Practical Perfection Programme for Highly Sensitive People

Learn the art of working with your perfectionism, in a way that celebrates it as a valuable skill while preventing overwhelm stuckidity.

  • Are you not getting enough done, because you want to do everything exceptionally well?
  • Or maybe you have little work-satisfaction because there doesn’t seem to be any space for your perfectionism?
  • Are people criticizing you for being too perfectionistic?
  • Do you worry that your desire to deliver exceptional work is holding you back somehow?



I believe perfectionism is a valuable skill to have. I also believe that when we are taught to go into all or nothing mode about it, we create a lot of unhelpful stress. In other words, it’s not your perfectionism that is the poblem, perfectionism is just a “tool” that can be put to use (or not!) in many different ways.



As an HSP, perfectionism is just a natural part of your skill pack

When you notice more than other people do, it only makes sense that you’d hold yourself (and others) to higher standards, right?

Thank God for that!

With an attitude of : “yeah, that’s good enough”, there’d be:

  • no (decent) smartphones (“What do you mean the keys don’t work? Just press harder!”)
  • no moon landings (“Oh crap, the astronaut suit has a tiny leak”)
  • no VIP service of any kind (“huh? Reservation? Oh, I guess I forgot to write that down. Well, we can fit you in later, just take a seat over there in the waiting space, by the table with the outdated magazines”)
  • and no safe airports (“Yeah Bob, Control Tower Tom here, you go ahead and land your plane now, there’s another plane landing in a bit, but you should have enough time, more or less. Oh, wait, actually, Bob, no, sorry mate, HAHAHAHA I was wrong about that… You already started the landing procedure? Well, you’re just going to have to turn around somehow…. Yeah…well, that’s not my problem now is it? You’re the pilot, make it work”)



Your perfectionism is needed, but it can’t be put to good use if it’s seriously frustrating you somehow. New ideas need fertile soil. Letting perfectionism wash over everything at the wrong time, can mean your good ideas never get a chance to take root…


That’s why it’s important to bring the “practical” into perfection

Practical revolves around what is doable, but also around what serves your well-being and lights you up (because tweaking things until you get them just right is fun, right? No reason AT ALL to give that up)


Which is why, I’d love to TEACH you how to bring the practical to your perfectionism.

  • Learn how to work with your perfectionism to get things done.
  • Stop spinning your wheels and wearing yourself out.
  • Stop beating up on yourself for being a perfectionist.
  • Celebrate all the ways in which your perfectionism encourages you to strive for excellence.



I’ve been struggling with perfectionism my entire adult life, and carry a lot of self-judgment for being too detailed, unable to let go of seemingly unimportant things, and being slow at completing things. With Caroline’s course I have been able to open the door to finding self-acceptance around my perfectionism (this is a huge deal for me), and she’s helped me to open my eyes to how perfectionism works, why we do it, and where it comes from, and most importantly, that it is not always a bad thing. I’ve read some material on perfectionism in the past, but seeing it from the view of an HSP really made a big difference to me. I look forward to applying some of the things I’ve learnt in the course to my everyday life. Caroline is a pleasure to work with, her writing is sincere and to the point, and sometimes funny and light-hearted which I find helpful when dealing with self-development. I would highly recommend anyone who in any way struggle with feeling too sensitive to dive into the wealth of excellent material provided at thehappysensitive.comToronto, Canada


I wasn’t expecting the structure / flow to be as it was, (in truth I didn’t quite know what to expect), but I was pleasantly and happily surprised! The different elements covered (“mechanics”, wellbeing, attitude) in a question format was actually a really, really helpful way of understanding my perfectionism and prompted me to ask myself questions whilst in a perfectionism-driven experience so that I could either dot the i’s if it was needed there or, actually, LET IT GO!U.K.



It helped me write and “publish” an online campaign: this course helped me to dare to write something (I was told / “taught” that I was not a good writer at school) from my heart and, yes, I did spend some time agonizing over whether it was perfect or not, but ultimately I recognized that there were a million (and more) ways to tell this particular story, so I told it in the way that felt right and, most importantly, GOT. IT. OUT. THERE! : )Tara, U.K.




I found Caroline’s course on Practical Perfectionism to be very useful on a day to day practical basis. It helped me to reflect on and learn to apply my perfectionist traits when I wanted to and needed to. I took all of the practical tips and questions and put them on my iPhone as messages that popped up throughout the day. This was a very practical way to stop and take a moment to reflect upon my perfectionism and how it may be helping or hindering me in that moment. I gained control over my perfectionism instead of it controlling me.Australia


If you are even a teeny tiny bit of a perfectionist, then Practical Perfectionism is for YOU! It’s a great way to become aware of your perfectionism habits with a view to understanding them, even embracing and loving them, but also, most importantly, managing and harnessing them in a way that serves you. Perfectionism can serve as an enabler to who you are, or as a disabler (metaphorically and literally!) and Practical Perfectionism helps you grab the reins so you can choose to ‘steer’ your perfectionism, rather than let it steer you (let alone get trampled by it!). And truly, there is not one better to help you master your perfectionism than Caroline. She walks her talk and provides input and feedback in a thoughtful, challenging, compassionate way that is always helpful and thought-provoking and, where appropriate, funny too!Tara, U.K.




Are you ready to create a positive shift in how you relate to your sensitivity once and for all?

Do you know it’s time to put your perfectionism to it’s best possible use?

Are you wanting to get going on a project that really matters to you?

You can get started with the Practical Perfection Programme right away!
Just Enroll in the Happy Sensitive Library – it’s part of the included courses.

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