HSP Comfort Kit

So, you know you’re HSP. High-Five!

While the initial “click” of that awareness may feel good, the question remains: now what?

People are still telling you that you are “too sensitive” and you (secretly) worry they might be right. You often feel wrong for being the way you are and doubt that will ever change.

You’ve gotten used to just being overwhelmed a lot and assume that that’s just what being a Highly Sensitive Person “is”. When it all gets too much, you retreat and hide away. You know this stops you from doing things that are important to you, but you’re not sure what else to do!

It can be hard to stay positive when often things just feel plain too much to deal with.

Worst of all, most people don’t seem to understand at all and when you’re honest, you realise you don’t really understand this part of yourself either. Why are you the way you are? Why can’t you just be tougher and get on with things the way other people do?

You don’t want to be the odd one out. So, you push yourself to keep up, but that also wears you out and so you socialise and then needs lots of sleep and alone time to recover.

You don’t want to complain, but it’s hard to envision a positive future when things that others seem to deal with so easily feel like such a daily struggle.

How can things get better? Not just every now and again, but consistently? Is that even possible?

I believe it is.

There are doable steps you can take. There are insights that can help you start unraveling the overwhelm.

The way forward is not through one dramatic, intense shift, but through consistent small adjustments.

When I started TheHappySensive.com I got questions from HSPs, asking me for some way to get started. Answers to their questions. Things they could do themselves that would make a real difference in their lives. So I started putting together the steps and insights and resources that I believe are most important.

If you:

  • Feel overwhelmed, misunderstood or anxious.
  • Worry that there is something wrong with being sensitive and that you should toughen up, because you don’t function in the same way that the people around you do.
  • Would like to take small doable steps to feel more peace and joy, you’re just not sure what steps to take…

The HSP Comfort Kit is for you.

Fantastic Comfort Kit material!! Have saved the daily emails and using it again as a daily exercise during a challenging phase. The extra bonus videos & resources are like gold to refer to when needing a reminder, support and pep. Thank you so much, highly valuable resource to have at hand for an HSP, like a 1st Aid kit :)Allyson, New Zealand
Thank you for your focus on practical steps. The Comfort Kit is exactly the kind of instructions that one ought to have grown up with, and such a relief to work along.client from Germany

comfort kit bubble button transparant

This is a digital kit to soften the noise, calm any frazzled nerves and give you more insight into your natural sensitive nature. 

Take One Small Step a Day…

We’ll use the science of the Subtle Snowball Effect: when you take one small action every day, for 31 days, you will start to feel more calm and self-assured and comfortable in your sensitive skin.


Purchase the HSP Comfort Kit

Price: 35 euros, US$38.

You can purchase with creditcard or PayPal.


I loved the course. There was a lot of really good information and it was sent in a very easy to do formatA HSP from Washington, USA
I found it to be a very complete course, with great materials and all so helpful tools!A HSP from Perth, Australia



This course is all about the things you can start doing right now to lower your stress levels, feel more connected to your authentic self and understand how your sensitivity works. It is not a course on empath skills– as that takes more time and a bigger investment to address –  but plenty of empaths have told me that they were so glad they got the Comfort Kit first!

How does it work?

You’ll receive an email every day for 31 days. Each email contains a practical tip, explanation or guided audio meditation to work with.

Plus, to make sure I’ve addressed your most important nitty gritty questions, struggles and concerns, I’ve created a library of Q&A PDFs and audios that you get access to right away.

These are detailed answers to questions that previous course participants have asked me (again and again) over a period of 2 years. So while you are working through the 31-day Kit, you can jump into the library for some extra resources whenever you have a question about a particular HSP topic.

The Q&A audios and PDFs range from how to sleep better to how to handle back-to-back meetings to how to deal with guilt. (click on and zoom in on the image to see the whole list)




Purchase the HSP Comfort Kit

Price: 35 euros, US$38.

You can purchase with creditcard or PayPal.


I love The Comfort Kit. The first day was a tough eye opener but, in hindsight, the tough parts were not all that surprising. It perfectly set the stage for the rest of the days so far. The one that really got me, in the best way possible, was Day 19. Each day has brought about a subtle shift for which I am most grateful. Karen, California
The course really validated for me how I am in a way that was very safe and nonjudgemental. I was able to see an aspect of myself as true yet not assign negativity to it. The course also helped me put other people’s input in perspective. Overall I found the material very helpful in understanding and accepting myself.A HSP from Pennsylvania, USA

No Risk: 31 day money-back guarantee.

If you purchase the Kit and you’re unhappy with it, just request a refund within 31 days of purchase and you’ll get your money back. (Just hit reply to one of the course emails)


(More) Course Details

The course contains: 31 messages including 7 audios, various PDFs, a library of Q&A files, and at the end of the course, you receive a complete PDF of all the course messages, to use as a reference manual.

The 7 Audios are:

Audio 1: Identify the ways in which your sensitivity has been mistakenly judged by others.  You’ll be prompted to start reclaiming your sense of worth concerning your sensitive self!

Audio 2: Get tips for taking care of yourself when you’re super super sensitive.

Audio 3: Learn how to bring your attention back to yourself when you’re naturally so caught up in what’s going on with others.

Audio 4: Discover how to include yourself in the support you’re giving to others. This audio will help you redefine what giving and receiving are really about. You’ll start to understand why giving in the usual way that we’ve been taught tends to deplete us.

Audio 5: Learn how to avoid unnecessary stress with a process for pulling yourself out of fear patterns.

Audio 6: Learn a technique for pulling yourself out of overwhelm (also applies to extreme anxiety). By staying connected to your body you’ll stop going into an inner tailspin.

Audio 7: Receive a creative and customizable meditation exercise that you can do at any time to help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

So much (all good!) has happened both internally and externally as a result of working through the course that I’m having a hard time separating what directly pertains to the course and what is me wanting to share with you all my stuff! (Like a little kid who has started school – “…and then I did this, and then I learned that, and then guess what…oh boy oh boy oh boy!”)

I swear, although there have been uncomfortable patches, I am overall much more calm, settled, and happy with my day-to-day life and things are shifting and moving for everyone’s higher good, it seems. At times I feel like pinching myself to make sure what I’m experiencing is real! (Please feel free to use any of this as testimonial material if it fits!)

I truly enjoy and appreciate your style of communication – both your writing and your audios and videos. You convey all this wonderful information in such a genuine, down-to-earth way that I find very easy to relate to. And I love your analogies and the humour you use in your writing.

The practical daily tips (like snacks and ear plugs) interspersed with more intense meditations and personal explorations makes the course easy to digest. I’ve actually saved all your emails to one document which I have on my tablet, laptop, and phone so that I can refer to it whenever and wherever I need to!

Thank you so much, Caroline, for sharing your experiences, insights, and skills through the Happy Sensitive Project – this is just what I needed, right when I needed it.Kelly, California



Price: 35 euros, US$38.

You can purchase with creditcard or PayPal.


“I don’t have a paypal account or credit card, how can I get the Comfort Kit?”

A paypal account is quick and free to open at paypal.com . You can connect it to your bank account. The exact options vary by country. Paypal is used a lot to sell products online. This is because paypal is secure and offers buyer protection and once you have your account set up, it’s also very easy and quick to make a purchase using paypal.


“Caroline, you’re Dutch right, so can I use my Dutch Bank Account to purchase the Comfort Kit?”

Dutch people: you can add money to your paypal account instantly using iDEAL . (So that means you can add money from your bank account, to your paypal account, and use that to purchase the Comfort Kit)


How will I get the materials?”

I use a specialised service called Payhip to deliver the HSP Comfort Kit. This means you get access to a digital library with some of your materials instantly, and others will arrive day by day over email. I have a few back-up delivery options in place in case of tech issues so if you have any trouble with your purchase, do reach out!


Are you going to think some more about this, to figure out if this will be helpful for you?

I’m going to ruin the surprise ending: no matter how hard you think about this, you won’t know what will happen when you purchase the Comfort Kit.

I mean, I can tell you what’s in the Kit and how it works, and I can tell you that other people like it, but that won’t predict how helpful and insightful and inspiring you’ll find it to be.

That’s why I have a 31-day refund. So you can see for yourself.

Many many many things in life can’t be figured out by thinking really hard about them. That just gives you a headache. I believe you have to make a reasonable risk-assessment and if the stakes are not crazy and something could work out well, it’s worth just trying it.

This whole website was born from having an idea and then just trying things. I didn’t take crazy risks (I still don’t) but I figured it was worth a shot creating a website to help Highly Sensitive People. If it wouldn’t work out, at least I’d know, like, really know, based on real world experience.

The way I look at it: knowing whether something works or not based on real world experience, is more useful than endlessly debating it in your head. If something works, great! If something doesn’t work, then you can stop spending time on it and thinking about it, and just move on.

And look where things are at now! You are here thinking about whether to buy this Kit or not.

Back in the day, I never even imagined having a 31-day Kit.

When readers kept asking me about a way to start learning more about their sensitivity, I’d never considered creating a starter kit like that. But the risk wasn’t crazy so I thought, why not?

This Kit is about answering the question: I know I am HSP, but what now? What do I do? How will knowing that I am HSP make my life better?

If you like this website, chances are really good that you’ll like the Comfort Kit too.


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