How to Be Heartcentered & Trust your Intuition

As HSP’s we tend to be caring. Does that makes us heart-centered? Yes and no. In the way I think about being heart-centered, there’s a difference between being a caring person versus actually being guided directly by your heart.

Why would you want that? Isn’t thinking loving thoughts enough?

As HSP’s we have often learned to be extremely mind-centered. What that means is that we rationally obsess about things, overanalyze and procrastinate, get confused and overstimulated and don’t know which side is up anymore. Since we naturally receive and process more information, tend to be conscientious and want to take positive decisions, we often get stuck when we rationally try to work out what to do.

At the same time, we know that giving our emotions free reign isn’t the answer either. We like to take calculated risks and not throw ourselves into a big temper tantrum to get our way, or act out the gazillion different emotions passing through us in a single day. In fact, we’ve often decided to cling to our mind for dear life because we seek a less messy way to make decisions and live.

What if neither emotions nor thoughts are the way forward though? What if the solution is not in controlling your emotions or managing your thoughts, but rather in shifting your focus entirely?

What if overfocusing on either your thinking or your emotions will get and keep you stuck? What if you actually have a whole separate “brain” meant specifically to help you see the bigger picture and stay on track? What if the peace that you think you need to create or find outside of yourself already is inside of you? What if you just need to learn how to access that peace, and what if you could actually learn how to do that in just one coaching session?

All these reasons and more are why I built the “How to be Heart-Centered” programme.

What’s in it:

  • You’ll learn simple creative daily practices that help you focus more on being to get you out of stressful doing. It’s not that doing is bad (not at all!) but it’s essential for our own inner peace that we bring doing into balance with being and letting be. Our sensitivity is a “feminine” quality which functions best when we relax, take time to do less, and focus on what we are perceiving (as opposed to what we believe we must achieve).
  • You’ll learn a process for accessing inner peace and guidance that gets easier and faster the more you use it.
  • You’ll learn a tried and true process for working with the variety of inner intuitive signals that we all have, and you’ll learn how to make sense of them. Intuition is not as clear cut as some gurus would have you believe. How do you deal with conflicting inner signals and messages? There is a way, and you’ll learn how to do this yourself.

There are 2 course packages to choose from:

Option 1: The Simply Heartfelt Pack:

The course in it’s most basic form is called the The Simply Heartfelt Pack. It has all the course materials and two coaching calls: one for doing the inner peace practice, the other for making sense of conflicting intuitive signals.

Option 2: The Big Heartfelt Pack:

For more support with emotional processing I’ve created the Big Heartfelt Pack. This pack has three additional coaching calls which we can devote to the messy, emotional side of dealing with your intuitive knowing.


What’s the difference between the two options?

While the Simply Heartfelt Pack focuses on going beyond your thoughts and emotions, to get a deeper intuitive understanding, the Big Heartfelt Pack also offers strategies for directly dealing with emotions themselves.

This is very helpful if you feel like your intuitive knowing keeps getting drowned out by your feelings, or when you’re just going through so much emotionally that “intuitively knowing” which side is up is not enough: you also need to know how you can better be with your emotions without getting overwhelmed by them.

I created the Big Heartfelt Pack because I noticed that many people signing  up for this programme were dealing with big heart-break. They were looking for peace and intuitive clarity, but also needed support with letting their emotions flow through them without getting freaked out or overwhelmed.

Our HSP intuition is very feeling-based, so if your feelings are overwhelming, and you try to block them out, you’ll also block your intuition.

If you know you’ve got practices in place to work with your emotions already, then you can go ahead and select the Simply Heartfelt Pack.

If however you notice that you often run away from your emotions, deny them or try to shut them up to “get on with things” then a combined approach of working both directly with your intuition and your emotions will give you the most powerful and peaceful results. In that case I recommend selecting the Big Heartfelt Pack.

Both Packages Include

  • 2 months of email messages (including audios and videos). You’ll get a new message every 3 days to give you time to work with the information and suggestions.
  • 1 private coaching session to teach you how to access your own inner peace directly (in your own heart). I will personally guide you until you have accessed your own inner peace in this way. You will receive a recording of the guided meditation so that you can listen to it again on your own if you so wish. Generally speaking though, once you’ve experienced it, you’ll be able to find your way back to this peace without needing my guidance.
  • 1 private coaching session to teach you how to make sense of all the different intuitive messages inside of you (by combining the intelligence of the mind, the heart, and the gut). You’ll learn how to put various intuitive signals in the right context and open a fruitful dialogue between your various intuitive “brains”. It’s like having your personal crystal ball with you, wherever you go (and knowing how to interprete it!)
  • E-mail support for the duration of the course. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have about the material.

The Big Heartfelt Pack includes 3 additional coaching calls

In working with many Highly Sensitive People I’ve developed many customised meditations and approaches to help clients connect with, process and understand their emotions.

In our calls, we’ll have my archive of true and tested emotional processes to choose from, as well as unique intuitively “downloaded” processes that I receive for you in the moment.

It was really an amazing experience for me. I’ve tried various types of training for meditation and mindfulness and there was something about this experience that was so much easier and with more immediate satisfaction. Some of what you discussed in the daily emails wasn’t new information- you’re not reinventing the wheel, but the way you’ve packaged it makes it very easy to process. Both of the consultation sessions were very helpful for me and I really appreciated your insights. I have found that the heart-centered and 3-part meditations have been very useful and as I apply them in different circumstances, I’m able to learn new things about my experiences. The heart-centered meditation, especially, helps me to feel calmer and safer and I suspect that that sensation is the happiness we are all searching for.Heather, New York
As an HSP, the world can often feel like too much. At the end of the day, I long to go home to everything that is comfortable, familar and peaceful. Caroline’s guided heart meditation empowered me to work through the barrier that was holding me back from finding my own sense of peace. Once I found it, she told me to revisit often. Through my visits, my sense of peace has grown and strengthened. I have learned that I am always home, I am alway safe within my heartNikki, California


The price for the Simply Heartfelt Pack is 260 euros US$282. You can pay in full upfront, or in 2 monthly installments of 130 euros US$141.

The price for the Big Heartfelt Pack is 550 euros US$597. You can pay in full upfront or in 2 monthly installments of 275 euros US$299.


  • Coaching Sessions will take place over skype from the comfort of your own home. I am available at various times during the week and in the weekend. If my current open slots don’t fit your time-zone and schedule, let me know and we’ll work something out. I can usually create various additional scheduling possibilities when asked in advance. For the small print on scheduling “rules” and the cancellation back-up plan please see: this page.
  • Coaching sessions are typically about an hour, but we take more time if needed.
  • Please note that the coaching sessions need to take place within the 2 months of the programme or else they are lost. For the Simply Heartfelt Pack this means having one call a month. For the Big Heartfelt Pack this means having a call ever 2 weeks (at the beginning, middle and end of the first month, and middle and end of the second month).

What You’ll Need:

  • You’ll need computer access for the duration of the course
  • We’ll connect over Skype or Zoom (my free conferencing app) on your computer with a webcam. We can also work over the phone if you have a landline or you can call into my toll free conference line. However video is preferable because it will be more like having a regular “live” conversation. I’ll be able to see where you’re at when we do the practices. (If your face says “this doesn’t work for me!” it helps if I can see that, so you don’t have to say it) Plus, I like to talk with my hands :)
  • You’ll need to put aside some regular time to work with the emails and exercises. As one of the programme graduates wrote afterwards: “…[the email messages] really helped keep me focused and remind me of what I was trying to accomplish. I would recommend [to others] that if you take this course, don’t read any other materials or take any other courses at the same time.  This experience is worth your full attention.  Spend time meditating and thinking about the emails.”
  • Last but not least, this course does require a real willingness to feel your feelings (You don’t need to be an expert at it! There are plenty of practices I can recommend to help you with processing emotions). HSP intuition is very feeling-based. So that means that whenever you block (some of) your feelings, this can start to block your intuition. It’s very much an all-or-nothing package deal. Your intuition will help you put any intense feelings into perspective. It will also bring up any feeling-parts of you that you may have (learned to) shut down. This course is about giving you the tools to put you right in the center of where you’re at, and teach you how to navigate from thereon out. It’s not a way to bypass the truth of what is going on for you. Where-ever you’re at, at any given time, that’s truly the best place to start from, every single day.


When I started this course, I had no idea what to expect. I had never done Skype before. I had never taken an online course. The technology went so smoothly, she made me feel like an expert, I was amazed. I also didn’t expect to get so many hands on physical tools to use. Reading is one thing, but when you are stuck in your emotions, it really isn’t that much help. You find that your own heart is your best source of information and of dealing with whatever distress you are feeling.I would recommend this class to everyone!!! Caroline is a delightful, highly intelligent, extremely caring and insightful woman.Kathy, Arizona

How to Get Started

To enroll, please fill out the form below. When I think this programme will help you, I’ll get back to you with the details on how to send your payment & get started. If I don’t think this programme will help you in the way you need or expect, then I’ll tell you that too and do my best to propose a better fit. I want to make sure that when buying this programme, you’ll really get your money’s worth and that you’ll be getting the support you’re looking for.


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