Are You the Sensitive Friend or the Sensitive Therapist? 8 Tips for Clarity on HSP Relationships

by Caroline van Kimmenade

As sensitive people, we tend to be pretty good at intuiting what others need and what is bothering them. This makes us the ideal person to turn to when things are tough and/or confusing. Since we often enjoy having deep conversations (and might even be relieved that we don’t have to wade through an onslaught of superficial topics) we might find ourselves gathering a small crowd of people who turn to us when they’re stuck. […]

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1 Karen Odgaard April 25, 2012

Dear Caroline!!!
You read my mind. Thank you so (!!!) much for this blog post! And for your email. It is supportive for me in ways you cant imagine (or can you, you sensitive thing ;-) )
Thank you!!!
All my best, Karen from Denmark.

2 Seren August 7, 2013

Caroline –
As so many people say here – I read your blog and feel as though I have met a kindred – you insights are spot on and have a flow much like musical notes … I love how you have spun and created your messages with authentic understanding – balanced in a way that leads us HSP away from the victim role and towards the empowering support we all Thrive in! Bravo !
I just read your Closing Thought (There’s a great scene in the movie La Vita e Bella) which was the perfect example of serving !The metaphor of the sunflower was a wonderful way to present that understanding – thank you so much for your services !
Happily Sensitive ,
Seren Grace

3 Caroline van Kimmenade August 19, 2013

Thank you Seren :)

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