Coaching for Sensitives and Empaths

There are different ways to work with me in person. I work over skype, phone or my virtual conference line. So it doesn’t matter where in the world you are located

If we have never spoken before and you are not sure whether you are Highly Sensitive, an Empath, or someone in-between, then I recommend setting up a Clarity Call first to figure this out together.

-> For Empaths

From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Empath Programme:

This programme is for you if you are deeply affected by the emotions of others (and basically everything around you) to the point where you feel other people’s feelings in your own body. “Empathising” is an understatement for what you naturally do.

You’ll learn:

  • how to distinguish between what belongs to you and what doesn’t
  • how to clear energy in the moment so that you feel lighter right away
  • how to reprogramme your subconscious so that you stop absorbing everyone’s energy in the first place.

This is not a course on shielding. I’ll teach you how to stay open and aware, while also experiencing the benefits of clear boundaries. This 4-month programme starts on the first of every month (space permitting).



“When I looked back at the end of the course where I was and where I had come from, I couldn’t believe how much I had achieved. The way that the course is delivered, with small digestible amounts every day, learning seems to happen through osmosis and before I knew it the key tools were already daily habits I did without even really thinking (…) On the whole I feel a lot more in control of my emotions and seem to have more free time and energy now I’m not wasting so much time processing other peoples energy.” ~Australia


-> for HSPs and trained Empaths

The Happy Sensitive Foundations Coaching Programme:

Do you feel caught between trying to calm down (and be bored) or doing “all the things” and getting stressed out, to the point of collapse even?

This is a programme that will teach you how to really work with your HSP nervous system. You’ll learn how to both predict and prevent overstimulation and  build a sensitive-friendly lifestyle from the inside out. We’ll build your personal & custom HSP self-care and self-healing system to help you radically lower your stress levels and up your well-being. This is about acquiring the life tools that allow you to really work with your sensitivity and stop fighting it once and for all.

Recommended for Highly Sensitive People, and for empaths who have already worked with me in From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant



“In a culture where doing, going, bigger, faster, better, toughness, pushing through etc. is applauded, being an HSP can be daunting, discouraging, scary and lonely. Working with Caroline has changed my perspective. I now see my sensitivity as a gift, even an honor to possess.” ~California


-> for HSPs and trained Empaths

The No to Narcissists Programme for Highly Sensitive People

Do you inexplicably end up in toxic relationships or situations where negative, self-absorbed and (emotionally) abusive people tend to flock to you? Is it more than a one-time occurrence and do you want to know what you can do to break this painful pattern of attraction?

The No to Narcissists Programme for HSPs is for you if you’re tired of people lashing out at you when all you’re trying to do is be kind and helpful. (There’s a reason why this keeps happening, and it’s something you can learn how to change!)

If your mind keeps spinning because you don’t understand why “they could do that” this is the programme for you. Recommended for Highly Sensitive People, and for empaths who have already worked with me in From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant.




30-min Clarity Call:

phone chatBring your questions and get clarity on any sensitivity issues you are dealing with right now. I’d be happy to – if you want – add on complimentary time at the end of the session to discuss how I could further help you and which programmes or services would be a fit for you.





Trauma Healing Session

Do you have a thorny, painful problem that won’t go away? Do you have a trauma that just keeps haunting you? Let me help with energy clearing work that I do for you, while you tell me what is hurting.

I will use my 10+ years of experience with a big toolbox of healing tools (including my own, and my own healing systems) to help your body let go of pain, numbness, and recurring thoughts and overwhelming emotions.




Your Sensitive Business…

Many HSPs and empaths feel a calling to develop their own unique kind of work. If you (want to) work in the coaching / therapy / teacher / healer field (or already do), I can help.

I believe that for us sensitive people, it’s essential to have both support around “building self-care into your business” (in other words, making sure that your most important asset – YOU!- are doing well) as well as developing clarity in what you do in your work as well as how you do it. That’s why in my unique business coaching, we do both: supporting you and supporting your work.

I’m good at helping you break down nebulous goals into doable steps, and developing a gentle and fun action plan with you.

I’m also good at helping you bring out what you are truly, most deeply, all about and help you express that in a way that clients can hear. Visit my other site, for programme details.




Curious about what other people are saying about working with me?

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For Returning Clients only:

Clear the Way Coaching:

If we’ve worked together before and you feel stuck or feel you need to learn something new, you’re welcome to set up a single Clear the Way session.

  • This is helpful if, for example, you’ve learned empath skills with me but are dealing with an outrageously complex or overwhelming situation, or simply aren’t sure what to do. We’ll work through the energy weirdness in a call and I’ll give you pointers on how to take further steps if needed.
  • Maybe you feel that you’ve come to a fork in the road and you want to spend a session diving deep into your own inner guidance and get practical suggestions to figure out what to do.
  • Maybe you want to dot the i’s on some of the things we’ve worked on together or get some support to know how to apply them to what you’re going through right now.
  • If you’ve done the Empath Programme (From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant) or Happy Sensitive Foundations, and are dealing with a “new” (psychic or other) issue that hasn’t come up before, then we can also address this in a call. As a client once said, I always have more tools up my sleeve.

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