The No to Narcissists Programme for Highly Sensitive People


Are you ready to leave the narcissists of the world behind?

Are you looking for something real (not a magical week-end workshop) that will help you figure out how to pull the plug on that “narcissists: free beer here” sign above your head?

This is a 6 month programme that will give you the support, time and tools that you need to work through the frustration, the guilt, the negative self-talk, the heartbreak and the confusion that come with narcissistic abuse.

If you’re ready to go deep, do the work and leave this crap behind for good, please read on! (If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a magical pill… this ain’t it!)

This won’t be like another book you’ve read. I’ll teach you how to heal from the hurt in a way that makes narcissistic people lose interest in attacking you. So, you’ll both change how things feel now and set yourself up for a happier future too.

Caroline has created content and practices that are practical and helpful in real world applications. Her coaching style is comfortable and relatable. I feel I have made progress again after stalling out during traditional counseling. Caroline understands the unique challenges that face HSPs. Using techniques she taught me, I feel more present in my body and less stuck in my head. It’s been enlightening and helpful to hear what my body has to say about things and integrate it into my decision making and healing processes. Thank you Caroline, I’m so glad I found you!M.
just because you can handle it...

Narcissists can show up in lots of different situations.

For some of my clients, it’s a problem playing out at work.

For others, it’s something they struggle with in friendships.

Yet others keep ending up with narcissists in their love relationships or in (extended) family. And for some, it’s all of those.

The No to Narcissists Programme is for any and all of those situations. What matters is the draining, bullying dynamic, no matter where that is happening in your life.

All of my clients have a background with at least some narcissistic family members – that’s where it all started!

Here are some examples of how narcissists might be showing up in your life right now:

You tell yourself “I deserve someone better” but you keep ending up with narcissists somehow. It’s embarrassing, because you believe you should know better but, somehow, this is an exceptionally hard pattern to crack.

(It IS a hard pattern to crack on your own, which is why you need to stand on the shoulders of all giants who’ve been there and done that, and it helps to have someone there who can point out what you can’t yet see. Other people have gotten entangled, some found ways out, and now there’s a programme that pulls together the HSP pieces for you.)

There are narcissists in the work-place and you feel really vulnerable because obviously, you need a paycheck and you can’t just up and leave or pick your own co-workers. Or maybe, you are leaving, but you’re worried about who you’ll meet in your next place of work because this seems to be a pattern repeating itself in your life…

(These patterns often do repeat themselves. But – the good news is that you can make this into a good thing. Especially when you feel like no matter what you do, this keeps happening. I’ll show you how to use all this stress to your advantage and use it to heal – deeper than you ever thought you needed healing – so that the pattern stops repeating itself.)

Narcissists love you. You’re their dream-person. Until (obviously) x-months into the relationship, you’re suddenly not. You’re ready to scrape that narc-attraction-glow off your arms, you just don’t know how.

(The power IS in your hands. You don’t need to become a different person. You do need to be willing to look at the subconscious sticky stuff that makes you stand out like a beacon to the narcissists in your area.)

You have trouble recognising narcissists from the get-go because they just feel so familiar. You know how to be with them. You know how to play the part. It’s a nightmarish merry-go-round and you want to get off for good.

(We can’t rid the world of narcissists but we can identify and let go of the patterns, beliefs and assumptions that have them lining up at your door.)

No matter what you do, you seem to be surrounded by people who – surprise, surprise – eventually reveal themselves to be really narcissistic. Even when you actively say no and do what you can to avoid them. Maybe you switched jobs to get away from a narcissistic boss and your new boss (who seemed great at first) is also… narcissistic. It feels hopeless. You wonder where all the good people are, or if they are there at all.

Being surrounded like this is heart-breaking. Yet, when you know how to put this pain in a radically different perspective, it’s your roadmap to surrounding yourself with better people once and for all.

You know that you can’t go from having a lifetime of crappy relationships with narcissists to overnight relationship success. But you know in your heart that there is a way out, and you’re willing to do what it takes.

(It will take time and effort, which is why this is a 6-month programme.)

Someone may have told you that you need to become more narcissistic yourself but, if there’s one thing you know, it’s that there’s no way you want to be like that.

(The good news: you don’t have to and I would never encourage you to! This programme is all about leaving your compassion intact, yet knowing how to protect it too.)

You know there is some kind of higher purpose to all this. You’re just not sure what and the pain and heartbreak are really getting old. Time to leave this part of life-school!

(Would you like to learn how to pick more fun classes to take next life semester?)

No to Narcissism Testimonial
if something isnt going anywhere thehappysensitivedotcom

In the No to Narcissists Programme you gain:

  • radical insights that show you that all this is not your fault, you don’t deserve this treatment from people and you did nothing to deserve it
  • a deep understanding of the logic to the narcissist madness so that you can reframe the pain you experience and break free
  • how you can drop the “narcissist-honey” that you are carrying around subconsciously (you know how, when you wear a flowery perfume, insects will flock to you in summer, even when you swat them away? It’s like that, and I’ll show you how to swap your perfume, without losing your essence, your love or integrity)
  • healing skills that will serve you for life, to get you out of any nightmarish merry-go-round of circumstances that you can’t swat away with assertiveness, trying harder or pushing through. This is magical work that will show you how – the exact steps by which – you are much more powerful than you ever knew.

The Programme Includes:

  • Over 170 pages of materials, including my many audios created specifically for this programme, as well as links to relevant articles and videos online, all delivered to your inbox in the form of 6 PDF chapters.
  • Coaching calls of 90 minutes (these are personal calls, just you and me) to teach you the ins and outs of the core healing process in person and to connect the dots for you in a way that makes perfect sense to you. (Audios, videos and reading materials are great, but there is no replacing that one-on-one aha you get when I can illuminate things for you for where you are at right now.
  • Email support: write to me about any questions, hangups or frustrating situations in between coaching calls so that you don’t get stuck trying to do it on your own.
  • Long-distance healing sessions to help you break free from the knotty issues you can feel but can’t put into words, let alone figure out. (I can support you by doing a healing session directly to help you let go of issues that hold you back, or instead do a reading for you to identify the specifics of those issues, so that you can then let them go on your own, using the tools you’ll learn in this course)
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Some Practicalities:

Private coaching calls take place over Zoom, phone or Skype (your choice)

All calls need to take place within the time frame of the course, namely 6 months, or they expire. Scheduled calls can be rescheduled when done so at least 48-hours in advance.

Thank you SO much for the session this morning. It was so empowering. I still have a long way to go but I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Andrea, UK
Caroline, you were very gracious to spend the time you did not only to get to know each other but also touching areas I needed assistance with. I wasn’t expecting such an in depth conversation but I’m appreciative of it. The key for me was when you said I don’t need to explain myself. I’m now realizing how refreshing that is. That was such a good thing for me to hear.course participant

Who this programme is (probably) not for:

If you’re currently living with a narcissistic partner, friend or family member, we won’t be able to do the healing work that this programme is (mostly) about.

(Healing from the impact and conditioning of narcissistic abuse is all about undoing the patterns that make you attract and “work well” with narcissists. In other words, if you’re still living with one, your deeper self simply will not want to give up those survival mechanisms, because you’re still using them!)

If you’re dealing with a narcissistic ex-husband, are separated (but not divorced), or have shared custody, and you need help figuring out how to manage communication and legal issues etc. then it’s important to know that this programme does not cover any legal ins and outs. I am not a legal expert (at all) so for the ins and outs of how to handle custody or divorce proceedings, you would need to get additional support. I’d be happy to support you with your healing, self-care and overall assertiveness needed to get through this though.

As a previous course participant pointed out  “there is a lot to listen to”. Which is just to say, yes, this programme will take time. (Count on 1-3 hours per week depending on your pace). The good news is, you’re getting detailed information and processes, not a powerpoint slide with bullet points. When you put this material to work, it really works, but it does require work.

“Your technique on letting go … I’m finding very helpful. And, you’re right, it does take a lot of energy to process all of this.” ~course participant

In other words, if you’re currently in the process of selling your house, finding a new job and moving across the state, or you’re busting your butt working two jobs, or you have so much on your plate that you don’t know where you’re at half of the time, I doubt you’ll have energy or time to put this programme to work right now.

Rule number one about healing and transformation: it takes energy and time. I know there can be circumstances that put a ton on your plate. Only you know if you can make space and time for healing, or if you need to get some other things sorted first.

protect your compassion thehappysensitivedotcom

Some things previous participants have said about this material:

“Last night I slept so well after I read what you wrote and what I have felt…that many people do not take responsibility for their actions or words ‘to the point of making other people’s lives miserable’. I felt so good those people are out of my life; I no longer felt guilty about letting them go. It really felt good to take care of myself.”

“I’m delighted to hear the way you put these ideas into a framework that doesn’t re-victimize, as that is how I have been viewing all these advice that people like to hand out about forgiving & families being everything.”

“I’ve been listening to & acting on my intuition more in the past couple of weeks, and have found it to be right. I’ve realized I haven’t been acting on it like I need to be. I’ve been allowing myself to disconnect from it because of my false beliefs from childhood.”

“Seeing how covert narcissists have influenced my life was also huge in the easing up of my guilt. I have changed my personal narrative from that of a worthless person who deserves nothing to that of a person who has value and who will be happy.”

I feel like I have been lost for so very long and I have found my way home. I don’t want to beat myself up any more for having been lost, I just want to make the most of whatever time I have left. I am so comforted in realizing that narcissists and empaths go together like a moth to the flame… Once it sunk in to me how common this empath-narcissist dynamic truly is, my guilt eased up. I also have a space for forgiveness towards myself because of the awareness of how this “perfect storm” has affected me.” (ED: This also applies to the HSP-Narcissist dynamic)

“OK… I read and re-read over and over to get this into my habits. Wow… good stuff. I found out why I attract these types of people… Part one has been a whole lot of help in asserting myself and opening my eyes. Can’t wait for part two.” (ED: there are 6 parts included in the programme, this participant wrote this after completing 1/6th of the programme.)

“I’ve said many times that your work has helped me and tied the pieces together. And tying those pieces together was still emotional, even though I’ve done so much work since I was 25, whether it be therapy or seminars or talking to my friends.”

“Things are getting smoother at work, feeling stronger, more able to ‘stand up and be seen’ (surprised myself sometimes) and I have felt so much more at ease and far less emotionally, energetically ‘ruffled’ by situations…such a happy relief and good sign! I was thinking today that I need to remember that this was such an issue before (still is …but not as much!) in order to remind myself of how far I’ve come. Lots more work to do but I find this such an exciting prospect now, too – the little successes have helped me to fully know and feel that it is all getting better!!! So much happier.”

ES toughen up poster

“This sounds great, but you never know, what if this programme isn’t right for me after all?”

You get two weeks to review the first chapter of the materials. If you think it’s not for you, you can opt out and I’ll refund you completely*.  After that, it’s as it is with most things: you get out what you put in and my general terms and conditions apply (meaning, you can’t get a full refund after 2 weeks in, even if you’ve procrastinated and haven’t really gotten started yet).

*please note that if you schedule a coaching call (or long-distance healing) in those first two weeks, and if we’ve already had our session, or you want to cancel it less than 48 hours in advance, then you will still pay for the session, but I will refund you for everything else.

I certainly lived the programme. Things are working out. I credit your course materials enormously with getting through this entire drama!! Somehow, it is comforting to know that this behaviour is out there, that I am hardly the only one on the planet attempting to navigate horrible narcissistic behaviour, and getting caught in the “empath trap” of trying to help, put oneself in their shoes, etc. So, thank you very, very much.Joyce, Canada
Thank you so much again for this program. It’s definitely not a fast process, but I am already experiencing SOLID gains in self-confidence, and my ability to connect with others more without the imbalance of weird codependent necessities attached. It’s so liberating to start loving me for who I am, and I feel so free allowing myself to start making mistakes without punishing myself.Althea, Connecticut

Are you in?

There are two packs to choose from below.

 Option 1) No to Narcissists

n2n shampoo

Wash those narcissists out of your hair for good! This Pack gives you:

  • All the course materials.
  • 6 One-on-one coaching calls of 90 minutes to help further clarify, integrate and shine a light on any of your narcissist attraction blind spots. We’ll heal those narc-attraction spots too! I’ll guide you through the healing process for doing so yourself and help you integrate it so you can do this on your own as well.
  • Email support: write to me about any questions, hangups or frustrating situations in between coaching calls during the 6 months.
  • 2 long-distance healing sessions (or readings, if you don’t like the idea of a healing) to help you release the complex gunk  that can be hard to find on your own, especially in the beginning of the programme. You will learn how to do your own healing. However, once you commit to doing this work, you might find a lot of insights and emotions surface quickly at first (because your body is so relieved you’re finally going to lessen the toxic load you carry) and so a helping hand in the beginning can really ease the process.

This is for you if you are ready to do the emotional, psychological and subconscious work to free yourself from narcissistic manipulation.

Investment: 1800 euros

Paid in full, or in 4 monthly installments of 450 euros

  • I am located in the Netherlands and charge in euros. Price in other currencies depends on exchange rates.

Currently the price of the programme is…

  • In US Dollars: in full it’s $1,928 . Or you can pay in 4 monthy payments of $482
  • In British Pounds: in full it’s 1,520 pounds. Or you can pay in 4 monthy payments of  380 pounds
  • In Australian Dollars: In full it’s $2,902 Or you can pay in 4 monthy payments of  $726
  • Conversion Rates above are based on Yahoo Finance rates of the day, updated automatically.

I use Wise (previously Transferwise) for bigger payments like this. This means you can simply pay via your own regular bank account at no extra charge, or through the Wise app if you already have that. Wise works internationally. You will receive payment details for your country after sending in the programme enrollment form.

I just want to thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH for being you and sharing your knowledge and process: I feel SAFE TO BE ME AGAIN!!!!!

Holy shit I feel AMAZING!!!!!

And it just gets BETTER!? Are you freaking kidding me!? WOW!!!!!

YAAAAAY!!!!!!! Althea, Connecticut

 Caroline has a wonderful gift for getting right to the core of what’s actually going on, and facilitating the release of deep rooted negative beliefs and energies.   

I was surprised at how easy and powerful that part was, as i’d expected it to be more uncomfortable.  I felt so much lighter and brighter after that!  Louise, London UK

 Option 2) No to Psychic Narcissists

Psychic narcissists take the trouble up a few notches! They pull all the narcissistic manipulation tricks but not just psychologically, also psychically! Yikes!

Besides the regular No to Narcissist healing protocols, you’ll need something extra. I will teach you essential psychic self-defense techniques and will support you with deep Trauma Healing sessions so we cut off psychic narcissists’ access to you. This is advanced healing work that takes a lot of skill so to speed things up, I will doing this work for you.

  • All the course materials
  • 8 One-on-one coaching calls of 90 minutes, spread out over 6 months. In the calls we’ll further clarify, integrate and shine a light on any of your narcissist attraction blindspots. We’ll heal those narc-attraction spots too! I’ll guide you through the process for doing so yourself.
  • Email support: write to me about any questions, hangups or frustrating situations inbetween coaching calls.
  • 2 long-distance healing sessions
  • 2 Trauma Healing Sessions – once psychic narcissists get their energetic tentacles in you, your lust for life, energy and stamina overall will tend to quickly go downhill (and/or it becomes impossible to get your energy up beyond a certain point, no matter what you try). The good news is, once these energetic connections and other gunk are out of your system, you’re free to be you and have full access to your own energy again. For most people, 2 Trauma Healings is enough to get the psychic narcissism interference out. Should you be under exceptionally heavy attack, it’s always possible to book additional Trauma Healings. Most people are surprised at how much 2 sessions can do though!

Investment: 2500 euros

Paid in full, or in 4 monthly installments of 625 euros.

  • I am located in the Netherlands and charge in euros. Price in other currencies depends on exchange rates.

Currently the programme price is….

  • In US Dollars: in full it’s $2,678 . Or you can pay in 4 monthy payments of $670
  • In British Pounds: in full it’s 2,111 pounds. Or you can pay in 4 monthy payments of  528 pounds
  • In Australian Dollars: In full it’s $4,031 Or you can pay in 4 monthy payments of  $1,008
  • Conversion Rates above are based on Yahoo Finance rates of the day, updated automatically.

I use Wise (previously Transferwise) for bigger payments like this. This means you can simply pay via your own regular bank account at no extra charge, or through the Wise app if you already have that. Wise works internationally. You will receive payment details for your country after sending in the programme enrollment form.

I’m loving the N2N program! I see why you had the calls and healing sessions set up the way that you did to make sure that your clients (me) can really get it. It’s so deep and answers so many issues in a way I can understand! Susan, California

Abusive Relationships are about so much more than relationships…

Abusive dynamics with narcissists – no matter how well you’ve managed to cope and push through – make you feel unsafe in the world.

  • This affects your ability to feel at peace.
  • It shakes your confidence daily.
  • It makes you lose hope in the beauty of the world and the people in it.
  • It zaps your energy.
  • It attacks your health.
  • It eats up your creativity
  • It makes you afraid to be seen (and promote yourself, ask for more, or do big meaningful things publicly) because being seen triggers an instant fear of getting attacked

Rowena was in an emotionally abusive relationship with a narcissist that squashed her creativity. During the No to Narcissists Programme her artistic energy started to come back and she is now an artist, with a website, showing and selling her work:

The 6 month course, ‘No to Narcissists’ by Caroline Van Kimmenade from The Happy Sensitive appeared, as a gift from grace at exactly the right time and I was hungry and ready for it. I couldn’t believe the perfect timing. And it was a delicious, nutritious, at times necessarily extremely chewy, bitter, sweet and sour, nutty :-), juicy, satisfying, comforting, reassuring, inspiring, surprising, energy restoring – and giving – packed full of wisdom and variety …healthy bar! (If it were a bar :-) I’m surprised at how that analogy began!) And not a snack (although you could focus on little pieces) but a full-to-bursting menu of the most wonderful restorative and insightful information, practices, processes and support that you can imagine.

It changed my life …and, more than anything, the Narcissism issue is secondary for me now, as the course opened up a million more important and fascinating things, on getting to know myself, building confidence, loving my sensitivity for the strength it is, working with vulnerability, Boundaries!! Boundaries, little and big!!  (beautiful and wonderful and full of self-knowledge, self-compassion and respect)… and now I also have a healthy Narcissist radar and can choose interactions from a wiser place.

Rowena Scotney, read her full and extensive review of the programme on her lovely feltings site here

Not sure?

schedule now small

If you’re not sure whether this is for you or you’d like to meet first and talk through what would be best for you, then schedule a Clarity Call first.

You’ll get some practical strategies and insights to get you started on your No to Narcissists journey, I’ll add on complimentary time to answer any questions about the programme and, if you choose to invest in the No to Narcissists Programme within 4 weeks, then your Clarity Call will even be refunded*

(*refund will be applied after 14 days into the programme, it does not apply if you cancel the programme within 14 days and request the refund)

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