7 Big Reasons it’s Time to get Serious about Your Heartfelt Dream

by Caroline van Kimmenade

Do you have a heartfelt dream? Something that feels so right but that has been on the back-burner for a while now? Something that’s been put on hold? Or something you’ve not quite pursued actively before? Or maybe you ARE working on it and serious about it (high-five!). Either way, here are 7 big reasons to get (even more) serious about your dream.

1. Working towards your dream makes you a better person

It’s time to end the myth of the virtues of needless suffering.

Sure, sometimes life is hard. I’m also the last person to say that everything should feel good all the time (your feelings – all of them – are important to feel and many of them won’t feel good).

Yet, sacrificing yourself and putting what you love on hold does not make you a better person. It just makes you jaded and tired over time.

2. Working towards your dream grows your confidence by challenging you

It’s easy to be chill when deep down you’re not that invested in what you’re doing.

Yet, going for what you really care about will challenge you. It will challenge you to work through your fears, get to know yourself deeply and take a stand for what you believe in.

Working on your dream builds your character and confidence in a way nothing else will.

3. Working towards your dream makes you an inspiration to others

When we see people around us who deeply care about what they’re creating, it’s infectious!

Need proof? Check out the many documentaries and articles about inspired people setting up inspiring places in down and out neighborhoods. It’s more than a place to eat, or meet, or sing, or buy something, or get your hair cut, or make art. It’s a place to feel invigorated. It’s a place to feel human.

Time and time again, evidence has shown that kids growing up in a down and out neighborhood benefit greatly from doing something they love – whether it’s dance, art, cooking, carpenty, music… Guess who are leading those kinds of projects? It’s not the “I’ll just sit out my 9 to 5 and call it a day” folks.

When you have a vision, you inspire others. Even if you’re still “underway”.

4. Working towards your dream fuels you like nothing else will

It’s the best energy drink on the planet.

Feeling a little blegh, a little meh? Start planning and researching something that will help you with your dream. Get some of your dream to-do’s done.

Suddenly, the world looks much brighter.

Suddenly “just 20 minutes” is a ton of helpful time. Twenty juicy minutes to spend on your dream!

5. Working towards your dream reinforces the belief that the world is a good place.

It’s easy to feel deflated and down when you’re not doing something that inspires you.

When you have to push yourself constantly to make something happen that you could honestly do without… the world itself starts to look bleak.

However, when you are working towards your dream, every positive helpful gesture, every small helping hand, every inspiring idea can feel like a miracle in and of itself, proving to you how great the world really is.

6. Working towards your dream creates true gratitude

I’m not talking about the “oh, I’m so grateful for that crummy whatever”.

I am talking actual gratitude because you’re truly grateful for the opportunity to be working on something truly beautiful and meaningful to you.

7. Working towards your dream helps you be grounded and present

Your dream requires your focus and attention, and you will happily give it! In this way, your dream helps you to ground and be present.

Your dream is asking of you: what can you do now to bring your dream closer? Not tomorrow, not yesterday. Today, right here, right now.

Plus, feeling present to your dream feels good doesn’t it? It’s interesting, challenging, invigorating, important… these are all experiences that help you be present.

Why do I keep saying “working towards your dream” and not “living your dream?”

Because it can take years to get there. BUT a true heart-felt dream will bring all these benefits from the get-go, while you’re still building it!

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