing for a very long time was unique to me. It really did help me to accept the process and keep myself honest and nurtured regardless of what was going on.

I’m still working on issues, but at least they are not taking control of my life. Although Caroline and I live thousands of miles away from each other, on a tiny island in Hawaii, I am living much more honestly and lovingly and could not have done it without her assistance!”

     ~Wendy, Hawaii. 3 Healing Intensives

Note: we did three healing intensives over google chat (approx 3 hours each). When this client contacted me, she was unable to work due to extreme anxiety. After 3 healing intensives and a number of e-mail correspondences she actually found a new job and successfully went to work full-time.



Caroline’s manner and way of writing make the lessons and concepts easy to grasp.

“Before working with Caroline I was struggling with understanding what high sensitivity is and how it expresses itself through me. I guess that’s another way of saying understanding my high sensitivity. Accepting my sensitivity and even valuing it. Understanding how to nurture my sensitivity and how to respect it.

I have grown in my understanding that high sensitivity is a real thing, not just me being too sensitive. I now practice mindfulness techniques to listen to my body’s way of communicating what I need. I am learning when I am picking up on other people’s feelings, when I need to take three deep breaths to center myself, when I need remove myself from a situation. I have learned techniques for grounding myself and for recognizing what is my energy and what is others’ to return.

Some lessons and truths in Caroline’s program are truths I have heard and learned from other practices. I find that when I keep hearing the same truths from teachers/mentors of different backgrounds I begin to listen more deeply. Also, Caroline’s manner and way of writing make the lessons and concepts easy to grasp. I even found lessons from other backgrounds/practices easier to grasp when explained by Caroline.

The sessions are very personable and accessible. I was able to practice trouble points and receive good advice and guidance.

The daily e-mails helped me to stay focused on learning and practicing. It is easy to learn a new technique and then not practice. Caroline’s daily emails kept me focused on the practice and the practical aspects of becoming a sensitive savant.

What I didn’t expect was to hear so many teachings and lessons that I have heard from other practices and religions: Zen Buddhism, mindfulness, Reiki lessons, energy healing and medicine teachings. Caroline has studied broad and deep and has taken the best of these offerings to build her program. I found that I was much more receptive to her practices and teachings because I was not hearing them for the first or second time. She took truths, things that are considered truths in all religions, practices, and cultures, and put them in to her program in the context of being sensitive. She also demonstrates that these truths, often considered mystical or spiritual and thus not very accessible, are in fact very real truths. Energetics may be something we cannot see or measure well, but many of us experience energetics all the time. It is a physical and practice reality, an aspect of being human that must be integrated into day to day life. Caroline’s program teaching you how to do that.”

    ~Amber, California USA. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme



I am standing taller, offering my gifts more freely and more fully, greeting each new day with anticipation

“Working with Caroline has been awesome.  She is phenomenal.  Her framework is phenomenal.  She has given me a bucket full of permission slips to just be, to be okay being me.  I have permission to change my mind at the last minute based on how I am feeling and what my body needs in that moment without needing to apologize for taking care of myself.

The framework I find very useful.  I can look at it when I am feeling off and clearly see which area I have not been paying attention to.  For instance, my vision – am I connected to my vision?  It provides a clear solution, a clear direction.  And hope.  Heaps of hope that I can gain skill.

Hearing Caroline’s story is very inspiring.  It leaves me filled with hope that I too can become skilled at working with my own beautiful sensitivity so that I can reap the benefits and live an inspired life.

I think the biggest thing that sticks with me is just the support.  Her very clear, practical, unrefutable description of how it all works leaves me with no reference with which to apologize for how I am, and to instead see myself as a gift so that I can take my place in the world.

With Caroline’s support, I am standing taller, offering my gifts more freely and more fully, greeting each new day with anticipation, knowing that I have tools, a reference map, a care plan and an advocate when I need one.  And loyal, pragmatic, caring practical support from someone who has been there and has paved a way for us to follow.  I love her and enthusiastically with neon flashing lights recommend her to anyone.

I no longer curse the creator or my  mother for giving me what seemed nothing but a liability.  I now feel grateful and empowered to take my place.”

      ~Chirin, Texas USA. Happy Sensitive Foundations Coaching Programme



Caroline has a wonderful gift for getting right to the core of what’s actually going on, and facilitating the release of deep rooted negative beliefs and energies.

“I contacted Caroline as I was in much need of clarity and help understanding more about my sensitivities and the often overbearing difficulties it had been causing me with my mind and interactions with others.

Caroline has a wonderful gift for getting right to the core of what’s actually going on, and facilitating the release of deep rooted negative beliefs and energies.   I was surprised at how easy and powerful that part was, as i’d expected it to be more uncomfortable.  I felt so much lighter and brighter after that!

Our session together helped me enormously in making peace with the past and knowing now what to practice and focus on to manage my energy better going forward.  I really enjoyed our session too, it was fun working together whilst being transformative and I look forward to working with the tools I’ve learned, very positive about the changes taking shape.  Thank you so so much Caroline, I’m so happy I found your website!”

~Louise,London UK. one Healing Intensive



It is hard to put the experience into words. It was really an amazing experience for me.

“I’m not really sure what to say. It is hard to put the experience into words. It was really an amazing experience for me. I’ve tried various types of training for meditation and mindfulness and there was something about this experience that was so much easier and with more immediate satisfaction.

Some of what you discussed in the daily emails wasn’t new information- you’re not reinventing the wheel, but the way you’ve packaged it makes it very easy to process. Both of the consultation sessions were very helpful for me and I really appreciated your insights.

I have found that the heart-centered and 3-part meditations have been very useful and as I apply them in different circumstances, I’m able to learn new things about my experiences. The heart-centered meditation, especially, helps me to feel calmer and safer and I suspect that that sensation is the happiness we are all searching for.”

     ~Heather, New York USA. How to Be Heart-Centered: Peace and Intuition Course



She’s great at feeling into what I’m processing, and offering solutions to change things on the spot.

“When I found Caroline I had done a fair amount of research and integration of my high sensitivity trait, but was still a little at odds with some aspects of it. Through working with her I was able to make another important step forward, by learning to give myself full permission to be highly sensitive, and to do things my own way in various arenas in my life. As a result I experience less internal conflict and am getting better at balancing my life!

Sessions with Caroline are very fluid and often full of surprises. She’s great at feeling into what I’m processing, and offering solutions to change things on the spot. I’m grateful for the increased sense of peace that I have gained from our relationship.”

   ~Jason, California USA. 4 Coaching Sessions



I finished the session feeling like a huge weight had been lifted.

“I can’t recommend working with Caroline enough!

I wrote to Caroline explaining that I was finding it hard to make sense of why I felt so burdened and overwhelmed. I experienced inexplicable floods of emotion, mostly anxiety and sadness which seemed to come out of the blue. I was constantly tired and achy. I’d read about the traits of sensitivity and being an empath but I wasn’t sure whether they applied to me. She wrote back and suggested a coaching session.

Caroline was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was relaxed and warm and very easy to talk to. What I didn’t anticipate was what a relief it would be to talk to someone who understood. It was such a joy to able to talk openly about things I was experiencing without having to constantly edit for fear of being thought of as strange or a bit nuts.

I also hadn’t anticipated how incredibly helpful her intuition would be in helping me to identify exactly what it was that was going on with me – the joy of working with a sensitive! I knew I didn’t quite fit the description of an empath but also that there was more going on than just being HSP. Not only did she explain why I was feeling the way I did, but she also taught me some techniques for dealing with all of it, which literally made me feel instantly better. I finished the session feeling like a huge weight had been lifted.

So to conclude, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and would like to get to grips with being sensitive, Caroline is a fantastic person to guide you.”

      ~Abla, London UK, one Healing Intensive



Instead of being a victim of my sensitivity, I’m learning to respect it and harness that quality for a richer experience of life.

“It was good to have someone ‘there for me’ who had a wealth of experience working on these issues herself, so that I had the feeling of being guided by someone who immediately knew what I was talking about and could suggest strategies or practices for dealing with them.

I like Caroline’s open and creative approach. Caroline is not tied to any dogma or methodology but employs her impressive creative talents to meet you where you are. Caroline was very generous with her time and skills.

I liked Caroline’s muli-faceted approach. The many articles on her site address a whole range of aspects of being HSP and are backed up by practical short audios and videos. Caroline’s practical approach helped me to hone in on areas where my sensitivity was holding me back or limiting my experience of life.

Caroline helped to pinpoint aspects of my sensitivity I had thought of as a problem and to see or experience them differently. By working through different scenarios that I brought to our coaching sessions, Caroline helped me to have a different attitude to my sensitivity. Instead of being a victim of my sensitivity, I’m learning to respect it and harness that quality for a richer experience of life.

Working with Caroline made me aware of how many apects of my personality are due to hyper-sensitivity. The materials she produces address many of the issues I have faced and are a fantastic support in learning to work through them. Once when something new came up, Caroline was kind enough to produce, immediately, an audio that explored that very issue!”

    ~Alison, UK / India. 3 Coaching Sessions + From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Training Programme



It has helped me learn a new way of thinking

“I want to thank you so much for offering the Heart Centered course. It has helped me learn a new way of thinking. I want to tell others about what I learned and how much it has helped me.

I had recently broken up with my boyfriend of two years. It had been two years of confusion, pain and self doubt. I was scouring the internet daily looking for some kind of information that would help me understand why my relationships seemed to all end up the same. I had suspected that my boyfriend was a Narcissist, having that confirmed through research, I was only left with me to ask why this kept happening.

During our workshop I discovered that not only do I take full responsibility for a relationship and making it work, I feel a strong need to rescue people. I have a lot of empathy and it comes very natural. But when it is causing you pain you have to find tools to direct it appropriately. Caroline helped me learn to ask my heart what it wanted instead of looking to the world. I am learning to send energy back to others if it doesn’t feel right to me. I now ask my self simple questions when engaging with people, especially my ex. How does it feel for me? What will I get out of this interaction – more pain? Will it really help him? By sitting quietly and really paying attention to you body without judging your feelings, you can find answers and peace of mind. Your heart already knows the answers, you know the answers!!!!

We resolved that I needed to watch and listen to my limiting beliefs about my responsibilities in relationships. When something comes up that doesn’t feel right, I try to feel the words in my body. In my case, it usually comes up as a color. I then focus on that energy, that color and let the negative energy flow into the ground.

I loved the Skype sessions with Caroline. We related so well. She intuitively understands everything I was trying to tell her. She is so well educated and well read, she seems to know everything – I was amazed, truly. Our talks were so insightful, because I could talk to her specifically about what I was experiencing and she could address it in real time until we had a solution, a tool, a new way of thinking… always a good outcome. I learned so much.

We talked two times, but the daily email really helped keep me focused and remind me of what I was trying to accomplish. I would recommend that if you take this course, don’t read any other materials or take any other courses at the same time. This experience is worth your full attention. Spend time meditating and thinking about the emails. Also, Caroline will make audios when you talk if she has something important to say that you might want to listen to again. This is so helpful because I was wanting to write every word down. Her advice was so compelling and so needed, I didn’t want to forget anything she said.

When I started this course, I had no idea what to expect. I had never done Skype before. I had never taken an online course. The technology went so smoothly, she made me feel like an expert, I was amazed. I also didn’t expect to get so many hands on physical tools to use. Reading is one thing, but when you are stuck in your emotions, it really isn’t that much help. You find that your own heart is your best source of information and of dealing with whatever distress you are feeling.

I would recommend this class to everyone!!! Caroline is a delightful, highly intelligent, extremely caring and insightful woman.”

~Kathy, Arizona, USA. How to Be Heart-Centered: Peace and Intuition Course



Caroline was fearless in going the distance that I wanted to get to the bottom of what was preventing my healing

“It’s been a long search locating a skilled Bio-Energetic practitioner to help me gain the objectivity needed to heal an area of my life that I just couldn’t seem to balance out myself. Being a highly sensitive, clairsentient (aka as an empath with boundaries) and an accomplished intuitive therapist, Caroline’s talents leapt off the written page so that I scheduled two ‘Healing Intensives’ Skype sessions. And, these sessions more than satisfied my expectations!

Caroline was fearless in going the distance that I wanted to get to the bottom of what was preventing my healing. She is very knowledgeable while being intuitively patient, supportive and direct in doing what was needed to put things in focus and keep me on point.

I highly recommend Caroline as a practitioner and can give my highest compliment in that she is, ‘a practitioner’s practitioner’. The result of my session work with her is that after several months of profound healing, I am moving forward out of some stagnant energy, which has led to positive life changes both professionally and personally. Thank you, Caroline!”

~Shelly, USA. 2 Healing Intensives



I can sit calmly while others feel their own emotions. I can go grocery shopping without anxiety.

“Before working with Caroline I was struggling with overwhelming emotions and thoughts – my relationships were in disarray, I was trying to please everyone and give them what I thought they needed from me. I was taking on their painful and difficult emotions to save them from feeling them, and in so doing I made myself sick with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, gastritis, migraines, allergies, exhaustion, and a nonexistent appetite. I medicated with prescription pills that made me fuzzy and forgetful, and not feel much of anything. My house was a mess, my finances were a mess. I had, at times in my life, achieved semblances of control in all these aspects – until the next big thing would hit, and then it would all come crashing down and I would spiral back out of control of everything, including myself.

I have been to several talk therapists over the years, participated in cognitive-behavioral therapy, and was an active member of Twelve Step groups for Codependents and Enablers. I have read countless self-help books to try to “fix” myself, to try to “get over” the hurts of the past, to try to “thicken my skin” and overcome my “irrationality” and “emotional histrionics”. I’ve been told since I was a child that I had a great deal of empathy, but that I was too sensitive and needed to toughen up. Now, thanks to The Happy Sensitive Project, I accept and love my sensitivity (well, most of the time) and enjoy honoring my empathic gift.The most immediate and painful situation in my life when I found Caroline was living with my teenage stepson who has a drug problem. After changing some of my own behaviors, trying to change his without success, and still feeling like I was going crazy and it really was all my fault, a part of me realized that the emotions I was feeling and thoughts I was thinking were often contradictory, and when I looked at them logically, were really not how I felt or what I thought at all. So I started searching for information about empaths. I found the Happy Sensitive Project and downloaded the free ebook, which rang true for me and made my inner ears perk up. I explored the website and read all the blog posts.

When Caroline announced the HSP Comfort Kit course (Crash Course at the time), I signed up – she gently pointed out, based on my goals for the course, that I might benefit from the SS2SS course. I did both! I’m glad I took the 30-day course first – it provided me with wonderful insights and practical tips on dealing with overwhelm, and I still refer to this information regularly.

During our work together we resolved:

  • I learned how to determine what’s mine, and what’s not mine – and what to do with it! – using more than just my logical mind (although it is still overly helpful). The “what to do with it” part is very important – knowing is one thing, but the doing is what gets stuff moving!
  • Just how important it is that I take care of myself, AND that the world won’t stop if I do take care of myself first.
  • Boundary setting.
  • Acceptance of the reality of some situations where my expectations and hopes have not been met, and where others have let me down – although sad, that frees me to release the negative feelings and move forward with those people in new ways. And it frees them to move forward, too.
  • What is mine and what is not mine. I said that already, but it’s a big one.
  • Where some of my thoughts come from – those “mind-fights” and obsessive thoughts, repetitive “imagined” conversations that run through my head and keep me in a state of turmoil – and how to deal with them.
  • Emotional residue from my childhood that I still carried around even though I had mentally worked through those incidents in therapy years ago.
  • Family programming that is not in line with my values and beliefs now.


Now I feel / do:

  • Underlying peace with myself.
  • A strong knowing that everything will be okay in the long run.
  • Trust in the process – the process of healing, growing, living.
  • I can sit calmly while others feel their own emotions.
  • I can go grocery shopping without anxiety. (Grocery delivery was getting expensive and they don’t always select the thin asparagus).
  • I can say “no” lovingly. This one is huge! It used to be so hard to say “no” because I was always afraid of the emotional backlash from the requester – even if they said they were okay with my declining, I felt their frustration and anger. It was often easier to take on an extra task than to take on the impending emotions.

The sessions are like a chat with a dear friend. Caroline is very down to earth, compassionate without being sappy, and very attentive and present – during our calls I never once felt that I was taking up too much of her time or not “getting it” fast enough. She addressed all of my questions and the topics I needed help with in a very organic way – she knew my agenda, but also followed seemingly tangential trains of thought with me. Working through personal stuff, particularly with another person, can be very scary – Caroline supported me with a gentle and cheerful strength that engendered a deep level of trust very quickly. The sessions always came to a natural conclusion, I never felt like “oh, times up, we’ll finish this next time”. Always ended with laughter, too!

A note about the “woo-woo”: the field of self-improvement, in my experience, is very broad in its approach from cut-and-dried facts and regimens backed by scientific proof or academic studies, to New Age techniques that sometimes leave a person thinking “I have no idea what’s going on, but I’ll chant and sway along with everyone else and hope that “it” comes to me”. I’ve tried both extremes and although I made some gains, I was unable to incorporate them into my daily life well enough, or long enough, to make a lasting difference.
The Happy Sensitive approach blends what works from throughout the spectrum and Caroline presents it in a way that resonates for the individual. For example, she takes the concept “your body will tell you” and explains why and how in a matter-of-fact, practical way, and then supports you as you practice with useful, specific, and understandable ways to test and hone the new skill. At the same time, the woo-woo is there if you want it! Caroline’s acceptance of me as I am has helped me develop confidence in my intuitive skills, and has encouraged me to further explore my spiritual path.


The daily e-mails helped me to:

  • Stay on track – helped me to remember to practice daily, or as often as possible.
  • Stay motivated – when I felt like I was making no progress, Caroline’s emails would highlight some little aspect that would make me realize I was indeed moving forward.
  • Helped to remind me that becoming a smoothly-functioning empath is not like flipping a switch (oh how I wish it were, sometimes) but is a process that does require hard work and dedication. I know I still have work to do to reach where I want to be, but the gains I have seen in the past five months have been incredible. Not only do I see them, but those closest to me see them too – people dear to me have told me that I appear happier, healthier, more energetic, stronger in the face of trauma and afterwards, and better able to handle previously overwhelming environments and situations. And certain people I’ve set boundaries with are actually respecting those boundaries with a minimum of emotional drama! Wow!

What I didn’t expect was:

    • To be able to swallow pills! This was a life-long difficulty (I’ve been that weirdo who chews aspirin) and although I never thought about it during this course, I suddenly realized, after about a week of swallowing my daily medication, that I could swallow with no difficulty!
    • A new career idea. I’ve always considered myself to have a special affinity with animals, particularly cats, and many times semi-jokingly referred to myself as “The Cat Whisperer”. Caroline is the first person I’ve met to respond matter-of-factly and encourage me to explore this line of work further. I’ve been practicing with calling my deaf cat to me when he’s out of line of sight – and it works! No more flipping light switches on and off to get his attention!”

~Kelly, Oregon USA.From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Training Programme & HSP Comfort Kit



I am managing the sensitivity quite easily now. It has become second nature.

“The day i found Caroline’s course is the day when I finally learned that I am an empath. The sensitivity has increased in the beginning of 2014. It reached the level that became unbearable. The strong smells, loud noises, public places and chemicals in food started making my life miserable. I did take it as an odd thing that happened just to me. No one else in my circle of friends felt the same, so they just dismissed it like something that doesn’t exist. I was literally told to stop pretending. When i couldn’t find support from the people I know, I went online and searched for answers from any possible sources. This was the day when I learned that such thing as empathy exists, that there are ways to manage, and there is a course that can help me to do that.

Over the course, I have learned new skills and how to apply what helped, identify the energy that is not mine and send it away very quickly. I followed the advice and tips that Caroline sent to me over the emails every day. I read many books to understand the origin of the problems and empathy itself. I practice feeling, managing and understanding my energy every day. I discovered grounding stones and oils that assist me on the daily bases. I believe the combination of all of the techniques and practices have brought me to a better place. I am managing the sensitivity quite easily now. It has become second nature.But, most of all, I am grateful to Caroline for being there in the beginning of my struggle and creating the course that laid the foundation for me, and gave me the essential skills to improve my life quality.”

~Anya, Australia. From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme




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