Peaceful Presence – for Highly Sensitive People and Empaths

  • Do you crave more peace in your life?
  • Do you wish to contribute to more peace in the world?
  • Would you like to have some peace on tap for tough days?

It’s possible!


I’d love to share a technique with you that allows you to access peace anywhere.

I’ve personally used this process to help me get through scary dentist appointments, nerve wracking world events and just daily life with all its emotional ups and downs.

I know peace can sound like a far-off fantasy, but I’ve taught numerous clients this process over the years and once you know how, it’s easy. What you do need to do is practice for a little while, a few minutes a day.

So that, this becomes a real tool to fall back on when things are tough.

To that end, I’ve put together my Peaceful Presence Program.

I will teach you the technique, we’ll practice together, and I’ll send you reminders and tips over email so that this doesn’t become another cool idea that just falls by the wayside.

You can really learn this in 31-days. You just need to get started and give it a go!

This program is one-on-one with me.

It’s not a group program.

It’s also not a series of audios.

I will be taking you through the process in person (in person virtually, over Zoom) to teach you the ins and outs because everyone is a little different and I want you to get the precise instructions that are right for you.

The best part? Once you know how to use this process, it’s near instant. It just takes a few seconds to start working and make you feel more peaceful.

Sound good?

I’ve created 2-3 options for you to choose from:

Peaceful Presence – 31 days

Develop a new, peaceful presence in 31 days. We meet every two weeks. So, once at the start of the program, once in the middle and once at the end.


  • 1 hour call to learn the Peaceful Presence Process
  • 2 practice calls of 30 minutes to help integrate this technique into your day to day
  • 31 daily emails to help remind you to practice, share tips on the many ways to use this practice and help cultivate your peaceful presence

Investment: 300 euros

That’s currently US$326

Peaceful Presence Plus – 6 weeks or 3 months

Get a little more support to develop your peaceful presence. Perfect for when you have a lot of tough emotions coming up that make you want to run away. You’ll learn how the Peaceful Presence Process helps you move through them, and we’ll practice together.


  • 1 hour call to learn the Peaceful Presence Process.
  • 5 calls of 30 minutes to further integrate and practice the technique + learn how to use it to help move through tough feelings.
  • 31 daily emails to help remind you to practice, share tips on the many ways to use this practice and help cultivate your peaceful presence


You can choose to have a call weekly (= 6 week program), or every two weeks (= 3 month program)


450 euros

That’s currently US$489


When exactly does the program start?

When you’ve signed up and paid for the program, you’ll receive the scheduling links to plan in your sessions. The program starts on the day of your first session.

You can start the program any day within 31 days of making your payment. So if you e.g. purchased the program on June 1st, you can start it any time until July 1st. This gives you flexibility to plan in your coaching calls.

Sound good? Fill out the form below to enroll:

I will follow up with you on how to make your payment over email, once I’ve received your enrollment form.

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