Have you always known there was something “different” about you?

Does the world seem to bombard your senses?

Have you intuitively known things that others didn’t?

Is it all pretty awesome EXCEPT: you’re so worn out, overwhelmed, emotional, stressed and maybe even medicated that you wonder how you fit in? (and how you fit into your life?)

Well, this site is for you. You the intuitively gifted, emotionally perceptive, astutely sensitive and sensorily overstretched.

I am like you, and it took me quite a while to figure out what that was exactly. You see, it all gets a lot better when you figure out what that sensitivity is exactly, how it works, and how you can best work with it, in your own unique way. There is nothing wrong with how you were built. It’s just that, you were likely told you were a mountainbike, when in fact, you are a less sturdy but very agile and fast racing bike.

You’ve been driving yourself down muddy tracks and wondering why things felt so wrong. So here’s why:

  • your way of relating to the world is different
  • your way of traveling through the world is different
  • and your way of knowing the world is different.
  • You are definitely a bicycle, just a different type.

So, to get the most out of your qualities you need to:

  • reorient yourself (what is being sensitive all about?)
  • you need some training (racing bike pedaling techniques)
  • and you might need some guidance and help (turn left, brake, you can do it!).

Welcome to the Happy Sensitive.

The place where you are NOT told that you will just have to deal with being a badly designed mountain bike (and that, what’s up with you for apparently lacking humongous shock absorbers anyway?!).

The place where you will NOT be told that if you can’t navigate down that muddy track, you just have to try harder.

The place where you will NOT be told that being “Highly” is a euphemism for “overly” “exaggerated” and “weirdo” Sensitive. Rather, here it’s all about being sensitive and happy.


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