About Skype Sessions

The below applies to paid coaching sessions

Appointments can be rescheduled when done so at least 48 hours in advance. Any cancellation or rescheduling which is done less than 48 hours in advance means that your session is lost and will not be refunded in any way.

However, there are various alternative ways in which a session can be held if you are not able to attend in the usual way. This is called your Back-Up Plan and you will be able to indicate your preferences on this when scheduling a coaching session. For any subsequent sessions, I will use the last back-up plan I have on file for you.

These are the options to make sure you won’t have to miss out on any session unnecessarily.

First off, if you opted for a video call but are unable to get online due to internet connectivity issues then we can do your session over the phone using my conference line. You can find the dial-in numbers here: thehappysensitive.com/zoom

If you are unable to attend live then know that the time you have booked with me is still reserved for you even if you are unable to be there yourself. Below are the alternative ways to claim this time:

1. You may e-mail me before our session about any current issues you are struggling with and I will use the scheduled time to get back to you with guidance and support.

2. I can do a long-distance healing session for you and report back to you via e-mail on the issues that were resolved.

3. I can do a flower-essence reading for you.

4. You can gift your session to someone else. In this case, please let me know and make sure the person who you are gifting the session to knows the time and the connection details.

Note that, should I have to cancel a session less than 48-hours in advance myself, then we will reschedule that session + you’ll get a half-hour bonus session to compensate for the inconvenience.

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